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KBC : Famous Question and Answers

KBC : Famous Question and Answers

  • Kaun Banega Crorepati is a TV reality game show. This show has changed the lives of many people. This show is basically encouraged from the game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” Which was an UK game show.
  • KBC has won fame all over the world. KBC was played on various channels in Pakistan and was extremely followed by Pakistani audience. The show also won approval in UK, USA and Canada.
  • KBC is a platform where you can win max Rs.7 crores but to get this amount you need to have sufficient knowledge of all fields.
  • To be a crorepati you have to answer all the questions correctly. In all season of KBC one has to proved that only your knowledge is the only source for you to be a millionaire
KBC Season 1The show first started in 2000 and was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan on Star Plus
KBC Season 2On August 5, 2005, the show was started again after a four-year hiatus, and renamed Kaun Banega Crorepati Dwitiya in which the final prize amount was doubled to 2 crore rupees.
KBC Season 3Star Television roped in Shahrukh Khan to host the third season of the show starting from January 22, 2007 and grand prize amount of 2 crore rupees was still used in KBC3.
KBC Season 4fourth season again was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan and started on October 11, 2010, on Bachchan’s 68th birthday on Sony Channel and the prize money was decreased to Rupees 1 crore but a jackpot question worth 5 crore was added.
KBC Season 5Fifth season started on 15 August 2011 on the Independence Day of India with the same plan and is hosted by Amitabh Bachchan.
KBC Season 6The season premiered on the 7th of September 2012.
KBC Season 7Registration started from 9:00 PM on 27 June 2013. The season commenced on 6 September 2013, exactly after an year of KBC 6 and the total prize money has been increased to Rs.7 crore. . Due to the huge jackpot of Rs. 7 crore, the season is also referred to as Kaun Banega Maha Crorepati

Famous Question and Answers

Question 1: Painter M.F. Hussain accepted the citizenship of which country in 2010?

Question 2: What designs on the walls of Maharani Ahiltya Bai's palace became the inspiration for the patterns of which kind saree?

Question 3: Which of these women has not partnered Leander Paes winning Mixed Doubles titles at Grand Slam tennis?

Question 4: What is the meaning of the Arabic word 'suf' from which the team 'Sufi' is obtained?

Question 5: If we mix saffron in milk, then what color will the milk turn to?

Question 6: What is the full form of Dibakar Banerjee’s film ‘LSD’?

Question 7: Other than ‘King’, what word is common to the names of the two IPL teams?

Question 8: Where was Lord Rama and Lakshman’s sasural?

Question 9: With reference to the human body what is ‘raktchaap’?

Question 10: To Which country does this singer belong?(It was Shakira’s song)

Question 11: Which of these hindi idioms means ‘falling in love’

Question 12: By which of these nicknames is Nagpur also known as?

Question 13: What is Mehngai called in the song from the film ‘Peepli (Live)’?

Question 14: Which pieces are maximum in number at the start of a chess game

Question 15: What was the name of India’s first unmanned lunar spacecraft launched in October 2008?

Question 16: The scheme for rural employment NREGA has been named after which leader?

Question 17: Gyaneshwari, Lichchavi, Gorakdham and Sarayu are all names of what?

Question 18: Which among these never became President of Pakistan?

Question 19: What word did Gandhi refuse to correct through prompted by his school teacher, during an inspection by a high ranking official?

Question 20: What yajna did Yudhishthira perform after the battle of Kurukshetra to free himself of his sins?

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