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How To Score Good Marks In Board Exams – Strategies To Score Highest Marks

How To Score Good Marks In Board Exams

Getting good rank in board exam is not difficult if you know How To Score Good Marks In Board Exams. In the life of Indian student, board exam is the main milestones. Complete career of a student depends on the result of Board Exams. If you know the best Strategies To Score Highest Marks in Board Exams, you can easily prepare for your exam. We the team of is providing Top Tips to Score Highest Marks in Board Exams.

How To Score Good Marks In Board Exams

From Starting of Session till Diwali Vacation

Do your study on Daily Basis:

If teacher teaches a lesson daily, it’s your responsibility to read it daily. Keep this as your priority. Also if you are taking tuitions, learn your syllabus on daily basis. Don’t postpone your daily work because of any reason. Make your mind clear that you have to do your daily work on same day.

How To Score Good Marks In Board Exams

Revise Regularly:

Learning work daily is not sufficient if you want to score good marks. After learning there are so many chances that you might not remember your work. For this you have to revise your work. Make some shortcuts to revise previous lesson just in few minutes. These shortcuts will also be helpful for you at time of exam.

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Regular Tests:

After learning and revising, now it’s time to test you with honesty. You should solve practice test and try to solve each question. Give mark to yourself honestly. Only school tests are not sufficient, buy daily test book and solve it on daily basis.

Now Revise Again:

Yes, you got good marks in test and remember each and everything but still you have to revise complete lesson after 4-5 days of regular test. By this you will never forget your lesson. Some students do mistake that they don’t revise their syllabus again. Because of this don’t get good marks. Please don’t do this mistake.

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Be Relaxed:

Some time because of pressure, we just avoid our sleep, food, fun etc. Because of this you can feel sick. With study it’s all essential to given time to each and every thing. For this you can play game with your friend, watch TV and eats food of your choice.

Study with Your Friends:

There are two benefits of study with friends. One is they can help you in solving your problem and second is you will not feel bored while studying. Some time we just have a fear in our mind How to Score Good Marks in Board Exams. But it’s so easy if you go ahead with each step.

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Make Your Concept Clearer:

For better study, it’s essential to make your concept clearer. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are the subjects, which are not too easy for students. To prepare these subjects you have to clear each step. Don’t cram any lesson try to reach its fundamental.

From December Till Pre Board:

As exam are near its time to give final touch to your study. With these steps you can surely get good marks in exam.  If you will not follow these final steps, all Strategies To Score Highest Marks that you have followed, will be fail.

Manage your Time:

As you are just having 3 month now, you have to manage your time properly. Seriously make a time schedule because now you don’t have a time to waste. Make a schedule by which you can revise each subject on time.

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Go for a Power Schedule:

Power schedule is a new creation just to give energy to your time table. Before you7 gave to time to each activity but not you can’t do this. I am not saying to stop each activity but do whatever is essential and take some time from each activity, which you can spend on your study. In this session you have to concentrate on your study. If you are studying for 2 hours, don’t divert your mind on other things.

Go For Question Paper:

I know some of you haven’t followed this schedule so far. Even exam are near but some students haven’t done anything. These students can solve previous year question papers and take help from study pattern. With the help of previous year question paper you can idea of exam paper. By this you can solve examination paper and can get good marks.

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These methods are very effective and I hope, if you fill follow these steps, you can get better marks in exam. Ensure yourself that you have learnt each subject. We hope these Important Tips to Prepare for Board Exam of 10th and 12th will be sufficient for you to score good marks.

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