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Kiran Bedi Former IPS Officer Joins BJP | Main Highlights, Why She Joined

Kiran Bedi Former IPS Officer Joins BJP

kiran-1Kiran Bedi, the first woman IPS Officer is an inspiration of millions of girls who dream to serve the nation not for money and Position but for the welfare of the country. Recently the news covers the topic that Kiran Bedi Former IPS Officer Joins BJP. But the question arises that why she joined? What is the main reason behind her entry into the Political Party of BJP?

To know the answer of such questions, we have brought up here the main highlights that provide you the clear picture about her motive and perspective to enter into BJP. Every person is very eager to identify the reason of the joining of most admired, most educated and most talented lady in a Political Party. Readers, you can get complete information from below.

Main Highlights

  • Two days after her joining in Bhartiya Janta Party, Kiran Bedi still elicited diverse response in the party.
  • While the employees are evidently happy to have an intense candidate directing them in the assembly elections, a small number of leaders still have doubts about her capability to take everybody in the party with her.
  • The workers, who had been dissatisfied by the lack of enthusiasm in the party so far, now become re-energized. She was hailed with the slogan “Delhi Ka CM Agar Ho to Kiran Bedi Jaisa Ho.”
  • Prabhat Jha, who lead the party said, “We are conceited that the former lady IPS officer of India is joining our family.
  • But not everybody in the party is joyful with the progress. “It is correct that her joining into the BJP has provided a new existence to the state unit.
  • Amit Shah declined to announce Bedi as the CM candidate although said, “BJP will be empowered by Kiran Bedi entry into the party and mean after during government formation in Delhi,” an obvious indication that she will become a significant element of the government if BJP gains a majority.
  • One leader said although Bedi resembles a celebrity status yet she is fresh in politics and not knowledgeable to direct the party and appreciate its structure. Let’s wait and watch how she manages with the RSS and control over with its affiliates like VHP, Bajrang Dal etc.
  • Other Leader said that she is impolite and overconfident. Her domineering tendencies can have an unfavorable impact on the party’s vision. It will be intricate for workforce to work with her.
  • Bedi, however, looked ignorant to such appreciation. Her self-belief reflected adequately in her dealing to party workers. The political employees should also become communal reformers.
  • She said that due to increasing crime against women in Delhi, it is essential that all the parents give safety to their daughters as well as also teach their sons to esteem women and senior citizens. We all have to instill fortitude of service for our country among children.

Why She Joined

Earlier, Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Kiran Bedi officially connected to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday. The 65-year-old militant has been an active follower of Narendra Modi on TV debates.

1. PM Modi’s inspiring leadership encourages her to join BJP.

2. She vacated her police service because she finds herself unchallenged towards that work.

3. She thinks that she should now utilize her 40 years of experience for Delhi, as
Delhi requires a powerful lucid and steady government.

4. She said that she has never worked to gain position or wealth but always work to provide a great contribution towards country.

5. With group work, she is excited to work for a stable and corruption-free government.

6. She said that BJP has provided me a big opportunity to return back all she has got from the nation by working in a mission mode.

7. Her best answer is that she wants to make Delhi into the world’s greatest capital.

Let’s see what will happen next and whose government will be formed in Delhi. We hope that Kiran Bedi will live up to the expectations of the BJP and stand up in elections for CM. The overall consequence of government formation will depends on election and seats that BJP will win.

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