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Top 10 Longest Bridges In The World | List, Bridge Length Details

Top 10 Longest Bridges In The World

Trying to determine the Top 10 Longest Bridges in the World is not a trouble-free job for any one. In the times of yore numerous years there have been many “measurement wars” battled over the length of Earth’s longest bridges. Mankind has eyewitnesses an extraordinary growth through the stages of its development and there has been widespread development in terms of architecture and infrastructure. A large number of bridges have been built in the region of the world to tie places with each other.

The primary reason for this evolution is that it’s tough to identify what exactly comprises a bridge. Does it have to be over water? Are eminent road ways bridges? What if merely part of the bridge is over water?  To answers these questions, we have prepared the list of top ten longest bridges in the word along with bridge length details.

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Top 10 Longest Bridges In The World

1. Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge


The longest bridge in the world is moreover located in China and is the world renowned Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge. Spanning a length of 164800 m, this far above the ground speed rail bridge connects Beijing and Shanghai. This overpass was opened for community in 2010. The bridge runs approximately parallel to the Yangtze River, about 8 to 80 km (5 to 50 mi) south of the river. It overtakes through the northern limits of population centers (from west to east) commencement in Danyang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, and finish in Kunshan.

2. Tianjin Grand Bridge


Tianjin Grand Bridge is the second longest viaduct in the world. It is a lofty speed rail bridge between Beijing and Shanghai and is 113700 m long. The bridge was finished in 2010. Tianjin Grand Bridge is a railway suspension bridge that runs between Langfang and Qingxian, element of the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway. As of 2011 Guinness World Records confirmed it as the subsequent longest bridge in the world.

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3. Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge


The Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge is located in China. It is component of the Zhengzhou-Xi’an High-Speed Railway. It joins Xi’an and Zhengzhou. The bridge crosses the Wei River two times. It also crosses countless other highways, rivers and railways. Finished in 2008, at the time it was the greatest bridge in the world, before the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway in 2010.

The bridge is 79,732 metres (261,588 ft) (49.5 Miles) long. Upon its completion, it was the longest bridge in the world, but go beyond by two new bridges on Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway that concluded in 2010.

4. Bang Na Expressway


Next amongst the bridges with the maximum length is the Bang Na Expressway in Thailand, which arrives at a great length of 54000 m. The bridge became ready in 2000. Located in Thailand, the Bang Na Expressway is a six -lane high-minded highway. This fee road runs on top of National Highway route 34. The highway is elevated on top of a suspension bridge that has a standard span length of 42 meters. It is one of the longest bridges in the world but it is generally not on the majority list because it does not cross a huge body of water.

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5. Beijing Grand Bridge


An additional bridge from China which holds number 5 place in the list of longest bridges in the world in 2015 is the Beijing Grand Bridge, an elevated tempo rail bridge straddling a length of 48153 m. The bridge was accomplished in 2010. Located in China, this bridge is a railway overpass on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. The building of this bridge was completed in 2010. The bridge was unwrapped to the public in 2011. The longest span of the bridge is 44 meters.

6. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway


Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the sixth greatest bridge in the world and the longest one in the US. The measurement lengthwise of this bridge is 38442 m and it comprises of two corresponding bridges, the Northern Terminus which was assembled in 1969 and the Southern Terminus, which was built in 1956. It is a freeway bridge.

It was scheduled by Guinness World Records as the best bridge over water in the world; in 2011 in reply to the opening of the supposedly longer Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in China. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway then turned out to be the longest bridge over water while Jiaozhou Bay Bridge the longest bridge over water.

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7. Manchac Swamp Bridge


Following the last three bridges being from China, the subsequently name on this list is that of the Manchac Swamp Bridge in the US. This is a reasonably older bridge, which times back to 1979. This public road bridge expands a length of 36710 km. The Manchac Swamp Bridge is an identical twin concrete trestle overpass in the U.S. state of Louisiana. With a total length of 22.80 miles (36.69 km) it is one of the best ever bridges in the world over water. Some state that it is the top toll-free road bridge in the world.

8. Yangcun Bridge


Marking next on the list of top 10 best ever bridges in the world in 2015 is the Yangcun Bridge, a far above the ground speed railway bridge located in China. The finishing point of the dream project took place in 2007 and the suspension bridge was built to arrive at a stupendous length of 35812 m. Yangcun Bridge is situated in China. It was constructed for Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway. The trains running on this vigorous bridge reach speeds of 350 kmph.

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9. Hangzhou Bay Bridge


The number 9 place on this list is occupied by the Hangzhou Bay Bridge; a superhighway bridge which spans the Hangzhou Bay is the coastal area of Eastern China. The distance end to end of this bridge is 35673 m and it was concluded and put into operation in 2007.

This Bridge is located in China. Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a artery bridge with a cable stayed portion across Hangzhou Bay. It unites Jiaxing and Ningbo municipalities. The cable stayed bridge form was selected for this project because of the potency of the cable stayed bridge in unfavorable circumstances.

10. Runyang Bridge


The number ten position in the list of longest bridge in the world is hold by the Expressway Bridge known as Runyang Bridge in Jiangsu Province of China. It is constructed over the Yangtze River and enlarges to an amazing length of 35660 m. The bridge was finished and opened for public in the year 2005 and the task cost nearly 700 million dollars. This large bridge multifaceted is located in China. It crosses the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province. The south bridge is a postponement bridge and the north bridge is a cable-stayed bridge. This bridge is division of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway.

List of Top 10 Longest Bridge Length Details

NameLengthMain SpanCompletedCountry (Region)
Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge164,800540,700802602010China
Tianjin Grand Bridge113,700373,000(Viaduct)2010China
Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge79,732261,588802602008China
Bang Na Expressway54,000177,000(Viaduct)2000 (open)Thailand
Beijing Grand Bridge48,153157,9821083542010China
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway38,442126,122461511956 (SB)
1969 (NB)
United States
Manchac Swamp bridge36,710120,440(Viaduct)1979United States
Yangcun Bridge35,812117,493(Viaduct)2007China
Hangzhou Bay Bridge35,673117,0374481,4702007China
Runyang Bridge35,660116,9901,4904,8902005China

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The history of developing bridge construction is closely linked with the history of human civilization. The above represented is a list of the world’s top ten longest bridges more than two kilometers long sorted by the full length of their main spans above land or water. They are somehow wonders and landmarks on the earth as long as they exist all over the world.

Suspension bridges have the longest spans according to the type of the bridge and they also vary in their designs. Bridges have always been an important part of our environment. They have been major subjects of literature and art, both ancient and modern. Wars have been fought over bridges and in many cases the capture of a strategic structure has a pronounced effect on the final outcome of the war.

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