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How To Write A Follow Up Email For Job- Letter/Email Sample That Get Replies

How To Write A Follow Up Email For Job- Letter / Email

If job seekers apply for any jobs and sometimes they don’t get any response within two weeks, it may be advantageous to follow-up. Directors and Recruiters may prefer follow-up by email. Here on this page, we are providing you some tips on How to Write a Follow up Email for Job- Letter / Email for those applicants that want to get replies from recruiters.

Our team members of are describing some powerful tips on Write a Follow up Email for Job- Letter below section on this page. Throughout your job search, there will be various times when you will require to sending a follow-up response. For example, when:

  • Job finders get an email from a recruiter or hiring manager who wants to speak with you on the phone.
  • Appointing director sends you an email application for an in-person job interview.
  • An authenticated personality who has your resume needs additional information like your references list, applier’s portfolio, or an answer to a particular job-related question.
  • Hiring director invites you back for a second interview.
  • A networking contact desires your resume so he or she can pass it along to another professional networking contact.

How To Write A Follow Up Email For Job- Letter / Email

When any candidate is writing a follow-up e-mail or letter, they must keep the Rules of the Road for Job Search Letters in mind as you follow these steps given below:

  1. When authenticated person send you an email, then you need to open this e-mail and press ‘Reply’ in order that a photocopy of his email to you appears in the body of your email.
  2. Now, in subject line, you may revise your name. For example, if the director / recruiter’s subject line was “Your resume on ABC site,” regulate the subject line on your reply to say “Re: Deepak’s resume on ABC site” or “From Deepak re: Your resume on ABC site.”
  3. Receiver may type your response above, not below the recruiter’s message to you.
  4. Applicants may track the recruiter’s lead as to how you should address him. For example, if he signed his email “Neeraj,” it’s okay to type “Dear Neeraj” in your response. If he signed his email “Neeraj Chopra,” you should type “Dear Mr. Chopra.”
  5. You may thankful to the recruiter for his email in the opening Paragraph and then respond to the request he made in his email (for example, he may have asked for additional information, your resume, or a time to interview you by phone).
  6. When you write a next paragraph then it is your final paragraph in the email. It should be start on a new line with a space after the preceding paragraph.
  7. You may demonstrate your attention in the next step in the hiring process without being assertive. Also, provide a phone number where you can be contacted.
  8. At the end of an email, close your email with a sign-off such as “Regards,” “Sincerely,” or “Again, thank you!” On the following line, write your full name, email address, and phone number. If you have a digital signature, be sure it’s appropriate for your job search. If in doubt, turn your digital signature off and type your name and contact info manually.
  9. When you rectify your email and send your follow-up email to a friend then you may read before you send it to the recruiter.

10. If appliers once acquire the green light means that your response is appropriately friendly, condensed, and grammatically correct, send your email to the recruiter or director.

Sample Follow up letter:

Your Name:

Your Address:

Your City, State, Zip Code:

Your Phone Number:

Your Email:






City, State, Zip Code:

Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name: (if you have a name, otherwise skip this line)

You may use the first paragraph to thankful to the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you and talk about your interest in the job and how passionate you are about it like you may write as “I submitted a Bio data previously this month for the Content Writer position advertised in the News Paper and I am very interested in working at ABC Company and I believe my skills, especially my writing skills at XYZ Company, would be a perfect match for this position.

In second paragraph of your follow up letter, you may have to include the cause why you are an outstanding applicant for this job and list out your particular skills that relate to the job you interviewed for. The more detailed you are, the more the interviewer will know about your qualifications.

Third paragraph is an optional part of letter in which you can mention everything that you didn’t bring up at the interview that you’d like the employer to know and it is the chance to make good impression on recruiter.

In last paragraph, reaffirm your approval for being considered for the job and let the interviewer know you are looking forward to get response from him or her soon and tells that if necessary, I would be happy to re-send my CV or to give you any additional information you might need regarding my candidacy.


Your Signature

Your Typed Name

Follow-Up Email to a Recruiter from a Job Board

Subject: Megha Mittal, Software Developer Job

Dear Sir,

I am very thankful to you for contacting me about the Software Developer job opening. Yes, I would like to talk with you regarding this job.

If you would be indulgent enough to send the website address for the company so I can be ready for our conversation? And you may please let me know almost when you will call, so I will start my preparation and be ready.

Thank you!

Megha Mittal

+91- 99885 56622

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