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Kota University Syllabus 2020 UOK BA/B.Sc/B.Ed/BBA/MBA/M.Tech Syllabi

Kota University Syllabus

Download Kota University Syllabus for BA/ B.Sc/ B.Ed /BBA/ MBA/ M.Tech and other programmes from this page. Students should start their preparation for UG/PG exams as according to the UOK Exam Syllabi 2020, available on this portal in PDF files.

Kota University Examination Syllabus 2020:

We all know that Syllabus plays an important role for preparation of exams. So you all are suggested to make your study plan according to this updated Kota University Syllabus to get qualifying marks. The Kota University Syllabi contains topics and subjects; you have to cover for examination.

Kota University Syllabus

Go through the below provided links to get PDF files of Kota University Syllabus:

For B.Com:

B.Com. – B.Com (ABST)Download
B.Com. – B.Com (Hons.)Download
B.Com. – B.Com- Business AdministrationDownload
B.Com. – B.Com.-EAFMDownload
B.Com. – B.Com.Computer ApplicationDownload
B.Com. – Bcom (hons.) Business Admn.Download

For BA:

B.A. – B.A English CompulsoryDownload
B.A. – B.A SindhiDownload
B.A. – B.A. B.Com. B.Sc.-(GPEM)Download
B.A. – B.A. B.Com. B.Sc.-Textile Dyeing & PrintingDownload
B.A. – B.A. Computer ApplicationDownload
B.A. – B.A. Drawing & PaintingDownload
B.A. – B.A. English Litt.Download
B.A. – B.A. GeographyDownload
B.A. – B.A. HindiDownload
B.A. – B.A. Hindi CompulsoryDownload
B.A. – B.A. HistoryDownload
B.A. – B.A. MusicDownload
B.A. – B.A. PhilosophyDownload
B.A. – B.A. Political ScienceDownload
B.A. – B.A. PsychologyDownload
B.A. – B.A. Public AdmninstrationDownload
B.A. – B.A. SanskritDownload
B.A. – B.A. SociologyDownload
B.A. – B.A. Urdu VersionDownload
B.A. – B.A.- Urdu Hindi versionDownload
B.A. – B.A.Home ScienceDownload
B.A. – BA EconomicsDownload
B.A. – Elementary computer application-(Compul. paper)Download
B.A. – Environmental StudiesDownload

For Other Courses:

B.A. LL.B. Semester SchemeDownload
LL.B. Semester Scheme I to VIDownload
LL.M. Semester SchemeDownload
M.B.A in Hospital AdministrationDownload
MBA (International Business)Download
MBA (Management)Download

Press Here: Kota University Syllabus (For All Courses) Official Link

Kanpur University Syllabus

Kota University Syllabus for B.A. Part-I Examination

Economics Paper – I: Paper-I Economic Concepts & Methods


  • What is Economics
  • Nature
  • Subject matter and scope of Economics
  • Characteristics of Capitalism
  • Socialism and Mixed Economies
  • Assumptions in Economics Analysis
  • Distinction between Micro & Macro Economics
  • Positive & Normative Analysis
  • Static & Dynamic Analysis
  • Stock and Flow variables.

  • The Concept of National Income
  • Circular Flow of income-components and
    Measurements of National Income
  • Relationship between per capita national
    income & Economic Welfare
  • Net Economic Welfare


  • Nature
  • functions and importance of money
  • The Concepts of Currency and Credit
  • The Concept of Demand for money and
    supply of money
  • Relationship between money supply
  • output & prices Functions of commercial
    & central Bank

  • Definition
  • Nature
  • Importance & Limitations of Statistics
  • Collection and tabulation of data-Primary
    and Secondary data
  • census and Sampling Methods
  • Representation of data
  • diagrammatic and graphic
  • The presentation of Data
  • Questionnaire and schedule
  • The Concept of Averages
  • frequency distribution Mean
  • Mode and Median

  • Functional relationship in economics &
    the use of graphs
  • The concept & interpretation of slopes of
    curves (e.g. demand & supply curve etc.)
  • Simple derivatives
  • Concept of Total
  • Average & marginal Values
  • Exchange rate and foreign exchange market
  • Balance of payment and Balance of Trade

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Paper-II Indian Economy

  • Basic Characteristics of Indian Economy
  • Natural Resources
  • Land, Minerals, Water, Forests and Power Resource
  • Population
  • Size and Growth
  • Labour Force
  • Occupational Distribution
  • Demographical dividend and Population Policy
  • Human Resources Development indicators
    (i.e., literacy, health, Nutrition etc.)

  • Role and Importance of Agriculture in the Indian Economy;
  • Land Reforms
  • irrigation and irrigational policy
  • Use of Fertilizers and its advantages and disadvantages
  • concept of organic farming
  • Institutional Credit for agriculture
  • Marketing of Agricultural goods –
    Support Price and Public
  • Distribution System and Food Security.

  • Role
  • Strategy and Challenges
  • SMEs. Public and Private Sector Industries
  • Industrial Finance Role of Financial Institutions
    and Commercial Banks
  • Recent industrial Policy
  • New Economic Policy with special reference to
    Tax Reforms viz. GST and Problem of Black Money
  • Impact of Demonetization
  • Digitization of Payments
  • Foreign Trade
  • Size
  • Composition and Direction
  • Recent Trends in India’s Foreign Trade
  • New Foreign Trade Policy of India
  • Review of Economic Progress under the Plans
  • Latest Plan and NITI Aayog
  • National Development Agenda
  • Problems of Poverty
  • Unemployment
  •  Inflation and Regional disparities
  • Rural Development Programmes and policy
  • Sectorial Reforms in infrastructure after 1991

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UOK MCA Semester I Syllabus

Computer Organization And Architecture (MCA- 101):

  • Brief introduction to computer organization
  • representation of data
  • bits and bytes
  • Number system
  • Representation of integers
  • real numbers, positive and negative numbers
  • Binary arithmetic
  • Simple concepts and theorems of
    Boolean Algebra
  • Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra
  • Basics of logic families
  • Karnaugh Map
  • Combinational Circuit Design
  • Adder
  • Subtractor
  • Encoder
  • Decoder
  • Multiplexer
  • Demultiplexer
  • Magnitude Comparator
  • Sequential Circuits
  • Flip-Flops
  • Shift Registers
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Counters
CPU Organization:

  • Design of ALU
  • design of shifter and accumulator
  • Status Register
  • Processor unit
  • Control unit organization
  • Micro instruction format
  • Hardwired and micro-programmed control
  • Data bus and address bus
  • stack organization
  • various registers
  • instruction formats
  • addressing techniques
  • I/O Organization – Simple I/O
    devices and their properties
  • device interfacing
  • DMA interface
  • program & interrupt control transfer
Semiconductor Memories:

  • Types of Memories
  • Sequential and Random Access Memory
  • Storage location and address
  • fixed and variable word length storage
  • Cache Memory
  • bubble memory
  • Secondary Memory devices and their characteristics
  • Development of Indian super computer „PARAM‟
  • History
  • Characteristics
  • Strengths
  • weakness and basic architecture

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UOK Kota Syllabus 2020

Students, who are pursuing BA/B.Sc/B.Ed/BBA/MBA/M.Tech and other programmes from Kota University, should download Kota University Exam Syllabus and start up their preparation for exams.

Every year, The University conducts semester wise examination twice in a year to examine the knowledge of students they gain throughout the year. On the basis of students’ marks in exam, they promotes to the next level of their studies.

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