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Latest GD Topics 2019 With Answers On Current Affairs/ Interview/Bank

Latest GD Topics 2019

Group Discussion being an important part of the selection process for any recruitment is not difficult to crack if you have Latest GD Topics 2019 with answers on current affairs. Here you will get Group Discussion Topics for any Interview related to Bank and other streams.

There can be different types of Group Discussion Topics which we have classified below on this page under four broad fields. Those who are going to appear in Group Discussion they can check Latest GD Topics with Answers 2019 here.

Latest Group Discussion Topics with Answers 2019

Top B-schools, institutions, MNC’s and many other organizations use several types of Group Discussion topics to test the candidates before finalizing their merit lists and offering admission/ Jobs.

You may prepare for your Group discussion and enhance your communication skills with the help of these topics. Check all the Latest GD Topics With Answers through this page which is well furnished by the unit of

Latest GD Topics

GD Topics with Answers

Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

Digital India is really beneficiary for all of us. Infact it makes our work so easy that within a fraction of time you could send money anywhere with help of internet and mobile phone. But the only problem is that we are still in developing zone so the area of the country is not so developed to implement because in most of the place either they don’t know how to use or they don’t have proper resources for it. Even, it helps in the irradiation of corruption to a certain extent because all the transaction has been recorded in the database and difficult for tax evader in minimising their tax by illegal methods.

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Merits and Demerits of Cashless Economy

Positive aspects:

1. Reliable and time saving for the transaction of money from one user to another user accounts.

  1. Transparency at the governance and individual level ex: many government schemes or fund benefit can be directly put into the beneficiary account.
  2. Control on corruption to some extent.
  3. Mitigation in the environmental issue (use of paper to print money or some time metal also).
  4. Availability of money transfer system for 24 * 7 hrs.
  5. Increment in the Security causes decreament in the risk.Negative aspects:

    1. Many people are not aware about cashless economy so they are unable to use it.

  6. Literacy is a major factor because it is the primary need to operate it.
  7. Chances of failure of transaction and will take more time in refunds create unwanted annoyance in people, But it happens sometime.
  8. Less probability of hacking of data.
  9. Unavailability of internet connection create a barrier in cashless economy.

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Latest Group Discussion Topics

GD Topics on Business & Economy: It includes current trends in business and economy, major policy initiatives, latest business trends, and their impact globally and nationally.

GD Topics on Current Affairs & Politics: The GD topics on Current affairs may be based on national or international political development, Policies and issues which are highly debated in media.

GD topics on Social Issues: Issues which have a social implication, either positive or negative are covered in GD topics on Social issues.

GD Topics on Abstract Topics: These are the topics which have multiple interpretations and candidates can show their creativity and smart thinking.

Latest Group Discussion Topics

  • Business & Economy
  • Current Affairs
  • Social Issues
  • Abstract

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Business and Economy: Latest Group Discussion Topics

  • Merging the General and Railway Budget will save exchequer from unnecessary spending.
  • Will Indian economy grow faster with reduced Goods & Services Tax (GST)?
  • High interest rates and deficit financing cannot go together
  • Is FDI in retail good or bad for India?
  • Social security in India
  • GST – Pros and Cons
  • Are MNCs colonizing the Indian market?
  • Ease of doing business in India – Does it really exist?
  • Should business lobbying be made legal in India?
  • Corruption is the root cause for Indian Economy slowdown
  • “Make in India” – will the idea make India a manufacturing hub?
  • Steve Jobs: The biggest icon of the 20th century?
  • Should there be Reservation in private sector jobs?
  • Demonetization 2016 in India adversely impacted Indian Economy.

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Current Affairs: Latest Group Discussion Topics

  • No subsidy regime would propel the wheel of growth
  • Man on Moon or Food for Man?
  • E-commerce discounts are harmful in long run
  • Should Pakistani artists be banned from working in India?
  • Global Warming
  • Intellectual Property Rights Issues in India
  • War, not dialogue, will end Kashmir crisis
  • Making Aadhar mandatory is not a good idea

Social Issues: Latest Group Discussion Topics

  • Law should be an instrument of Social Change
  • Social activism is necessary for survival of democratic society
  • India needs a uniform civil code
  • “Facebook”: Socialization to degradation of society.
  • Naxalism: The biggest internal security problem.
  • The Growing Menace of Casteism And Regionalism.
  • Difficulties in implementation of Climate Change Summit Resolutions
  • Net Neutrality is essential to Digital India
  • Cricket: Overpowering other sports in India.
  • News channels – breaking rules to give breaking news.
  • Smart City Project will give wings to growth
  • Gender bias in portraying women in advertisements

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Abstract: Latest Group Discussion Topics

  • Shahrukh Khan: Brilliant Actor or Marketing Guru?
  • Brevity is the soul of wit.
  • A common currency for Asia. Is it possible?
  • Red is red, blue is blue and never the two shall meet.
  • It was a bright, cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen.

Wrapping Up!!!

We wish ALL THE BEST to the candidates who are going to appear for the Group Discussion session. Still if you have any query regarding it then you can ask our experts about it by giving your comments in below given comment box.

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