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How to Prepare Maths for Competitive Exams | Mathematics Shortcut Tricks

How To Prepare Maths For Competitive Exams

There are several Mathematics Shortcut Tricks that can help to crack Maths Exam easily. Apart from strategies, Preparation also plays important role. But the question- How to Prepare Maths for Competitive Exams still arises.

Every year, Thousands of aspirants appear for many Entrance and Competitive Exams. Those who find complications in Mathematics need not to worry, here we have talked about How to Prepare Maths for Competitive Exams and also listed few useful Tips To Handle Mathematics section.

How to Study Maths?

If you too face this problem and actually don’t know how to study math to get good results then check out this Expert Advice. We know that only few are good at Maths and the reason behind this is that they practice hard.

So, overall we can say that Maths needs a lot of practice so those who want to prepare maths in better way must read this article.

Proper Mindset Required:

A competitive exam whether the subject is math or any other actually requires a certain mindset and understanding and with a little effort one can really do well in preparations. Since, Maths covers a wide range of topics including Algebra, Number System, Trigonometry, Probability, etc and we know that it is not an easy task to prepare Math.

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Maths Tricks:

But, the most challenging job can be easy on with these Tips & Tricks on How to Prepare Maths for Competitive Exams. It requires a hard work and lots of practice to get success. Maths is called as a hard subject because it involves large number of formulas.

Guys, if you are one among those candidates who find difficultly in cracking this math section than this page is created and provide is for your convenience….

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How To Prepare Maths For Competitive Exams

Following are the few key points that will help you in the best preparation of Maths exam:-

Choose the Best Coaching Institute:

If thinking to go for coaching then the foremost point that a candidate must go to the best coaching institute so that one may focus so that the best preparation can be done for the competitive exam.

Proper Time Management:

Proper Time Management is also very much important. You should give due importance to the hard topics which requires the main focus. Take a 5 minute break after every 45 minutes so that you do not get bored of your study material and gain the required energy to continue studying.

Practice & More Practice:

As you simply can’t learn or study appropriately with by only and only reading and cramming. To study practice hard and solve some problems, the more you practice solving problems. Each question has difficulty so it’s important to try lots of ways and solved it in with many tricks before tackling the exam.

Make A List of Formulae:

It is compulsory to note down all short cuts and also formulas and list the important one used in different question papers. Not only noting down but also try to remember all these because all questions and their solutions are depends on the formula. Practicing them in different problems always helps to crack them.

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Apply Math to Real World Problems:

Just because as more you’ll try to apply Math to Real World Problems, it will be easy for you to approach well… Since, Math can be very theoretical sometimes so always looking for practical side will help you to change your viewpoint.

Stay Energized And Motivated:

Candidates should work with all their energy and the hidden potentials. Motivation is very much important as it helps us in making a well plan for each and everything.

Stay Calm:

Give due importance to your preparation instead of taking tension because stress always results in the negative factors. Don’t be panic just stay positive.

Keep Your Solutions Neat And Line-By-Line Did Not Get??

Well, always work problems up and down as it need more paper and the steps you write down tell the teacher what you are thinking and how you are attacking the problem.

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Make A List Of Formulas:

Candidates should make a proper list of formulas. All the important aspects are to be written on a separate page so that they can be easily revised before the time of exam. And you should go for these below listed two books and we advise you to use these ones:-

  • S. Agarwal Quantitative book for learning basics and solving more questions type on particular chapter.
  • Use M. Tyra quicker mathematics book for learning short cut tricks and try to solve questions based on these tricks.

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Mathematics Shortcut Tricks:

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas,” said Albert Einstein. So learning some basic and impressive math must at least be the limericks of logical ideas.

In Maths it is not easy to solve a question in seconds or minutes but with the help of Shortcut tricks it can become easier for you to get succeed in any type of mathematical situation

Not only the Knowledge of Maths Shortcut Tricks is enough but one should also have knowledge about using the right trick at right question.

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Some Basic Maths Shortcuts:


 The order of the numbers in an addition problem does not affect the answer.

  • When zero is added to the original number, the answer is the original number.
  • When 1 is added to the original number, the answer is the next larger number.


Teachers can teach students these shortcuts to help with basic subtraction:

    • When zero is subtracted from the original number, the answer is the original number.
    • When 1 is subtracted from the original number, the answer is the next smaller number.
    • When the original number has the same number subtracted from it, the answer is zero.

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These multiplication shortcuts can be taught to the students:

  • When a number is multiplied by zero, the answer is zero.
  • When a number is multiplied by 1, the answer is the original number.
  • When a number is multiplied by 2, the answer is equal to the number being added to itself.
  • The order of the numbers in a multiplication problem does not affect the answer.


Teachers can teach students these division shortcuts:

  • When zero is divided by any number, the answer is zero.
  • When a number is divided by 1, the answer is the original number.
  • When a number is divided by itself, the answer is 1.

To get more maths shortcut tricks you can also go through the PDF whose link is available below. in this PDF we have provided 101 Maths Shortcut Tricks that will definitely help you in simplifying the examination.

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We hope the above mentioned points will help you in the best preparation of the math exam…

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