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How To Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam– Tips To Score Good Marks

How To Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam

There are a number of tricks and practices on How To Pass Compartment / Supplementary Exam which can significantly improve your chances of scoring good marks in exam. Some of the students, who are unable to score the expected marks or failed to pass the exam, can improve their marks by applying for the Compartment/Supplementary exam. It is a kind of second chance that student get for showcasing the efficiency.

Here on this page of we are providing some important tips to score good marks in exam through this article that will help you in studying, analyzing and solving exam questions, so read on!

Exercise Makes Your Brain Work Better 

A candidate placed in compartment shall be allowed to appear at the subsequent three chances of Compartment only in those subjects in which he / she have been placed in compartment. Compartment or Supplementary exam is that exam which is carried by all the Boards and University after every session just in order to give another chance to student who didn’t qualify due to some reason to pass the exam.

First of all just try to get your negative points due to which you are not succeeding in your exam.

Don’t feel embarrassing to give compartment exam and so Never do cramming in any subject. Just try Always to understand a particular topic which is useful at exam point of view. If you understood that topic well then you will remember it for a long time. You need not to take any tension before exam as it really decreases your confidence.

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Revise main point, your notes & brief summary. During exam time set your time according to your exam. Short question must be attempted because these questions increase your score.

Tips to Score Good Marks

It’s important to clip down and earn good marks, anyone can learn to do well and improve their scores to start doing their best. Scroll past the jump to learn to get better grades.

Create a positive Attitude:

Keeping the positive attitude towards your co-partners and all persons living nearby may also result in boosting up your marks in exam.

Well, when you keep good attitude in studying and start thinking about the positive things about studying, it’s likely that you will start liking a subject that you were really not fond of before. You may also get marks for having a good attitude and for not disrupting a class.

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Sleep well:

Sleeping less time or skip sleeping sometimes may let you distracting from your goal; you won’t be able to focus as it will let you in a state of pressure.

Make sure to go to bed early the night before a test, rather than staying up all night to study. Your brain won’t be able to hold on to all that crammed information anyway.

Memory Improvement Techniques

Write Down Important Formulas:

The very first and most of the important step is to write down all the important formulas, as you can’t bring a sheet or your own scratch paper into the exam therefore Store all the important difficult formulas in your mind just right before you are going for the exam.

Set goals for yourself:

Set goals like ‘get good marks in math, science etc’ for yourself and then try your hardest to achieve those goals. If you fail once, don’t give up, keep trying.

Firstly pen down the important things:

When you sit for getting started with a new topic try writing down all the important points first so that you may focus them. Also write down all formulas or other important information on some scratch paper before you start going through the questions.

This will definitely help you in updated about the key factors of the topic and make you away from searching when you need that information later.

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Always Review:

After school, review what you learned that day. Frequent study of chapters that once learned will also result in tipping the main facts about the topic.

Manage your time effectively:

Time management and be punctual to the study routine is the best and most important factor that plays a very important role in scoring efficiently.

Perfectly managing the time will help you reduce anxiety and focus on studying without distraction. If you have a test next week, start studying now. Try not to study at the last minute and cram the night before.

Develop tests for yourself:

Preparing the exam for yourself would help and increasing your confidence when taking exams if you’re familiar with the typical exam format, common errors to avoid, and know how the concepts in a subject area usually tested.

Tips To Boost Your Motivation and Mood

Consume Sufficient Water:

Getting dehydrated during a test can be distracting and reduce your ability to think clearly. One must be stay hydrated before the test and bring a bottle of water with them at the test centre as well.

Always remember that it is necessary for you to change your outlook that means Be positive and believe yourself. Never think of just ‘passing’ but Think of acing your exams as this will reflect on what you have to go for to achieve this. Always try to Focus on your studies with full dedication and understand by learning the concepts clearly.

Write down steps, methods, take notes, and do not move to another topic, till you are clear about what you are studying.

Go well through previous years questions and See that where you are getting stuck, try to Work hard on those weaker areas.

Do well; practice and more practice will lead you to sure success, Good luck.

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