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Kanpur University Syllabus 2018 B.Ed/LLB/MA/M.Com PDF

Kanpur University Syllabus

Looking for the Kanpur University Syllabus? If yes, then Get updated syllabus from here!!! Kanpur University is all set to conduct annual examinations for various UG/PG courses such as BA, BCA, BCOM, MA and others. Students who are going to appear in the exam and now looking for the Kanpur University Syllabus 2018, they can check their course syllabus through this page or by accessing the direct links which are given below. You can also download the Kanpur University Course Scheme in the form of PDF format from the official website through online mode by following the direct links which are available below.

Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, also known as Kanpur University provides various courses on different levels like diploma, graduation, post graduation and doctoral degree and also offers its syllabus for the students. Candidates who are preparing for the university exams they must check the complete subject wise syllabus to prepare well. On the below section of this page, we the team of has provided the complete information about Kanpur University Syllabus for different courses. So candidates please have a glance below:

Kanpur University Syllabus

Kanpur University LLB Syllabus:

Three Year (Six Semesters) Degree Course of Study
  • I-Constitutional Law-I
  • II-Law of Contract
  • III-Family Law-I
  • IV-Law of Crimes Paper-I (Indian Penal Code)
  • V- Law of Tort including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws
LL.B. 2nd semester
  • Constitutional Law –II
  • Special Contract
  • Family Law-II
  • Public International Law
  • Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System (Clinical)
  • Administrative Law
  • Environmental Law
  • III-Company Law
  • Property Law
  • Labor Law-I
LLB 4th semester
  • Law of Evidence
  • Law of Crime – II (Criminal Procedure Code) Civil Procedure Code & Lamination Act
  • Labour Law -II
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (Clinical)
LLB. (Fifth Semester)
  • A1-Principles of Taxation law
  • A2-Banking Law
  • A3-Patent Right Creation and Registration
  • B1-Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
  • B2-Human Rights law and Practice
  • B3-Investment Law
  • C1-Right to Information
  • C2-Law on Education
  • C3-bankruptcy & Insolvency
LLB. (Six Semester)
  • Land Law
  • General English and Legal Language
  • Group – A Copyright
  • Group – A Trust equity and fiduciary relation
  • Group – A Information Technology Law
  • Group – B Trade mark and design
  • Group – B International Organization
  • Group – B Penology and victimology
  • Group – C Insurance law
  • Group – C Humanitarian and refugee law
  • Group – C Law relating to woman

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B.A Ist year (Mathematics)

Paper I: Algebra and Trigonometry

  • Sequence and its convergence (basic idea)
  • Convergence of infinite series
  • Comparison test
  • ratio test
  • root test
  • Raabe’s test
  • Logarithmic ratio test
  • Cauchy’s condensation test
  • De Morgan and Bertrand test
  • Definition of a group with examples and simple properties
  • Permutation groups
  • Subgroups, Centre and normalizer
  • Cyclic groups
  • Coset decomposition
  • Lagrange’s theorem and   its consequences.
  • Homomorphism and isomorphism
  • Cayley’s theorem
  • Normal subgroups,
  • Quotient group
  • Fundamental theorem of homomorphism
  • Conjugacy relation
  • Class Equation
  • Direct product
  • Introduction to rings
  • Subrings
  • integral domains and fields
  • Characteristic of a ring
  • Homomorphism of rings
  • Ideals
  • Quotient rings
  • Complex functions and separation into real and imaginary parts
  • Exponential
  • direct and inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
  • logarithmic function
  • Gregory’s series
  • Summation of series.

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Paper II: Calculus

Differential Calculus

  • ε−δ definition of the limit of a function
  • Continuous functions and classification of discontinuities
  • Differentiability
  • Chain rule of differentiability
  • Rolle’s theorem
  • First and second mean value theorems
  • Taylor’s theorems with Lagrange’s and Cauchy’s forms of remainder
  • Successive differentiation and Leibnitz’s theorem.
  • Expansion of functions (in Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s series)
  • Indeterminate
  • Forms
  • Partial differentiation and Euler’s theorem
  • Jacobians.
  • Maxima and Minima (for functions of two variables)
  • Tangents and normals (polar  form only)
  • Curvature
  • Envelopes and evolutes.
  • Reduction formulae
  • Beta and Gamma functions.
  • Qudrature
  • Rectification
  • Volumes and surfaces of solids of revolution
  • Pappus theorem
  • Double and triple integrals
  • Change of order of integration, Dirichlet’s
  • Liouville’s integral formulae

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Paper III: Geometry and Vector Calculus

  • General equation of second degree
  • Tracing of conics
  • System of conics
  • Confocal conics
  • Polar equation of a conic and its properties.
  • Three dimensional system of co-ordinates
  • Projection and direction cosines
  • Plane
  • Straight line.
  • Sphere
  • cone and cylinder.
  • Central conicoids
  • Reduction of general equation of second degree
  • Tangent plane and normal to a conicoid
  • Pole and polar
  • Conjugate diameters
  • Generating lines
  • Plane sections.
  • Vector differentiation and integration
  • Gradient
  • divergence and curl and their properties
  • Line integrals
  • Theorems of Gauss
  • Green and Stokes and problems based on these.


M.EdPress Here
B.Ed 1st YearPress Here
B.Ed IInd YearPress Here
M.ComPress Here
M.A.Press Here

Kanpur University B.Ed Syllabus 2nd Year:


UNIT –I Education in Ancient and Medieval India Education in India during

  • Vedic Period
  • Buddhist Period
  • Medieval Period

UNIT- II Education during British Period

  • Beginning of British Education system in India, Macaulay’s Minutes and Bentinck’s Resolution of 1835
  • Adam’s Report and its Recommendations
  • Wood’s Dispatch – 1854
  • Recommendations of Indian Education Commission (Hunter Commission)- 1882, its influence on the subsequent development of education
  • Lord Curzon’s educational policy
  • Essential features of Sadler Commission -1917 2
  • Wardha scheme of education (Basic Education)-1937
  • Sargent Report-1944

UNIT- III Education in Post Independence Period

  • The University Education Commission (Radhakrishnan Commission 1948-49)
  • The Secondary Education Commission (Mudaliar Commission 1952-53)
  • Education Commission or Kothari Commission(1964-66)
  • National Policy on Education (1986) and Program of Action (1992)
  • National Curriculum framework for School Education-2005

UNIT –IV Present Scenario of Indian Education

  • Pre-Primary and Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Higher Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Adult Education
  • Distance Education and Open Education
  • Technical and Vocational Education
  • National and State Agencies for Enhancement of Quality
  • National Level- NCERT, NCTE,NAAC
  • State Level- SCERT, DIET

UNIT-V Challenges of Indian Education System

  • Universalization of Elementary Education
  • Vocationalisation of Secondary Education
  • Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan(RMSA)
  • Privatization and Commercialization of Education
  • Examination Reforms
  • Deterioration in Educational Standards Practicum/ Internal assessment
  • Assignment 05marks
  • Presentation with power point 05 Marks
  • Unit test 05 Marks


UNIT-I Basics of Curriculum

  • Concept ,Nature and Meaning of Curriculum
  • Core and Hidden curriculum
  • Components of Curriculum (objectives, content, learner experiences and Evaluation system)
  • Role of Curriculum in effective teaching
  • Role of teacher in Curriculum Development

UNIT-II Principles, Planning and Approaches of Curriculum Development

Principles- Student centered, Subject centered, Activity Centered and Community centered, Approaches of Curriculum Development- System analysis, Integrated ,Humanistic Disciplinary and Inter disciplinary Approach

UNIT-III Determinants and Models of Curriculum development

  • 5 Determinants of Curriculum (Philosophical, Social and Psychological, Economical, Environmental and Pedagogical).
  • Values enshrined in the Indian constitution as determinants of Curriculum – Social ,
  • Justice, Equality and Secularism
  • Models of curriculum development–Grass Root Model, Administrative Model,
  • Demonstration Model,

UNIT-IV Issues and Trends in Curriculum Development

Centralized v/s decentralized Curriculum, Information Explosion, ICT, Liberal education New dimensions in educational and vocational areas, Role of curriculum support materials, Place of Moral Education and Value Education in Curriculum.

UNIT –V Curriculum Evaluation & Assessment

  • Concept, Need and importance of Curriculum Evaluation and Assessment
  • Trends and techniques in curriculum evaluation– pre /post-test, norms referenced and
  • Criterion Referenced, Formative and Summative, reconstruction and retesting of curriculum
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation of learner
  • Assessment of school experiences/internship programme, field work/curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Assessment of teaching proficiency by peer group and by teacher and self assessment by student
  • UNIT – VI Educational Statistics
  • Measures of Central Tendency- Meaning, Nature and types
  • Measures of Deviations- Meaning, Nature and types
  • Measures of Correlation- Meaning, Nature and types (Product Moment and Rank Difference Method)
  • Normal Probability Curve- its characteristics

Must Check These Links of Kanpur University:

Kanpur University Syllabus for Various Courses

Applicants can check and download the detailed syllabus through the links provided in the below table. Candidates who are studying in other under graduate and post graduate courses they can also find out their course scheme through the links mentioned below or by go through the process given on this page. To get more details, candidates can go through this page completely.

B.AEconomicsGet Details
English LanguageGet Details
HistoryGet Details
Political ScienceGet Details
B.C.A.Get Details
B.ComAdvertising, Sales Promotion and Sales ManagementGet Details
CommerceGet Details
M.A.Get Details

Steps to check Kanpur University Syllabus:

Students can get their syllabus through online mode by following the below mentioned easy steps:

  • First of all log on to the official website of university i.e.
  • On the home page, go to the left panel and hit on “University Syllabus” tab.
  • A new page will open with the complete syllabus of all the courses.
  • Select the appropriate link as per your course.
  • Your course scheme will be opened in the pdf format on your screen.
  • Check it completely and download it for future use.

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Note: To know more information about Kanpur University Syllabus 2018, candidates can visit Official link.

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