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ICICI Bank Placement Papers| Download Previous PO Aptitude Question

ICICI Bank Placement Papers

Candidates who are preparing for the ICICI Bank Recruitment exam must download the ICICI Bank Placement Papers. Here in this page we have provided latest ICICI Bank Previous PO Papers and ICICI Aptitude Question PDF which are available for free to download.

Candidates can also download Latest ICICI bank PO Exam Question Paper PDF by pressing the direct links uttered below. It is very necessary for the aspirants to do revision from Latest PO Exam Question Paper. So go and start your preparation for ICICIBank PO recruitment exam.

Why It is Necessary To Do Preparation From ICICI Bank Placement Papers???

ICICI Bank has published the ICICI Bank Placement Papers for PO Exam and candidates who are preparing for Probationary Officer Post can download the Latest Question Papers from officials of its campus.

ICICI Bank Placement Papers

Candidates who are interested in downloading the ICICI Bank Placement Paper for their best preparation of ICICI Bank recruitment examination are advised to press the below given links, as we have provided link of three papers that are

ICICI Bank Placement Paper 1Download Here
ICICI Bank Placement Paper 2Download Here
ICICI Bank Placement Paper 3Download Here
ICICI Bank Probationary officer-PaperDownload Here
PO Quantitative Aptitude Question Paper IVDownload Here
ICICI Bank Probationary officer English PaperDownload Here
ICICI Bank Reasoning Test Model Paper 1Download Here
ICICI Bank PO English paperDownload Here

ICICI Bank Question And Answers

The ICICI Bank Latest Question Papers are necessary for getting jobs in this Bank. It is very helpful for all those contestants who are going to attempt the written exam or walk-in-interview.

Q.1: If on an item a company gives 25% discount, they earn 25% profit. If they now give 10% discount then what is the profit percentage.

  1. 40%
  2. 55%
  3. 35%
  4. 30%

Ans. (4)

Q.2: A certain number of men can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If however there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. How many men were there originally?

  1. 110 men
  2. 130 men
  3. 100 men
  4. none of these

Ans. (1)

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Q.3: Which of the following is allowable under the rules as stated:

  1. More than half of the staff within a given office belonging to a single party
  2. Half of the staff within a given office belonging to a single party
  3. Any person having a member of the same party as his or her immediate superior
  4. Half the total number of staff members in all three offices belonging to a single party
  5. Half the staff members in a given office belonging to parties different from the party of the top office holder in that office

Ans. (1)

Q.4: If A is to be moved as one of the bookeepers,which of the following cannot be a possible working unit.

  1. ABDEH
  2. ABDGH
  3. ABEFH
  4. ABEGH

Ans. (2)

Q.5: On Aug 15th with the temperature at 97 degrees farenheit it begins to rain at 1 PM. What is the minimum number of lines on which service will be affected?

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5

Ans. (3)

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Q.6: In OST, Terminal Emulation is done in

  1. Sessions Layer
  2. Application Layer
  3. Presentation Layer
  4. Tr Ans Port Layer

Ans: (2)

Q.7: For 1 MB memory, the number of address lines required,

  1. 11
  2. 16
  3. 22
  4. 24

Ans. (B)

Q.8: Semaphore is used for

  1. synchronization
  2. dead-lock avoidance
  3. box
  4. none

Ans. (1)

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Q.9: In a class composed of x girls and y boys what part of the class is composed of girls

  1. y/(x + y)
  2. x/xy
  3. x/(x + y)
  4. y/xy

Ans. (3)

Q.10: What is the maximum number of half-pint bottles of cream that can be filled with a 4-gallon can of cream (2 pt.=1 qt. and 4 qt.=1 gal)

  1. A..16
  2. B.24
  3. C.30
  4. 64

Ans. (4)

Q.11: In a group of 15,7 have studied Latin, 8 have studied Greek, and 3 have not studied either.How many of these studied both Latin and Greek

  1. A.0
  2. B.3
  3. C.4
  4. D.5

Ans. (2)

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Q.12: If 13 = 13w/(1-w) ,then (2w)2 =

  1. A.1/4
  2. B.1/2
  3. C.1
  4. D.2

Ans. (3)

Q.13: If x=y=2z and xyz=256 then what is the value of x?

  1. (a)12
  2. (b)8
  3. (c)16
  4. 6

Ans. (2)

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Q.14: A male born into the brown group may have

  1. An uncle in either group
  2. A brown daughter
  3. A brown son
  4. A son-in-law born into red group

Ans. (1)

Q.15: How many mashes are there in 1 squrare meter of wire gauge if each mesh is 8mm long and 5mm wide?

  1. 2500
  2. 25000
  3. 250
  4. 250000

Ans. (2)

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Q.16: The price of sugar increases by 20%, by what % should a housewife reduce the consumption of sugar so that expenditure on sugar can be same as before ?

  1. 15%
  2. 16.66%
  3. 12%
  4. 9%

Ans. (2)

Q.17: A boat travels 20 kms upstream in 6 hrs and 18 kms downstream in 4 hrs. Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the water current

  1. 1/2 kmph
  2. 7/12 kmph
  3. 5 kmph
  4. none of these

Ans. (2)

Q.18: Frequency at which VOICE is sampled is

  1. 4 Khz
  2. 8 Khz
  3. 16 Khz
  4. 64 Khz

Ans. (2)

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Q.19: Piggy backing is a technique for

  1. Flow control
  2. Sequence
  3. Acknowledgement
  4. retr Ans mition

Ans. (3)

Q.20: A 2MB PCM (pulse code modulation) has

  1. 32 channels
  2. 30 voice channels & 1 signalling channel.
  3. 31 voice channels & 1 signalling channel.
  4. 32 channels out of which 30 voice channels, 1 signalling channel, & 1 Synchronizatio channel.

Ans. (3)

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Final Words:

Applicants can download  PO Exam Latest Question Papers from here. You can practice more Model papers to perform better at the time of examination.

Candidates, who want to collect latest information about admit card, result, previous year papers, recruitment etc you can bookmark our page or you can also join us on Facebook.

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