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JEST Previous Year Question Papers, Well Prepare From Last Year Paper PDF

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JEST Previous Year Question Papers

In order to succeed In JEST Exam, Well Prepare From JEST Previous Year Question Papers which is available here. JEST acronym to Joint Entrance Screening Test, is an entrance test conducted on a joint basis for admission in to the PhD courses. Contenders, who’re going to appear in JEST exam, may fetch the JEST last Year Question Papers in pdf format through this page and start their preparation accordingly.

Students, who wish to do PhD programs in Physics or Computer Science by giving the Joint Entrance Screening Test, may download the Previous Year Papers of JEST Entrance Exam through online mode. For more information about JEST Previous Year Question Papers such as process to get the solved papers, JEST Sample Papers of etc, candidates may need to go through this page which is created by team of   

JEST Previous Year Question Papers PDF

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JEST Previous Year Question Papers

Question 1. Inside an aeroplane, flying at a high altitude,

  1. the pressure is the same as that outside
  2. normal atmospheric pressure is maintained by the use of air pumps
  3. the pressure inside is less than the pressure outside
  4. normal humidity and partial vacuum are maintained

Answer: 2

Question 2. Sound travels with a different speed in media. In what order does the velocity of sound increase in these media?

  1. Water, iron and air
  2. Iron, air and water
  3. Air, water and iron
  4. Iron, water and air

Answer: 3

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Question 3. One thousand microns is equal to

  1. 10-3 m
  2. 10-6 m
  3. 10-9 m
  4. 10-12m

Answer: 1

Question 4. Sound travels at the fastest speed in

  1. steel
  2. water
  3. air
  4. vacuum

Answer: 1

Question 5. oil raise up the wick in a lamp. The principle involves

  1. the diffusion of oil through the wick
  2. the liquid state of oil
  3. capillary action phenomenon
  4. volatility of oil

Answer: 3

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Question 6. Superconductors are substances which

  1. conduct electricity at low temperature
  2. offer high resistance to the flow of current
  3. offer no resistance to the flow of electricity
  4. conduct electricity at high temperatures

Answer: 3

Question 7. Light travels at the fastest speed in

  1. glass
  2. water
  3. hydrogen
  4. vacuum

Answer: 4

Question 8. Railway tracks are banked on curves

  1. necessary centrifugal force may be obtained from the horizontal component weight of the train
  2. to avoid frictional force between the tracks and wheels
  3. necessary centripetal force may be obtained from the horizontal component of the weight of the train
  4. the train may not fly off in the opposite direction

Answer: 3

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Question 9. Intensity of sound at a point is ____ its distance from the source.

  1. directly proportional to
  2. inversely proportional to
  3. directly proportional to square of
  4. inversely proportional to square of

Answer: 4

Question 10. Of the four locations mentioned below the highest inside temperature will be attained in the pressure cooker operated with the pressure valve open

  1. at sea level
  2. at the top of Mt. Everest
  3. at a place in a valley below sea level
  4. in an aeroplane flying at a height of 10,000 m with inside pressure maintained at the sea level

Answer: 3

Question 11. Radio telescopes are better than optical telescopes because

  1. they can detect faint galaxies which no optical telescope can
  2. they can work even in cloudy conditions
  3. they can work during the day and night
  4. All of the above

Answer: 4

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Question 12. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is used in fancy electronic devices such as toys emit

  1. X-rays
  2. ultraviolet light
  3. visible light
  4. radio waves

Answer: 3

Question 13. Out of the following pairs, which one does not have identical dimension?

  1. Moment of inertia and moment of a force
  2. Work and Torque
  3. Angular momentum and Planck’s constant
  4. Impulse and Momentum

Answer: 1

Question14. Mercury is commonly used as a thermometric fluid rather than water because

  1. specific heat of mercury is less than water
  2. specific heat of mercury is more than water
  3. mercury has greater visibility than water
  4. density of mercury is more than the water

Answer: 3

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Question 15. Optical fibre works on the

  1. principle of refraction
  2. total internal reflection
  3. scattering
  4. interference

Answer: 2

Question 16. Light from the star, Alpha Centauri, which is nearest to the earth after the sun, reaches the earth in

1 . 4.2 seconds

2. 42 seconds

3. 4.2 years

4. 42 years

Answer: 3

Question 17. Supersonic plane fly with the speed

  1. less than the speed of sound
  2. of sound
  3. greater than the speed of sound
  4. of light

Answer: 3

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Question 18. Mach number is used in connection with the speed of

  1. sound
  2. aircraft
  3. spacecraft
  4. ships

Answer: 2

Question 19. On a stationary sail boat, air is blown from a fan attached to the boat. The boat

  1. moves in opposite direction in which the air is blown
  2. does not move
  3. moves in the same direction in which air blows
  4. spins around

Answer: 2

Question 20. Rainbow is due to

  1. absorption of sunlight in minute water droplets
  2. diffusion of sunlight through water droplets
  3. ionisation of water deposits
  4. refraction and reflection of sunlight by water droplets

Answer:  4

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