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How to Improve your IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

How to Improve your IQ

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient and can be increased by regular exercise of mind by giving IQ test, playing puzzle games, watching knowledgeable serials etc. On this page you will learn tips to improve your IQ level.

Some Important Tips to Improve IQ

Start with a Good Breakfast

If you want to boost up your IQ than you should think about breakfast. Breakfast improves your performance in work, your concentration level and mental ability will high. Have you ever heard about any vehicle that runs without any fuel? You can say good breakfast is also a fuel for us which increase our efficiency and mood for the day.

Studies found that start with protein like milk, egg save the carbs for a day. 

Stay fit with a Sound Mind

Exercise help to increase your IQ like Aerobics, Yoga, Jogging, Body Building and Swimming sharp your mind with increase heart rate sharp your mind. Physically fit body always take any kind of stress in any pressure which helps in IQ. 

Stress Management Tips

Exchange Ideas improve IQ level

IQ level increase with exchanging ideas between others. Different people have different thoughts and catch that thought. You should daily read Newspapers, Journals, History etc and keep that habit regular. Important articles, headings, poems, synonyms should be write on somewhere to remember.

Computer Knowledge Quiz 

Remove Old thinking

Just to remove old thinking and get new ideas everyday increase your IQ. Just take an example when you are driving every day to same road you will remember the street lights, traffic light etc. and you will not get the information about the new roads. Same thing happens in this case if you not take any new ideas and remember only old ideas than your IQ will not be raise.

Reasoning Quiz 

Breathing through nose

Breathing plays an important role in increasing your IQ level. Try to keep breath through nose and out through mouth. It increases the oxygen in your blood and brain. Inhaling through nose and out through mouth will keep your brain cool in every situation. You couldn’t run fast if you don’t have enough oxygen. Same way, your concentration level will increase with proper breathing results increase IQ.

General Knowledge Quiz

More Ideas

  • Listen soft music
  • Play video games
  • Play Sudoku
  • Take short break while working
  • Read novel, magazines, newspapers
  • Early to bed, early to rise
  • Regular exercise
  • Read GK books

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