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How To Get Scholarship – Procedure, Best Tips To get Scholarship Easily

How To Get Scholarship

Need to get a scholarship but don’t know where to start? Scholarships are problematic things. Every person wants one, few people get them. Read on to Find out How To Get Scholarship, its procedure and best tips to get scholarship easily. According to the grapevine, there are millions out there that go unused on an annual basis. Because scholarships differ from loans in that they are free money.

A scholarship is an extremely excellent way to finance your studies and facilitates you to fully concentrate on getting your degree instead of worrying about money issues. Scholarship is a financial award which finances your studies and permits you to focus on getting higher education without worrying about money issues. Government and many private schools and colleges issues scholarship forms to give financial support to talented and skilled students for completing their higher studies.

You need to be aware about such opportunities and grab it by filling that form as per the guidelines provided in the form before last date. is structuring information and attentive about the types of scholarships and their applying process for the appropriateness of students.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants should check their eligibility before applying and filling forms. It is based on the type of scheme and mentioned in the rules so before applying must check the criteria.

Types of Scholarship:

Merit Scholarships

Scholarships usually revolve around this type of award. People who do extremely well in academics are awarded a scholarship on the basis of their overall educational accomplishment. This may come in the form of top GPA, excellent SAT scores, and so on. These are extremely competitive and may come in various forms.

Scholarships in India

It is an award for those students who scores high on standardized tests. It is based on student’s academic and creative abilities and other factors in extracurricular activities. It is provided by the private organizations or directly by a student’s intended college as appreciation.

Need-Based Scholarships

This type of scholarship is given merely on financial basis. They are planned to fund the less-fortunate students in their studious pursuits. Scholarship committees look at various reasons for this hardship: Parents’ income, number of siblings in school simultaneously, expenses, cost of living, etc.

It is provided to support students who are economically weak but have potential to study and score high. Scholarship committees look at various reasons for this hardship such as Parents’ income, number of siblings in school simultaneously, expenses, cost of living, etc.

Athletic Scholarships

Scholarships are popularly given to star athletes by universities to recruit them for the athletic teams. Many athletes complete their education free of charge, but also pay the price of overworked team sports. Usually full-scholarship athletes are recruited by “scouts” while in high school. You don’t usually pursue this type of scholarship; it is given to you.

School-Based Individual Scholarships

Every school offers specific scholarships relevant to specifics from the university: donors, individual name scholarships, personal scholarships, and so on. Sometimes you have to apply directly to the scholarship, and other times, just by being accepted, you are placed in the bowl for possible scholarship awards.

How To Prepare For Scholarship

Full/Partial Scholarship

Many people look at scholarships as a whole and think that they sometimes cover everything. If you are lucky enough to receive a full scholarship, then yes, they cover living, books, and tuition. However, many scholarships are partial, meaning they may cover simply living, simply books, or part of the tuition.

If you are awarded any type of scholarship, take it and run! They are prized, wonderful gifts, and you should feel honored to receive one. Full hardships cover living, books, and tuition fees and partial covers only fees or some part of fees. It depends on the organization that which type of form they are issuing for scholars.

Career- Specific

Such scholarships are provided by the college or universities to award talented students who plan to pursue in a specific field of study. Organizations like ONGC offer such schemes to hire self motive aspirants and gives placement to them

Documents Required to Get Scholarship:

  • Income Proof Income Certificate Issued by Competent Authority
  • Ration Card
  • Nationality/Domicile
  • Mark sheets
  • Admission Fee Receipts
  • Leaving Certificate
  • District Transfer Certificate (Collect Previous College)
  • UID & EID document Xerox
  • Bank pass book (Xerox copy) (fresh admitted)
  • CAP allotment Letter

How To Get Scholarship

Best Tips To get Scholarship Easily

Applying for scholarships is a lot similar to applying to colleges. You can start with a large number of possibilities and cut that down to a short list of choices. Then you have to complete and submit applications that include essays, proposals and lists of achievements that draw attention to your best qualities.

Don’t Miss Deadlines: Some scholarships have time limit early in the plunge of senior year. Mark the due dates on your schedule and work your way back to figure out how much time you’ll have to get each piece of the application finished.

Start Your Research Early: Researching scholarships, requesting information and application materials, and completing applications all take time. Use Scholarship Search to get started.

Read Eligibility Requirements Carefully: If you have a query about whether you qualify for an assured scholarship, contact the scholarship guarantor. There’s no point in applying for a scholarship you’re not eligible to receive.

Scholarship Benefits

Get Organized: Make a separate file for each scholarship and arrange the files by application due dates. You should also meet the items you’ll need to apply. Many scholarships ask you to propel some or all of the following documents:

  • High school transcript
  • Standardized test scores
  • Financial aid forms, such as the FAFSA or CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE®
  • Parents’ financial information, including tax returns
  • One or more essays
  • One or more letters of recommendation
  • Proof of eligibility for the scholarship (for example, proof of membership in a certain group)

You might also need to prepare for an interview. And if you’re competing for talent-based scholarships, you’ll probably need to audition or submit a portfolio.

Check Your Application: Before you send the application in:

  • Make sure you filled in all the blanks or columns. You can take help from the scholarship sponsors if you aren’t sure how to fill out part of the application.
  • Make sure your answers are understandable. If you can, fill out the application online. If you have to write out the application, print neatly.
  • If you’re reusing a cover letter or an essay from an extra scholarship application, make clear in your mind that you haven’t left in any incorrect names.
  • Run spell check and grammar check on the application. Also, have someone else read your essays to catch mistakes and give you feedback.
  • Remember to sign and date your application.

How to Apply Scholarship

Keep Copies of Everything: Having copies of your scholarship application makes it easy to resend quickly if application materials get lost in the mail. If you’re applying for a scholarship through online mode, save the copy of your filled application form

Track the Package: If you’re submitting your application by mail, consider using certified mail or requesting a return receipt to confirm that your materials arrived at their destination.

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