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IAS Interview Experience – Shared by Toppers, Reviews, Hiring Process

IAS Interview Experience

IAS Interview Experience: IAS Interview, life changing half hour!! IAS interview is considered as one of the toughest interview and many people are curious to know what that half hour is all about. IAS Interview usually goes for half an hour and these 30 minutes can create a difference of more than 100 marks between your competitors.

IAS Interview Experience – Shared by Toppers

So those who are going to appear for IAS interview can go through this page as it will help you to know how you can express your words while answering questions.Here qualified candidates in their own words have expressed their IAS Interview Experience and have shared reviews and more info about Hiring Process and has also gave some suggestion for Interview

IAS Interview Experience Reviews

As a fresher, applicants often experience a lot of nervousness before appearing an interview. Interview situation might be a little difficult and a candidate might lose the self-confidence. So here for your easiness we are presenting IAS Interview Experience of selected candidates which will surely help you to grab an opportunity.

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IAS Interview Experience

The following is the experience shared by Anudeep  Durishetty  who got Rank-1 in UPSE IAS exam 2017.

Name: Anudeep Durishetty

  • Age: 28 years
  • Schooling: Sri Suryodaya High School, Metpalli, and Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Hyderabad.
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Rank: 01
  • Year: 2017
  • Marks obtained: 55.6%
TestTotal marks Marks obtained

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Anudeep Durishetty Speaks About His Success:

This is my fifth attempt. I have failed thrice before, and the journey was not easy for me.It is not necessary that one should enroll at a coaching institute. These days everything is available online.It is a tough exam and so many deserving candidates with brilliant minds attempt. So you can never expect a top rank.

I am really happy to get this result today. I am grateful to all the people who supported me throughout. It wasn’t an easy journey, but i am happy to be here.My family has been my backbone and if I did not have their support, I would not have been able to top the examinations.”

2017 topper Anudeep Durishetty had attended the interview on 12th February in the afternoon session. The interview went for half an hour by 5 board members. Here are some of the questions….

Question asked to Anudeep  Durishetty-

Question Why you opt for Civils when you have pursued Engineering?

Answer To fulfill my aim of serving the people I thought Civils is the best way.

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Question You have done engineering still you took Anthropology as an optional subject?

Answer– My aim is to serve people and Anthropology deals with evolution of mankind and society. So I opted for it.

QuestionWhy did you again appeared for civils when you are already working as IRS (Assistant Commissioners)

Answer My aim is to serve people directly and I think IAS is a better path as it gives opportunity to reach common people through implementing government welfare programs. I selected for IRS in my second attempt and I joined too but I want to become an IAS officer.

QuestionHave you heard about Swachh Bharat programme? Tell your views about it.

Answer- Yes, it is a social welfare programme to solve cleanliness and health issues, but still requires lot of awareness among public.

Question What are your opinion about Government welfare programs?

Answer They are very helpful for people’s betterment, but are not implementing fully. Also I feel there is a need to start permanent development programs along with the current programs.

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QuestionYou said meditation is you hobby. Can you explain how it is helping you?

Answer Through meditation, I emerge from many desperate and disturbed situations. Meditation helps me to become normal very quickly.

These are some of the questions that are asked in 2017 IAS Interview. Now, the following is the complete interview experience shared by Akshit Verma.

 IAS Interview Experience

IAS Interview Experience

IAS Interview Experience (2016)

  • Name: Akshit Verma
  • Age: 26 Years
  • Schooling: DAV Public School
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Rank: 303
  • Year:  2016
  • Marks Obtained (49.88%)

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TestTotal marks Marks obtained

IAS Interview Experience by Akshit Verma

“After a lot of official procedure I finally got a call from organization. There were 5 members including a chairman, he was a retired senior diplomat who served in various countries and also signified India in different international forums. All other members were experienced and intelligent people, it seems.

All were very pleasant. I entered room, which was somewhat very big and environment was serious. A large bench surrounded by big chairs and I was presented a seat on other corner of the table. And it is going to be my life’s first job interview!!”

How To Dress For An Interview

Here starts the Interview……

The assistant opened the gate and when I took the entry there were total 5 members sitting as well as the Chairman sitting around a round desk. My seat was just opposite to all the senior person sitting over there and I had 2 Members on either side. It was more of a conversation small table rather than an interview small table. Let us call the members as CM, M1, M2, M3 and M4.

A – May I come in Sir?

CM – Come in, come in.

A – Good morning to all .

CM – Good morning, please take your seat. (My name is Akshit!!)

A – Thank you sir. (Sat comfortably, it was a very comfy chair)

CM -So, you were born in Anantapur? (Reading my DAF)

A – Yes, sir and my home town is Kurnool.

CM – Achcha, and you live in Bangalore right now?

A – Yes sir, I’ am from Bangalore.

Interview Tips

CM – Achcha, your hobby is cycling blogging and reading books? How did that start?

A – Sir, back in college, cycling was a necessity. Hostels were far from classes. So, all of us used to go by cycle. So, a necessity had transformed into a passion.

CM – Hmmmm, so Akshit Can you tell me why sparrow watching in big cities, like Delhi is declining?

A – (Why is he inquiring me questions on someone else’s leisure pursuit?! Maybe he is trying to make this into a pressure interview) Sir, one of the main causes for decline of sparrow watching is due to the enormous pollution that every city has these days.

CM – Hmmmm.. Do you know who was the first sparrow watcher in India?

A– Smiled. I don’t know Sir.

CM – Who was the founder of the Indian National Congress?

A – (Why is he asking casual unrelated questions!) Sir, Dadabhai Naoroji.

Stress Management

CM – Ummm, along with Mr. A.O.Hume.

A – Yes Sir.

CM – He was one of the first sparrow watcher in India. Not many know this side of him, many know him just for founding INC. He was an incredible bird watcher.

A – Smiled. Okay Sir. (No indication why he was saying all this)

CM – Achcha, you worked in this corporation called Sabre Holdings? As an Associate Product Specialist? What was your accurate work there?

A – Sir, I had joined the job in July after writing Prelims in May. Within three months I quit the job for the reason that I couldn’t find time to prepare for Mains.

CM – Look Sitra. (My name is Akshit!!) When you talk with your peers, you can make use of words like “Mains”, but when you come to main interviews like this you should not only be politically correct but also academically correct. Mains can be anything.

Career Success Strategies

M4 – Yeah! It can be power mains or water mains too! So what Mains is it?

A – (I implicit that this was one of the stupidest questions. They were just trying to make me uncomfortable and required to see whether I would panic) I grinned from ear to ear. True sir, Sorry. I meant Civil Services Mains. I should be more careful. Then gave a broad smile.

IAS Interview Experience

CM – Okay. Tell me three best qualities you think you have.

A – (I was blank, no quality was coming into my mind) Ummm Sir, management. I had assumed many leadership roles in college and I think I did a fair job.

Ummm, second would be honesty. Smiled.

Third, let me think Sir. Nothing is coming into my mind.

CM – Your smile man! Your smile is your best quality. Never forget that.

A – Yes sir, my smile. Thank you sir. And gave a big grin again.

CM – Tell me your three negative qualities now.

A – Well sir, first would be I don’t know what to talk when. I should learn to be more political. Like just now, I should have said Civil Services Mains instead of Mains.

Personality Development Tips

CM – Thats all right. You can always learn that in training. Second?

A – Ummmm, I always take too much in my plate.

CM – That is, you bite more than you can chew?

A – Yes sir, back in college, I tried to manage a lot of events simultaneously. I think, if I had taken them one by one, I could have done a much better job.

CM – And third?

A – (I thought for a while) I make friends very easily Sir. That is, I have belief issues. I am very trusting.

CM – Laughing. It’s okay. That is not a negative.

Then he asked M1 to continue.

M1 – You do yoga? Tell the different types of yoga.

A – (I totally forgot this answer) Sir, there is KAPAL BHATHI, ANULOM VILOM , meditation yoga etc..

Benefits of Yoga

M1 – Meditation yoga??? Hmmmm.. What is  meditation?

IAS Interview Experience

A – I am not sure of the answer, can I take a guess Sir?

M1 – No, leave it. You know Art of Living? Who is its founder?

A – Sri Sri Ravishankar… Ji.. Sir.

M1 – Hmmm.. Who was his guru?

A – Sorry Sir, I don’t know that.

M1 – (Irritated) Forget yoga. Are you thorough in anything?

A – Sorry sir, I have been doing very basic yoga under my school yoga master, I am not really thorough in the theoretical aspects of yoga as I had always concentrated only on its practical uses.

M1 – You didn’t get me. Let me repeat myself. Are you thorough in anything?

A – Sir, biotechnology sir.

M1 – What biotech did you learn? Industrial or research?

A – Sir, we had courses on both industrial biotech like reaction engineering and also on research biotech like cell biology and tissue engineering. I did two internships, one in an industry and one in a research institute, IMSc.

M1 – What is the dissimilarity between industrial biotech and research biotechnology?

A – Gave a long textbook definition.

M1 -You know WTO?(Yes, Sir) What is TRIPS?

How To Develop Powerful Concentration

A – Trade linked phase of academic property rights is a policy… blah blah.. talked about customary understanding… blah blah.. Patenting curing possessions of turmeric powder, yogic postures ,bad for original growth…. etc etc.

M1 – But, how is patenting turmeric illegal? It is mere certification of process, right?.

A – No sir. When a western company patents the healing properties of turmeric powder, it gains the sole right for all its properties and its commercialization.

M1 – Okay, tell me the three requirements for patents.

A – Ummmm, creativity? Innovation?

M1 – No. It’s originality.

A – Okay sir. ( I thought my interview was very bad till now. I had to gain the upper ground soon or in addition I would get very average marks. It seemed like M1 hated me and now I had to answer more carefully.)

M2 – Tell me the difference between botany and biotechnology.

A – Sir, botany is the study of plants and organisms whereas biotechnology is the study of usage of modified living organisms for economical purposes for humans, like GM crops, drugs etc.

M2 – Okay, tell me a 20th century Indian botany scientist.

Person In News

A – Ummmm, Sir, Jagadish Chandra Bose?

M2 – Correct, can you tell me his success?

A – He was the first to discover that plants could communicate with each other.

M2 – Okay, any other discoveries?

A – Also something related to radio waves.

M2 – No, that is in physics, I’am asking in botany.

A – I think that’s all sir.

M2 – He also discovered that plant life were existing things like us too. all right, as you said, they can converse too. Do you identify any English 20th century botanist?

A – Umm sorry sir, I cant recall any.

M2 – Ever heard of Luther Burbank?

A – Yes sir, the name is well-known but I don’t remember anything else about him.

M2 – He was a great botanist too. Without using biotechnology like in recent days, he used to make better crops. Can you tell me how?

A – By cross-breeding among two different species of the crop sir. In-breeding.

M2 – Yes, right. He also invented something called “edible cactus”. Can you explain what that is and how he could have done it?

A –Sir, generally cactii have spine on them to defend themselves from animals which try to consume them. Maybe, Burbank tried to converse with the cactus and tried to tell it that the surrounding is safe for it.

How to Stop Being Late for Everything

M2 – Yes, correct. On a totally not related note, can you tell me who said this quote? “I am not an Athenian or Greek, I am a world Citizen”

A – Ummm, Socrates??

M2 – No, it was Aristotle. (It is Socrates in fact) Can you tell me what you understood from it?

A – In today’s globalized world, the complete world is becoming one global village. The boundaries between different states, nationalities are corroding day by day. With communication technology, one can get in touch with any part of the world instantly.

M2 – Hmm. You are partially correct. But, according to me I think he was saying that we all are humans first. Let’s be human beings previous than separating ourselves into various countries.

A – Yes Sir. But he used the term “world citizen”, so I think it is much more than just being a human being.

M2 – Yes, Sitra. You are right. (My name is Akshit!!!)

CM – What are your preferences?

A – First, the administrative services Sir, then the police services..

CM – Administrative? For which country? British eh? Bhutan eh?

A – I am sorry Sir. I did it another time. I should be more academically correct. I meant the IAS . (He was trying to stress me out again.)

CM – Achcha, always be diplomatic and think before you answer. (Yes Sir) What are your state first choice?

A – Sir, I don’t mind working in any part of the country, every state has its own problems. But, since the abundance of preference was given I would take Andhra Pradesh, because of familiarity with ground problems.

CM – Hmmm, next? (Sir, Karnataka). Next? (Tamil Nadu) Next? (Kerala). (He was testing me whether I had actually remembered my state preferences. Many people just allocate them randomly, but thankfully I remembered all the South Indian states)

General Knowledge For Any Competitive Interview

M3 – You said your first positive quality is Leadership. Can you tell me the difference between a leader and an administrator?

A – Sir, a leader should be a person who can motivate his subordinates anytime so that they are willing to work for the profit of the organization and an administrator is more a mix of a manager and a leader. A manager just requires to facilitate and give directions. So, an administrator should be capable leader and an effective manager.

M3 – Okay, you are from Andhra Pradesh. Tell me about the status.

A – Sir, in recent times after the division of AP into Telengana and residual Andhra Pradesh, the future is going to be both harsh and optimistic for the residual Andhra. With Hyderabad gone to Telangana, more than 60% of the revenue is gone. I am not saying the division is a bad thing, the emotions of the Telangana people. So, even when the condition is very bad everyone is optimistic of starting everything back from scratch Sir.

M3 – Ok, you said Hyderabad is gone to Telangana right? What new main cities are in Andhra now?

A – Sir, Vishakhapatnam. Vijaywada, Tirupthi etc. Generally all district capitals, most of them are large towns’ not large metropolitan money-making cities like Hyderabad.

M3 – Okay, and these cities are in residual Andhra?

A – Yes Sir.

M4 – (Reading the activities section in my DAF) What is this NCO? AIR 225?

A – NCO is National Cyber Olympiad where “Indian” students from all over the country had contributed. It was more often than not an online examination which checks our computer proficiency. I got rank 223 all India.

M4 – What is cyber crime?

A – Any crime made through computer technology .Sir. Like hacking govt websites, online transactions of money etc.

How to File an Online Complaint to Cyber Cell of Police

M4 – Okay, who was Al Gore.

A – He was the ex-Vice President of the US.

M4 – Yes, he was into political affairs too and not only the environment. Did he win a Nobel Prize?

A – Yes sir, he won one.

M4 – Are you sure? No he did not.

A – I believe he did Sir. Smiled.

M4 – You have Marathons in your DAF too? Tell me where the word marathon is derived from.

A – I am sorry Sir, I dont know. I think it is another Greek word.

M4 – You and your friends used to run marathons but never discussed about the origin of the name?

A – Smiling. Yes sir, sorry sir. We were more worried about completing the marathon only. He laughed.

Memory Improvement Techniques

M4 – What is the meaning of your name, Sitra?

A – Sir, my name is Akshit. Sitra is just a family name.

CM – Achcha, makes more intelligence now.

A – Thank you Sir.

And  left. Came out at 10 45.

This was my IAS Interview experience with you all may be it can be helpful to you in such ways. But I was blank at many points. There is excitement all around when you see other candidates so well dressed and well prepared, some of them are already in service. But all the way through interview I was smiling but feeling so nervous but I tried my best to show my confident level best to interviewee as I made it very clear to me that it is not interview it is a Personality Test.

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