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How to Take Online Exam? Proper Instructions, Pattern for CBT Test, Step by Step Guide

How to Take Online Exam?

For most of us, taking an online exam is somewhat common, but it is new experience for many. If you are new to this type of test, you might be wondering, how to take online exam, well here’re proper online exam instructions to guide you in best possible way. With the help of this step by step online exam guide, you can easily take online exam and score best by saving lot more time. For our readers’ convenience, we have also placed Pattern for CBT Test so that you can prepare yourself accordingly and get the best result. Follow the easy steps to take online exam and test your knowledge.

How to Take Online Exam?

Online Exam Step By Step Guide

A. First of all, Sign In to your account by entering login Id and password.

B. Now, some instruction, that displays the following information, will appear in front of you. Read it properly.

  1. Total duration of exam will be 30 minutes.
  2. The clock that represents the time duration of the exam will be set at the server. The countdown timer will be displayed at the top right corner of the computer’s screen. The exam will get terminated when the timer reaches zero. This simply means that you are not required to end or submit your examination, rather you exam will end by itself.
  3. On the right side, you’ll get to see a question palette which will display the status of each question using one of the below placed symbols:
1Candidate has not visited the question yet.
2Candidate has not answered the question.
3Candidate has answered the question.
4Candidate has NOT answered the question, but has marked the question for review.
5The question(s) “Answered and Marked for Review” will be considered for evaluation.
6The question(s) “Marked for Review” will be not be considered for evaluation and no marks will be distributed for the same.

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  1. If you are wondering what the “Marked for Review” indicates, well this status represents that you would like to look at that question and think about its possible answer again. If a question is answered and after that you have marked it for review, your answer will be then considered in the evaluation.
  2. To minimize the question window, just press on the “>” arrow that appears on the left of question palette. By pressing on “<” symbol, appearing on the right side of question window, you can view the question palette again.
  3. By pressing the “Profile” image that is displayed on top right corner of your digital screen, you can easily change the language for entire question paper. On pressing of Profile image, a drop-down will appear in front of you by which you can change the question content to any language.
  4. By pressing downward arrow, you can navigate to the bottom and by pressing upward arrow; you can navigate to the top of the question area.

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Navigating to a Question

  • To answer a question, first of all, press on the question number in the Question Palette which is given at the right side of the screen. This will take you to that numbered question directly.
  • To save your answer press “Save & Next” button and then go to the next question.
  • To save your answer, press on Mark for Review & Next, mark it for review, and then access another question.

Procedure to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

  • In order to select the answer, hit on the button given beside the options.
  • If you want to deselect your chosen answer, press again on the button of your chosen option or you can also hit on the “Clear Response button”
  • If you want to change your chosen answer, deselect your chosen option and press on the button of another option.
  • If your are sure about the answer, save it by pressing “Save & Next” button
  • If you want to mark the question for review, simply press on the “Mark for Review & Next” button.

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If you want to modify your answer, select that question whose answer you want to modify and then follow the steps by which you can answer that type of question. It is to be noted that only those answers which you have saved or marked for review will be considered for evaluation.

Navigating Through Sections

  • In online question paper, sections will be displayed on the top of your digital screen. You can select any of the section and view the questions by pressing on the section name. The section on which you are currently working will get highlighted.
  • When you complete the last question of a section, on pressing the Save & Next button, you will automatically be taken to the next section.
  • During the online test, you can also rearrange the tests and questions only during the time predetermined. You can also view the corresponding section summary.

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C. After reading the instructions, hit on “Next” button and on the new page, choose your default language (English/Hindi) and press the empty column given beside the declaration.

D. Now press on “I am ready to begin” button and your online test paper will appear on your digital screen. Make good use of time!

This is How you can Take Online Exam. For more updated info on the go, stay connected with us through our web portal that is

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