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10 Ways to Improve Math Skills For Board & Entrance Exam – Expert Advice

10 Ways to Improve Math Skills For Board & Entrance Exam

Thousands of aspirants every year appear for Board & many Entrance Exams. Those who find complications in Mathematics here are 10 Ways to Improve Math Skills For Board & Entrance Exam. If you too face this problem and actually don’t know how to study math to get good results then check out this Expert Advice. We know that only few are good at Maths and the reason behind this is that they practice hard and people who don’t like math are like us who give up so easily that now we believe that mathematics is really tough subject. But, it’s not true….

10 Ways to Improve Math Skills For Board & Entrance Exam

Math is one of those subjects where you need to spend hours studying but most of us don’t find easy to study for long. How much you have studied or work hard, but if you cannot solve the problem it is all useless. But happily, there are some techniques for studying maths and here are top 10 Ways to Improve Math Skills For Board & Entrance Exam;

10 Ways to Improve Math Skills For Board & Entrance Exam

Practice & More Practice as You simply can’t learn or study appropriately with by only and only reading and cramming. To study practice hard and solve some problems, the more you practice solving problems. Each question has difficulty so it’s important to try lots of ways and solved it in with many tricks before tackling the exam.

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Evaluating your Errors while practicing problems is important, because it will help you to work properly; through the process for each and every solution. If you have made any mistakes, you should review them and understand where your problem-solving skills let you down. Knowing and understanding correct yet easy approach to the problem will make you stronger and help you to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Take Guidance Of Teacher/tutor, we don’t advise you to go for classes or take tuition but this taking up help from your teacher would definitely suggest you to stick to your school teacher’s assistance till the end. Once their syllabus is complete then they don’t care about their teacher’s directions. So, when you find hard topic then ask the concerned teachers.

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Understand your Doubts and clarify them, then start to work on them. Stop waste time, when you can make them understood easily then why to waste time. Sometimes you can get stuck trying to solve part of a math problem and find it difficult to move on to the next stage.  It’s common for many students to skip this question and continue onto the next. So, try to avoid doing this and always spend time trying to understand the easiest way to solve.

Figures and Graphs are the parts where you can easily fetch marks if you made their solutions with good concentration. Yes!! So for this, always keep a ruler and a pencil which is well sharpened.

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Keep your solutions neat and line-by-line did not get?? Well, always work problems up and down as it need more paper and the steps you write down tell the teacher what you are thinking and how you are attacking the problem.

Finish familiar questions first that teachers advised you to read full question paper thoroughly and carefully before start solving. Check those one which you find unfamiliar but you must remember that you have to finish your examination in a stipulated time. So, you much plan to finish first the questions you know and then move on to others.

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Create a Mathematical Dictionary, Mathematics has specific terminology with a lot of vocabulary, so start making your Notes which ever you need to know. You should include their meanings, some key points and even some sample answers so you can consult them at any time and recap.

Solve Sample Papers, may you find it useless but that fact is that to access your level of preparation you need to take mock test or solve Sample Papers. But, this proves beneficial only when you stick to few basic things. To develop it yourself and to extract utmost benefit from these sample papers, try to solve this paper.

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Apply Math to Real World Problems, because as much as you’ll try to apply real-world problems it is easy for you to approach well with math. Math can be very abstract sometimes so looking for a practical application can help change your perspective and assimilate ideas differently.

Lastly, have confidence in yourself and face the exam knowing that you have prepared properly! Don’t fret about the results, what is done is done. Try out these effective tips and all the very best!

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