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How to Prepare For VITEEE Exam 2020 Best Exam Preparation Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare For VITEEE Exam

Students, who are planning to appear in VITEEE Exam 2020, they might be thinking How to Prepare For VITEEE Exam 2020?? Well, on this page we are providing Best Exam Preparation Tips & Tricks that will help you in the exam preparation and you will get to know How to Prepare For VITEEE Exam!!!

VITEEE 2020 will be held from 1st to 3rd week of April 2020. It is the most imperative entrance exam all-inclusive for Admission to Engineering Programs. To qualify this entrance exam of engineering, you have to perform well and reach the cutoff score. For this you need to know some strategies to crack this examination.

VITEEE Exam 2020 Exam Pattern

VITEEE Exam is an engineering entrance exam; this exam needs to check the knowledge of candidate in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and English. These subjects are allotted according to your 12th stream. Whether, you can apply for VITEEE 2020 PCM + English or VITEEE 2020 PCB + English.


This Exam is almost similar to your 12th Boards Examination. Every question is in the form of multiple choice questions and carries 1 mark each. There is no negative marking for any of the questions in examination.

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How to Prepare For VITEEE Exam

Syllabus and Subject Wise Tricks to Prepare For VITEEE 2020

PHYSICS Before you begin your preparation for physics you must be sure about the syllabus of the subject, which will help you to check and decide that from which topic you have to start your preparation. Some topics in this subject are given below which needs more concentration and attention:

  • Electrostatics
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Effects of electric current
  • Current electricity
  • Alternative current
  • Electromagnetic waves and wave optics
  • Optics

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Preparation Tips of Physics For VITEEE 2020

  • To prepare above topics you need to understand the topic properly and if any confusion creates try that you are clearing them time to time with your teachers.
  • Candidate’s basic knowledge of mathematics must be strong to prepare the numerical.
  • You must prepare your own notes of derivations of formulae and also practice diagrams and graphs with proper labeling.
  • Be attentive and do your exam carefully because marks can be deducted for the small errors of SI units and other details.
  • Start managing your time from the beginning of the exam; otherwise you won’t be able to solve problems under time stress.
  • You must begin your exam from section E followed by section C, and you can prefer doing numerical after your theory portion is completed.
  • You can get an advantage if you prepare analysis of theory and practical thoroughly.
  • You must have a good and clear understanding about application oriented and experiment based questions, because mostly such type of questions are appeared in the exam.
  • Be positive and calm during your exam; do not take stress before or during exam. For this you can do some exercises or meditation before exam.

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CHEMISTRY To prepare chemistry you need to have a good knowledge of theory and practical concepts. Remember that whatever you read, you must know how to implement that practically. Some important topics under chemistry are:

  • Organic nitrogen compounds
  • Carbonyl
  • Alcohols and ethers
  • Isomerism in organic compounds
  • Biomolecules
  • Electrochemistry
  • P, d and f block elements
  • Atomic structure

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Preparation tips for chemistry

  • This subject needs lots of concentration, patience and practice. You must be sure about your syllabus and topics.
  • Math is essential for chemistry; you need to clear the basic concept of some mathematical terms.
  • Try to take the subject in continuity so that you may not miss the important topics in the subject.
  • The basics you learn must be practiced and repeated on daily basis, because this fundamentals can be repeated again anywhere in the course.
  • Terminology and symbols are the most important things in chemistry, this should be learned carefully and thoroughly.
  • You must also go through the periodic table; you must learn the symbols and names of at least 40 common elements.
  • Problem solving must be a part of your preparation session. Try to solve at least 10 problems from the current section you have read and 5 from the previous section. This will make you stronger in problem solving skills.
  • Use 2 books while studying, this will help you if you do not understand the language of one book other book will definitely make you understand the topic.

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MATHEMATICS Mathematics is a fundamental and conceptual subject. It needs to practice on a daily basis. This needs to give proper attention to the applications of all the topics. Important topics which come under this subject are as follows:

  • Discrete mathematics
  • Probability distributions
  • Analytical geometry of three dimensions
  • Vector algebra
  • Integral calculus and its applications
  • Complex numbers
  • Differential equations

Preparation Tips for Mathematics

  • Only reading or listening to prepare mathematics is not at all enough. So, you have to practice it more and more and try to solve the problems.
  • Making mistakes will never create issue; issue will create if you won’t learn from those mistakes. So, study your mistakes again and try to solve the problem again without making any mistake.
  • Do not try to learn maths, this is a logical subject, you cannot cram it, you have to understand the basics and logics of its problems.
  • You should not skip the problem in which you are getting problem, try to understand that and try to solve that problem inspite of leaving it.
  • Lots of concentration is needed to understand this logical subject, so you must study in a proper study environment.
  • Listening soft music can help you concentrating in your preparation and music will also create a relaxed environment.
  • You must go through the formulae on daily basis. NCERT will help you a lot in understanding the basics.
  • Candidate must check his/her ability by solving mock test papers and sample papers which are available online.

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BIOLOGY This subject needs to study every topic in an accurate manner and thoroughly. Some of the important topics under this subject are:

  • Microbiology and immunology
  • Reproduction
  • Evolution
  • Taxonomy
  • Cell and molecular biology
  • Genetics

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Preparation Tips For Biology

  • Keeping a positive attitude towards biology will help you increasing your interest in it.
  • There must be some terms in biology which are complicated, but try to break them into simple words and understand the terminology.
  • Make your short notes while studying the topic which will help you remember the small important points.
  • There are many diagrams in biology, try to draw them with proper labeling and structures.
  • Try to understand and learn concepts of each topic. Remember, you have to learn it, do not try to cram anything.
  • Try to solve the questions given at the back of each chapter in textbooks.
  • Also take help from sample question papers and last year’s question papers to increase your speed and accuracy.

ENGLISH English is a common subject but it has its own importance. It does not have any accurate syllabus. There are some tips in which you will get how and what you have to prepare for English.

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Preparation Tips For English

  • English grammar and pronunciation of words is the most important thing in this subject. Try to work on grammar and pronunciation.
  • Candidate must read English newspaper, magazine or any novel on daily basis.
  • English grammar and pronunciation is helpful to clear the exam.
  • Try to improve your vocabulary skills which will help you to understand grammar.

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  • Candidate must be confident about the VITEEE Syllabus and create your schedule according to the syllabus.
  • Creating your own notes will help you to revise your whole syllabus on last day of your preparation in a very less time.
  • Sitting continuously holding book in hand will never give you knowledge about it. You must take break and take full rest to avoid distraction during study.
  • If you have less time left with your preparation, then you must not go to study the topic in detail. Try to understand the basics and logics of every subject and after understanding the basics you will be able to solve some problems, try to solve them.
  • Everybody knew in what he/she is weak, try to work on your weakness and overcome of it with the solutions to improve them.
  • You should concentrate only on one thing at a time, do not try to study more than one topic on one time, it will make you confused and you will not be able to understand any of the topic.
  • Learn how to solve MCQ’s from online mock tests and also check your speed, accuracy and how you manage time by solving sample papers and previous year’s questions papers which are available online.

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Preparation Tips For VITEEE 2020

Start with the tips below and make sure you adhere to them. Knowing and understanding the pattern of the examination and types of questions is an requisite part of your preparation.

  • Know the Important Chapters
  • Prepare a timetable
  • Proper analysis of the exam
  • Solve the questions in less time
  • Solve VITEEE sample papers and last year question papers

Important Books for VITEEE 2020 Preparations:

Name of the BookAuthor
Arihant SeriesDC Pandey
Concepts of Physics (Vol 1 and Vol 2)HC Verma
Physics MCQ Multiple Choice Question BankD Mukherjee
Physics Class Class 12 (part 1 and part 2)NCERT
Conceptual Problems in Organic ChemistryDK Singh
Essential Organic ChemistryRanjeet Shahi

Chemistry Class 12 (part 1 and part 2)

Objective Mathematics Part 1 and Part 2RD Sharma
Problems in Calculus of one VariableIA Maron
VITEEE Solved Papers and Mock TestsDisha Experts

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After a long discussion about the preparation of VITEEE 2020, we hope you all are understood with the concept of VITEEE examination 2020. Go through the exam pattern, syllabus, and all the tips mentioned above and try to engage yourself with your own strategies and tricks to crack the VITEEE examination in 20 days.

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