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How to Become an Event Manager | Complete Guide for Beginners Event Planner

How to Become an Event Manager

In India, where it becomes difficult sometimes to arrange even a small thing when it comes to managing a small event, choosing a career as an Event manager can be a smart decision. But the question remains the same that- “How to Become an Event Manager”. Here we’re with a Complete Guide for Beginners Event Planner.

Well, Event management is the process of using business management and organizational skill to plan and execute social and business events.The one, who is pursuing an event management course learns to plan and execute an event to make it a successful one with his immense skills and creativity. Here’re a few tips to get you started.

How to Become an Event Manager

How to Become an Event Manager

#Step 1- You should have a Bachelor’s Degree

Nowadays, a bachelor’s degree is demanded by most of the employers to hire an event manager. There are some specific schools providing education of event and meeting planning specifically. Coursework in these schools hospitality management, meeting management and accounting. So, it is mandatory for the students to study these along with event promotion and computer skills for event designing.

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#Step 2- Gain Experience

One of the ways to gain hand-on experience in the field is Internship. This could be done while doing graduation. However, many people start organizing small events to gain experience. For advancing in a planner role, you may also enter in the fields like catering coordinating positions. Joining professional organization is another way of gaining advance experience in this particular field.

#Step 3- Obtain Certification

Three years of experience and recent employment is necessary to obtain certification by taking certification exam. One of the certification exam that you could take is Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation exam. For another certification a 3-day course is compulsory and that certification is Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP) designation. These certifications are very useful in order to stand out to professional employers.

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#Step 4- Specialization of Professional Skills

Having professional skills is very important for you to become an Event Manager. For example- if you are a government meeting manager then you will have to be familiar with government regulations while corporate manager focus on the corporate meetings. Networking according to your field will surely ensure professional prospects of the future.

Event Manager Job Description:

Degree LevelBachelor’s degree
Degree FieldHospitality management, marketing, public relations, communications, or business
CertificationVoluntary certification available
Experience1-2 years of experience may be required without a degree
Key SkillsCommunication, customer service, organization, interpersonal, negotiation, and problem-solving skills; advanced skill with online social media; basic computer skills and use of project management software; comfortable with video conferencing equipment; ability to keep composed under pressure
Event Manager SalaryRs. 370,755 per year (for meeting, convention, and event planners)

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Complete Guide for Beginners Event Planner

Decide What Kind Of Event Manager You Would Like To Become

The first and foremost step in this process is to decide that what kind of Event Manager you would like to become. It is a very wide profession consists of Corporate event planning, non-profit event planning and social event planning. So, you should decide according to your abilities and interests as each of the stream has its own merits and demerits.

Understanding Event Planner’s Duties

Duties of an event manager can be divided into three categories i.e. duties before the event, during the event and after the event. Before the event duties includes planning, dealing with the client, takes bids from various vendors etc. During the event duties includes that all the demands of the clients are met and the work is going on smoothly. And after the event duties is to make a report of the entire event.

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Pursue Training

Training is a very important for a beginner to work as an Event Manager. There are some online courses that that provide training to the beginners. You can join these training programs by registering online. Along with these online courses, there are some event schools also that provides training courses.

Get Yourself Certified

For attracting reputable clients, you should get yourself registered. You should have a experience of 3 years to get yourself registered by taking certification exams. These certifications includes Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation exam and Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP) designation.

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Become A Member Of Relevant Trade Industry

You will automatically become a member of one of the trade industries as soon as you are certified. These trade industry are very useful for the event managers as they remain updated of the outside environment because of these industry. All you have to do is to pay an annual fee to renew your membership in the industry.

Start Working As A Certified Event Manager

After getting certification and membership of trade industry, you can start working as a Certified Event Manager. You can either work under an employer or start your own company. For starting your own company, all you have to do is to make a team of certified event managers ensuring that they have a good contact with the vendors.

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Event Planning is one of the most desired profession today for the people who have skills and creativity. We hope this complete guide will help you in terms of How to Become an Event Manager.

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