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IP University Previous Year Papers 2017|2016|2015 New Sample Paper 2018

IP University Previous Year Papers

IP University Previous Year Papers are available here! Contenders who are going to participate in any Under Graduate and Post Graduate Exam may start their preparation by solving out the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University previous year papers. By practicing through previous year’s papers of 2017/ 2016/ 2015 and other relevant past years, you will be getting the close idea of questions that will come in the exam.

You may check IP University sample paper through this page as it will helps you to qualify the exams in better way. Participants can also download IP New Sample Paper 2018 in PDF form through online mode by the help of some necessary steps which are structured below.

Aspirants who are going to appear for exams and looking for previous year Question Papers with Solutions than you are at correct place. Participants who are willing to prepare upcoming exams of different courses they can obtain Papers from this page. For further acknowledgement you need to go through this web page which is well prepared by the team members of

IP University Previous Year Papers

1. The point, through which the whole weight of the body acts, irrespective of its position, is known as

a) moment of inertia

b) centre of gravity

c) centre of percussion

d) centre of mass

Ans: b (centre of gravity)

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2. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

a)  Force

b) Speed

c) Velocity

d) Acceleration

Ans: b (Speed)

3. The loss of kinetic energy during elastic impact is zero.

a)  Agree

b) Disagree

Ans: a (Agree)

4. The rate of change of momentum is directly proportional to the impressed force, and takes place in the same direction in which the force acts. This statement is known as

a)  Newton’s first law of motion

b)  Newton’s second law of motion

c)  Newton’s third law of motion

d)  none of these

Ans: b (Newton’s second law of motion)

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5. When a train is rounding a curve, the side thrust on the wheel flanges is prevented by raising the outer edge of the rail.

a) Yes

b)  No

Ans: a (Yes)

6. Specify the sequence correctly

a) Grain growth, recrystallisation, stress relief

b) Stress relief, grain growth, recrystallisation

c) Stress relief, recrystallisation, grain growth

d) Grain growth, stress relief, recrystallisation

Ans: c (Stress relief, recrystallisation, grain growth)

7. Which of the following material has maximum ductility?

a)  Mild steel

b)  Copper

c)  Nickel

d) Aluminium

Ans: a (Mild steel)

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8. An eutectoid steel consists of

a)  wholly pearlite

b) wholly austenite

c)  pearlite and ferrite

d)  pearlite and cementite

Ans: a (wholly pearlite)

9. Shock resisting steels should have

a)  low wear resistance

b)  low hardness

c)  low tensile strength

d)  toughness

Ans: d (toughness)

10. Thermoplastic materials are those materials which

a)  are formed into shape under heat and pressure and results in a permanently hard product

b)  do not become hard with the application of heat and pressure and no chemical change occurs

c)  are flexible and can withstand considerable wear under suitable conditions

d)  are used as a friction lining for clutches and brakes

Ans: b (do not become hard with the application of heat and pressure and no chemical change occurs)

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11.Malleable cast iron is produced

a)  by adding magnesium to molten cast iron

b)  by quick cooling of molten cast iron

c)  from white cast iron by annealing process

d)  none of these

Ans: c (from white cast iron by annealing process)

12. Cast iron is a

a) ductile material

b) malleable material

c) brittle material

d) tough material

Ans: c (brittle material)

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13. Smelting is the process of

a) removing the impurities like clay, sand etc. from the iron ore by washing with water

b) expelling moisture, carbon dioxide, sulphur and arsenic from the iron ore by heating in shallow kilns

c) reducing the ore with carbon in the presence of a flux

d) all of the above

Ans: c (reducing the ore with carbon in the presence of a flux)

14. The percentage of carbon in cast iron varies from

a) 0.1 to 0.5

b) 0.5 to 1

c) 1 to 1.7

d) 1.7 to 4.5

Ans: d (1.7 to 4.5)

15. The charge is fed into the blast furnace through the

a)  stack

b)  throat

c) bosh

d) tuyers

Ans: b (throat)

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16. Which of the following process of steel making is in operation at Tata Iron and Steel Works, Jamshedpur?

a) Bessemer process

b) Open hearth process

c) Duplex process

d) Electric process

Ans: c (Duplex process)

17. Dye penetrant method is generally used to locate

a)  core defects

b) surface defects

c) superficial defects

d) temporary defects

Ans: b (surface defects)

18. The friction experienced by a body, when in motion, is known as

a) rolling friction

b) dynamic friction

c) limiting friction

d) static friction

Ans: b (dynamic friction)

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19. Two balls of equal mass and of perfectly elastic material are lying on the floor. One of the ball with velocity v is made to struck the second ball. Both the balls after impact will move with a velocity

a)  v

b) v/2

c) v/4

d) v/8

Ans: b (v/2)

20. The coefficient of restitution for elastic bodies is one.

a) Correct

b) Incorrect

Ans: b (Incorrect)

21. Moment of inertia of a triangular section of base (b) and height (h) about an axis passing through its C.G. and parallel to the base, is

a) bh3/4

b) bh3/8

c) bh3/12

d) bh3/36

Ans: d (bh3/36)

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22. Which of the following is an equation of linear motion?(where, u and v = Initial and final velocity of the body, a = Acceleration of the body, and s = Displacement of the body in time t seconds.)

a) v = u + a.t

b) s = u.t + 1/2 a.t2

c) v2 = u2+2a.s

d) all of these

Ans: d (all of these)

23. A framed structure is perfect, if the number of members are __________ (2j – 3), where j is the number of joints.

a)  equal to

b) less than

c)  greater than

d)  either (b) or (c)

Ans: a (equal to)

24. The condition that causes vapour locking in a brake system is

a)  overheating of the fluid due to frequent brake application

b)  overcooling of the brakes during high speed driving

c)  keeping the vehicle without use for an extended period

d)    an excessively high engine speed on a downhill road

Ans: a (overheating of the fluid due to frequent brake application)

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25. The motion of the cam is transferred to the valves through

a)  pistons

b)  rocker arms

c)  camshaft pulley

d)  valve stems

Ans: b (rocker arms)

26. The portion of a crankshaft which rests on cylinder block is called main journal.

a)  Yes

b)  No

Ans: a (Yes)

27. Which of the following symptom is caused as a result of brake disc run out ?

a)  Ineffectiveness of the brakes

b)  Judder during braking

c)  Localized wearing of the brake pads

d)  Rapid wearing of the brake pads

Ans: b (Judder during braking)

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28. In a spark plug, when the temperature of the central electrode exceeds a certain temperature, any carbon that has adhered will be burnt off, and the temperature at which this burning off carbon starts is referred to as the self cleaning temperature.

a) Correct

b) Incorrect

Ans: a (Correct)

29. The vehicle ride will be comfortable if

a)  unsprung mass is kept minimum

b)  sprang mass is kept minimum

c)  vehicle mass is kept minimum

d)   all of these

Ans: a (unsprung mass is kept minimum)

30. The main function of intake manifold is that it

a)  promotes the mixture of air and fuel

b)  reduces intake noise

c) cools the intake air to a suitable temperature

d) distributes intake air equally to the cylinders

Ans: d (promotes the mixture of air and fuel)

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