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KMAT Question Papers | Karnataka KMAT Previous Year (MBA/MCA) Sample Paper

KMAT Question Papers

Karnataka KMAT 2019 is going to conduct on 28-07-2019 by Karnataka Private Post Graduate Colleges Association. Candidates who want to take admission in MBA, PGDM and MCA course through Karnataka KMAT 2019 can prepare for it with the help of KMAT Question Papers, Karnataka KMAT Previous Year Paper.

Karnataka KMAT Sample Paper provides an idea of questions and difficulty level of exam. It becomes easy to crack Karnataka Management Aptitude Test, if you are preparing for Karnataka KMAT 2019 from latest KMAT Question Papers.

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Overview – Karnataka KMAT Previous Year Papers

Organization NameKarnataka Private Post Graduate Colleges Association (KPPGCA)
Test NameKarnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT)
Test Date28-07-2019
CategoryKMAT Question Papers
Admission CoursesMBA, PGDM and MCA

KMAT Model Question Paper With Solution

Direction (1 – 5): In the following passage, the first and the last parts of the sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the sentence is split into four parts and named, P, Q, R and S. These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the parts and find out which of the four combinations is correct. Then find the correct answer and blacken the appropriate rectangle in the Answer Sheet.

Question 1:  

1) Making ourselves

P) our language

Q) part of growing into

R) masters of

S) is an important

6) full manhood or womanhood

(1) PSRQ

(2) SQPR

(3) RPSQ

(4) PRSQ

Answer 1 (3)

Question 2:  

1) The very first battle they fought

P) and they had to fall back

Q) cross the border

R) was lost

S) letting the enemy

6) an enter the country

(1) RQSP

(2) RPSQ

(3) QRPS

(4) QPRS

Answer 2 (2)

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Question 3:

1) A nation

P) the material assets it possesses

Q) is not made by

R) and collective determination

S) but by the will

6) of the people

(1) PQRS

(2) QPSR

(3) RSPQ

(4) SRPQ

Answer 3 (2)

Question 4:

1) When the Governor

P) the bell had rung

Q) justice should be immediately

R) he ordered that

S) found out why

6) done to the horse

(1) RSPQ

(2) PQSR

(3) SPRQ

(4) SQRP

Answer 4 (3)

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Question 5:

1) When you ponder over

P) that the only hope

Q) you will realize

R) of world peace lies

S) the question deeply

6) in the United Nations

(1) QRSP

(2) SPQR

(3) SQPR

(4) RSPQ

Answer 5 (3)

Question 6: Six members of a family are travelling these are A, B, C, D, E, and F. B is the son of C but C is not mothers of B. A and C are a married couple, E is the brother of C. D is the daughter of A. F is the brother of B. who is the wife of E:

(1) A

(2) F

(3) B

(4) Can’t be determined

Answer 6 (4)

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Question 7:

Quantity A: The number of months in 7 years

Quantity B: The number of days in 12 weeks

(1) If the quantity A is greater quantity B

(2) If the quantity B is greater quantity A

(3) If the both quantities are equal

(4) If the relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Answer 7 (3)

Question 8: From 1 to 100 if one number is picked up. What is the probability that number is composite number?

(1) 3/4

(2) 1/4

(3) 74/100

(4) 75/100

Answer 8 (3)

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Question 9: P is 60 m South-East of Q. R is 60 m North-East of Q. Then R is in which direction of P?

(1) North

(2) North-East

(3) South

(4) South-East

Answer 9 (1)

Question 10: If the following numbers are rewritten by interchanging the digits in ten’s place and hundred’s place and then arranging them in the descending order. What will be the second digit of the newly formed fifth number from your right? 479, 736, 895, 978, 389, 675

(1) 3

(2) 4

(3) 5

(4) 6

Answer 10 (3)

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KMAT Previous Question Papers

Students who had applied for Karnataka KMAT 2019 can start preparation, to score good marks in exam KMAT Question Papers helps a lot. Karnataka KMAT Previous Year creates virtual image in your mind about type of questions.

As we know that large number of students applied for Karnataka KMAT, without knowledge of Karnataka KMAT Previous Year Paper it is difficult to pass in exam.

KMAT Sample Papers

For better preparation of Karnataka Management Aptitude Test, candidates can solve KMAT Sample Papers. For the ease of students we provide latest pdf of Karnataka KMAT Sample Papers here.


Students if you have any question related to KMAT Question Papers in your mind share with us through commenting box. You can also check official website for more details about Karnataka Management Aptitude Test.

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