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How To Become Online Tutor | Required Skills, Earning, Scope for E-Tutor

How To Become Online Tutor

There are many people who have desire to earn through online. They can earn as part time or full time. Online tutor is best job to earn through internet.  Here we are talking about How To Become Online Tutor.

To be an online tutor, you must have required skills that are also mentioned in below of this article. If you are also thinking that you want to become an online tutor then lots of questions will be searching in your mind like what will be earning? Or is there any scope for E-Tutor?

How To Become Online Tutor

What is required Skills to be an Online Tutor:

    • To be and online tutor, you should be good in any subject. All the points and query should be clear to you only then you can explain to the students.
    • You must have knowledge to use online websites and social media skills. Though social medial skills are not necessary but you can connect to your students through it.
    • You must have administrative skills also to answer all the questions within 24 hour.

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Online Tutor Earning:

If you’re teaching through online platform then you can earn lots of money. There is not any fixed amount but still you can earn up to 50,000 per month. In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, many students prefer to study from online tutor.

Some online tutor websites pay $8 to $12 per hour. If you decide to go out on your own and start a tutoring home business, the going rate for subjects like math and English is around $20 per hour. Specialty subjects and positions offering a more personalized approach can go up to $50 per hour.

Scope for E-Tutor:

There are many online websites, where you can teach the students. Primary classes’ students like class XII are now available on this website. In the future, there is lots of scope of online tutor.

In few words, we can say that education never goes out of use, so there is no question about the scope of online tutor.

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Requirement of Online Tutor


Computer is the basic need of the online tutor an e-tutor must have his own personal computer through which he taught to his students, saves an important files like, audio, video, document etc. E-tutor must know how to operate computer perfectly because if a person don’t know how to operate the system he will never become an e-tutor.

Internet Connection:

Internet connection is the chief requirement for online tuitions, without internet connection you are not able to connect with your students or share the information, knowledge and files with them.


Microphones and headset are the technologies which help you to teach your students effectively. If the student have any query he going to ask it orally so it is important to have microphone & headset to solve his query through verbal communication.

Satisfaction of students:

This is the only thing on which online tutors are all about. A tutor must have to satisfy his students and have to solve his problems within the same class. If a student is not satisfied by your teaching then he is going to leave your class and never attend it. So you have to satisfy all your students through audio, video, ppt’s, practical etc.

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By using these resources you can become an online tutor and teach your students effectively but still there is a question craves in us that Did we become successful E-Tutor? So the answer is here by which you will surely become a successful tutor Best Tips To Become Successful E-Tutor.

Best Tips To Become Successful E-Tutor:

Use Your Knowledge:

An e-tutor has to use its box of knowledge for teaching their student about any topic. He has to clear all doubts of his student and give full and true knowledge about the topic.


If a teacher have any experience of teaching it’s good but if any teachers don’t have any experience of teaching then it’s not bad but he should have knowledge and skill to teach a student satisfactorily.

Students are your Priority:

Give the priority to your students than anything else, maintain the momentum b/w you and your students. Keep your students engage in some or the other work during your class. Give them some writing work on whiteboard or ask orally about the lesson you have taught on the same day.

Know the Learner:

A teacher must know about his learner’s strength, skills, memory, concentration etc in his learning because every learner is different from the other so every body’s skills strength, learning capacity is different from other so a teacher have teach his students in their comfort zone.

Be a Friend:

A teacher firstly becomes a good friend of his students and then teacher or something else. You have to make an strong bond with your students and have to grow a strong relationship with each other which helps you to know the person and their skills which ease you in teaching them.

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Responsibilities of Successful E-Tutors

    • Give the true information and knowledge to the student don’t cheat on him.
    • Try to connect with your students by indulging them in different curricular activities and give them to play memory games for polishing their memory.
    • Solve their problems and queries and satisfy them with your answers.
    • Keep the student in his comfort zone by which he will learn effectively.
    • Don’t disrespect your students if they are wrong try to improve them with making him comfortable or don’t make him embarrass.
    • Make a strong relationship or bond of tutor and student with your learners.
    • Sometimes make a conference with all of your students as they also got connected with each other & don’t get isolated.
    • Encourage and motivate your students to participate in new thing like science exhibition etc.
    • Be stress free when you teach.
    • Don’t lose your temper on your students. Be patient and calm.

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Are You Ready To Teach Online?

There is lots of scope of online tutor, because many students are using internet for their studies. So you can use that platform to earn for your extra income or full time income. Many website offers this facility, so you can make your account and start your online teaching.

There are many companies helps you in becoming an e-tutor and by connecting them you also become an e-tutor. You also can select your working hours in which you feel comfortable. Get the more details about How To Become Online Tutor from the below section of this page which is created by team of

These are some tips which make you a successful E-tutor. Now you can become an online tutor and easily handle your students in a proper way.

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