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How To Create A LinkedIn Profile: 10 Steps to Design A Perfect Profile in 2018

How To Create A LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is predominantly a professional networking website designed for the business community while some people use it for job searching. But there are still some people, don’t know How to Create a LinkedIn Profile. To guide candidates, we have provided 10 Steps to Design A Perfect Profile in 2018.

After creating a profile, you can easily get in touch with past colleagues and prospective clients, and enlarge your professional network. Although this site allows registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally. In order to enjoy the services of this site, you need to create profile first, so check the procedure here.

How Much Is LinkedIn Per Month?

Basically, the service of this site is free but if you choose to upgrade to a paid account, you have access to additional features.An all-purpose Business Plus plan is now priced at $59.99/month while premium service costs $79.99/month.

Cost of using LinkedIn was $8,500 (LinkedIn Recruiter Seat) + $45,000 (inside recruiter salary)=$53,500 or between $8,916- $13,375 per hire. To get more details regarding LinkedIn or grabbing knowledge about How to Create a LinkedIn Profile, check this page which is designed by

How To Create A LinkedIn Profile

At every second huge number of people join LinkedIn as new members and many of whom hope to use the platform’s well resource for business friends, new clients and partnership opportunities. Most of the people are searching for a good job but confused, or at least, doubtful as to why tools like LinkedIn are such a game changer and how to create a LinkedIn profile for Job search.

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10 Steps to Design A Perfect Profile in 2018

Per day over billion of searches for names and companies to get a good job or explore their business or professional networks, a LinkedIn profile is gives an opportunity to build your business reputation, increase your professional network and help companies and connections to know who you are and what you do.

At this time so many people are fighting for attention because your first impression can most often be your best impression or last. Here we share 10 Steps to Design A Perfect Profile in 2018for those who don’t know How to Create a LinkedIn Profile.

Step1: Understand Your Audience

Are you trying to attract HR managers to your profile, potential customers or other business contacts? Understanding this will help you to Design A Perfect Profile in 2018to your specific target audience.

Step2: Header

Creating a “Profile Header” is a great way to display your individual brand, get your company experience in front of thousands of clients and make a great first impression.  Must keep in mind that a picture has a value more than a 1000 words

  • When you are designing the banner make sure that it is a JPEG, PNG or GIF file format, under 4MB in size with the correct dimension.
  • And for the header being: 1400 x 425.
  • Make sure to put some gap of your profile tends at the bottom as the top section to cut into the image.

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Step3: Customize Your Public Profile

  • When following How to Create a LinkedIn Profile, you have to create your personal profile remember that you look more professional you need to look professional and pleasant.
  • Your LinkedIn profile is your digital introduction with the persons who view your profile and the profile photo should be up to date with the smiling expressions.
  • In a practical world we may do business with someone we have never met.
  • Must check that, you allow your profile photo to be visible to everyone because of this people can join and easily identify you on LinkedIn from elsewhere.

Step4: Write A Professional Headline

  • After make a profile photo you have 120 characters at the top of your profile to describe what you do.
  • Your headline is like a headline of a news story in the newspaper.
  • Make your headline is not effective, whenever you change your current job title, you must update your headline to match it.
  • When you writing a headline remember that it justify of what you do, who you are and relevant to your target market.

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Step5: Be Contactable

Make sure to add your websites using the ‘Other’ dropdown in place of ‘Company Website’, ‘Personal Website’, ‘Blog’, ‘RSS Feed’, or ‘Portfolio.’ by this method, you can use modified anchor text for your links. These will make them more attractive for visitors and solve your query regarding How to Create a LinkedIn Profile.

Step6: Summarize Your Story

It is the most important section within the LinkedIn profile. You have caught the attention of the people with your header and headline. The finest way to set up this trust is to share your business journey because everyone likes a good story.

Past: Start off by sharing how you got into business

Present: What has led you to where you are now

Future: And finally what you are working on going forward

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Step7: Show Your Skills & Endorsements

Must show your skills and expertise fields in your profile but do remember that In today’s business world customers only want to deal with specialist, so if you write a lot of skills it show that you are a generalist rather than a specialist.

But the most important thing that be sure that the skills you mentioned are reliable with your personal brand and is solving your clients challenges and generating you a unique difference in the market.

Step8: Let Your Network Speak For You

Don’t just tell people about How to Create a LinkedIn Profile or yourself, let your connections be your advocates by getting endorsements and recommendations – you could always offer to return the favor.

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Step9: Make Yourself Easy To Find

Customize your public profile URL to make it easy for people to find you. This shortened link is also much easier to share, such as via your email signature, or on your business cards.

Step10: Start Networking And Building Relationships

  • Now your profile is up-to-date it’s time to get stuck in.
  • There are over 1 million groups to choose from where you can engage with people from your industry, share posts with your latest insights, an interesting blog, or a new development in your career or job.
  • Or why not test out LinkedIn Publisher, a blog style element where you can showcase your expertise, increase your personal visibility and start discussions.

Use Your LinkedIn Profile To Get Your Dream Job

After getting entire information about How to Create a LinkedIn Profile, you must acquire the details regarding it’s use which is well described below.

Quickly Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Resume:

Looking for a good job is one of the most common and beneficial use of LinkedIn. LinkedIn allow you to revolve your profile into a resume friendly format in few minute with the help of Resume Builder. You can print, email, and share your resume By choosing a resume template.

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Find a Job through LinkedIn’s Job Board:

When you generate an awesome new resume from LinkedIn’s Resume Builder tool, you can use and it will help you to find a good job.  By using of its advanced search feature, LinkedIn let you to search for jobs by industry, company, location, experience level, and many more.

Follow Your Dream Companies:

LinkedIn helps you to connect with brand industries, companies, it is a hub of business information that you could be using to your advantage. There are over three million Company Pages on LinkedIn you must follow the one your dream companies you want to do business with,

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Show You’re A Highly Motivated Job Seeker

When creating a LinkedIn profile just do a professional profile, clearly mentioned your skills and expertise level and follow your dream companies. LinkedIn members are sharing approaching and knowledge in more than two million LinkedIn Groups. They give you common way to reach out to other professionals.

Final Words!!

Hope you are satisfied with this page of How to Create a LinkedIn Profile and given 10 Steps to Design A Perfect Profile in 2018 can help you as well. In case of any query, you are free to ask by dropping comment in below mentioned comment box and our team will help you well.

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