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Latest GD Topics With Answers Free Download Freshers/Bank PO/MBA/Engg

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Latest GD Topics With Answers

Group discussion is one of the main rounds that are conducted during selection in Bank, PO, MBA and Engineering. GD Topics are chosen from real world apart from books. For various competitive examination GD Topics are taken from current news like related to our economy, culture and current issues etc.

Latest GD Topics With Answers are available here. You may prepare for your Group discussion and enhance your communication skills with the help of these topics. Freshers candidates can free download these topics from this page.

Group Discussion: Dos and Don’ts

GD Topics1: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment?

Salman Khan, the Superstar is in news once again as he is sentenced to 5 -years imprisonment in hit-and-run case.  He was found guilty of murdering a man in a 2002 after a night out drinking and four other men were injured in the accident. Judge DW Deshpande found Salman Khan guilty for crashing his car in influence of alcohol on houseless men who were sleeping on the street and then get away from the scene of accident.


  • It is confirmed that alcohol drinking was more than the set limit, clearly dumping the tyre burst explanation. Such cases cannot be ignored.
  • According to the court Salman Khan didn’t try to provide any kind of medical aid to people who were injured in that accident. This kind of step cannot be termed as being human.
  • He is a very good actor or a much well- liked star, it doesn’t mean he can get gives him freedom to get pity for his mistakes from court.
  • Salman Khan told that Ashok Singh was driving the car by this we came to know his charity is just a trapping simple public.
  • According to the report, Salman Khan got driving license in 2004 and accident was held in 2002. So according to this he was not having license at time of accident.


  • No doubt that this accident is done by Salman Khan but it is also true that in last thirteen years he has performed numerous charity works, which shows a significant change in him.
  • There is a more confusion as it is not clear who was driving car and also Kamal Khan is absent in whole case procedures.
  • Salman Khan would go to prison but what regarding the producers who have invested a big amount of money in his upcoming films. More than 200 crores are on risk.
  • Sentence is not a solution to this problem inspite of this court should order him to bear expenses of the family of injured people on monthly basis.

How TO Prepare For Group Discussion

GD Topics 2: China market – a threat to Indian market


In terms of population and technical growth China has always been compared to India. China certainly has a huge software market, but is absolutely not a threat.

  • India has its own matchless power and intelligence because of this the India is far ahead than China in IT.
  • Indian IT companies have captured Asia and Japan as well.
  • Now India is becoming one of the world’s largest internet and mobile user’s country.
  • In most countries employees are preferred from India inspite of China due to language barrier of China. In Almost IT industries in India English is spoken very well.
  • There are so many customer and manufacturing market in India, all people want products, with great brands and supply networks.


  • Undoubtedly India can take so many years to make market such as China.
  • There is a vast population in china and as days are passing people of that country are growing fastly.
  • Daily new mobiles, technologies, automobiles are launched by Chinese companies at cheaper cost.
  • Automobile industry of china is very large as compare to India and also cost of their products is very low.
  • China has a support from the government as their government is investing millions of dollars in research laboratories and development programs. IT industries of Indian have small support as compare to china.
  • Indian IT industry is not having most of the good software professionals that is the main disadvantage for the Indian IT industry.

Develop Good Communication Skills

GD Topics 3: Need for Good Leaders in India

GD Topics 4: Politics is run by the Barrel of Gun

GD Topics 5: Necessity of Women Quota Bill for Women Empowerment

GD Topics 6: Retirement Age for Politicians

GD Topics 7: Corruption is the Price we pay for Democracy

GD Topics 8: India should go for the presidential form of democracy

GD Topics 9: Spirituality v/s Scientific temper

GD Topics 10: Is Science a curse or a boon?

GD Topics 11: Being rich is being successful

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