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How To Prepare For Board Exams In 1 Month? Things to Keep In Mind for Exams

How To Prepare For Board Exams

As the board exams near, stress and anxiety among students has started. We often find that the students are wasting their unnecessary energy and getting confused to know How To Prepare For Board Exams. To prepare for Board exams in 1 Month, you should read this article which is prepared for the benefits of Board participants.

Enormous no. of candidates generally ask us about how to prepare for the best result, as they want to get good marks in board exams for enrollment in their dream course. Before appearing in Board Exam, individuals should know about Things to Keep In Mind for Exams which is given here.

Previous year Question Papers

Along with preparation tips, candidates need to prepare for Board Exams In 1 Month by the help of previous year Question papers. You can get the idea of questions asking in Board exams, level of questions as well as the paper pattern from previous year papers.

Read this article to know How To Prepare For Board Exams In 1 Month in detail, which is given the dedicated team members of

How To Prepare For Board Exams

How To Prepare For Board Exams in 1 month

Start Study In Early Morning:

One should prepare well in advance so that you have sufficient time to revise your syllabus. Most of the students start their preparation around the corner of the exams that cause late night study and end up sleeping in the morning. As a result it causes various health issues due to inadequate sleep.

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Break It Down In Achievable Targets

You can prepare well for Board exams in one month for all the subjects by breaking down in achievable targets. Initially you need to take a separate piece of paper and write all the important topics/ things subject wise and Start Preparation For Exams.

Be Specific

How can you feel confident in the areas which we have mentioned in step 3??? We can explain it with the help of example: in case one of the topic areas is trigonometry,’ list the page and the name of the exercise that you need to do the regular practice. After that think that you have reached the end of your timetable and you never have to do trigonometry ever again.

Create A Schedule For One Subject At A Time

Prepare a schedule for one subject at a time and focus on same subject at the time of preparation. In this way, you can be sure that you have covered all the important topics.

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Factor In Time For BREAKS

Don’t forget to take breaks. You must spend your proper time on food as well as sleep. Everyone works differently, but usually speaks that a break of five to ten minutes is enough and good for refreshment.

Mix It Up; Don’t Make It Monotonous

No person is interested to study the mathematics for continuous 6 hours. Give the timings of study by mixing all the subjects so as to decrease the chances of losing interest really quickly. Most of the people are interested in studying early in the morning, so try to tackle different subjects as well.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You can set the time table on your own to improve it as you go. Be confident with what you have written in the exam and get prepared to move things around if you find the things estimated by you regarding the time were a bit off. It can be good decision of using a pencil.

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Tips To Prepare For Board Exams

For Science

All the candidates must known that Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the main subjects which want more concentration in the science section. For each subject you can get some tips. You must need to prepare complete list of formulas, experiments and derivations before starting preparation. You need to use NCERT books to score well in Science.


  • If you want to order on this topic, you have to go to the depth of the fundamental and do not try to cram anything.
  • Generally, you have to face numerical as well as theorems which are totally based on the main concept so need to practice more and more as possible and due to this; you will not be able to forget any step during the exam and also you will not confuse at the time of examination.
  • Firstly, prepare important and simple topics such as Heat & Thermodynamics, Modern Physics, and Optics etc to score good marks. You need to solve the formulae as well as theorems from previous year’s board exams papers/ model papers to know the level of questions.

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  • Chemistry is known as very easy and the marks scoring subject, through Chemistry subject you can score more marks as compared to other subjects. So, prepare well for Chemistry with minimum time.
  • You can easily prepare for Chemistry in some time as it is completely based on the some essential concept.
  • Chemistry is divided in to two parts Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Mostly candidates are confused in theorems and reaction so, candidates are advised to always write them after learning.
  • After completion of preparation for chemistry you have to write some most important points on one paper and keep it with yourself for revision purpose time to time.


  • In Biology subject, various diagrams and theory. Candidates need to concentrate more on this subject.
  • Various students do not understand the pronunciation of some important words. So, you need to write spellings of difficult word and repeat them again and again.
  • When syllabus is completed then try to solve more and more multiple type question and previous year question paper.


  • Many students feels that Mathematics is the difficult subject but it’s not so. It is one of the easiest subject but only when you have the entire concept on your finger tips.
  • If you want to make this section strong then you have to practice more for this and have to go in the depth of the concepts.
  • Try to solve the questions from the different methods either with the help of your friend and teachers.
  • Always read the solution after completion of this and avoid silly mistake as mistake in sum, division, subtraction etc and don’t use calculator while solving question.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing For Board Exams

Create A Proper Atmosphere

Initially you need to create a proper atmosphere for studying by selecting a suitable place as well as accurate position. While preparing for Board exams, you need to study appropriate course material and revise it very thoroughly. Through proper atmosphere you can study well and make better preparations.

Quality Study Is Essential

Therefore, important thing is quality study is very essential such as significant topics, meanings of all the topics. You should revise all the important topics at the last moment instead of learning everything again and again.

For Quality study, you have to make proper notes of all the vital topics and point out all the important concepts/ topics as well as formulas. So, you need to plan your study which is very important to cover the entire vital topics essential and make a proper time-table.

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Previous Year Question Papers

You have to go through at least orally previous years question papers. Through orally previous year question papers you can understand better the level of questions, type of questions as well as a weight-age of each chapter.

A Balanced Diet And A Good 8-10 Hours Of Sleep

In addition to regular practice, various other factors are also important that are proper balanced diet, a good sleep for at least 8-10 hours, which gives the right tonic to your brain and through this, you can improve your performance. Talking to family and friends and music is also important for keeping the tension level low.

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Final Words:

Above given tips of How To Prepare For Board Exams In 1 Month will helps you to achieve good marks in exam. So, candidates are advised to go through above stated preparation method, Things to Keep In Mind for Exams etc. If you have any query then writes in below given comment box. We will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

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