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Make In India Campaign By Modi – Highlights | Challenges | Benefits

Make In India Campaign By Modi

In the quest to make the country a worldwide industrialized core, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his flagship ‘Make in India’ campaign on 25 September 2014. The aim of this ambitious scheme is to put the motherland significantly on the global manufacturing map, in turn, make possible the inflow of innovative technology and resources, while generating millions of jobs.

The Make in India Campaign by Modi has various amazing specialties which is designed to offer great benefits to the country in different sectors. On the other hand, there could be so many challenges to launch this scheme. Let’s discuss the highlights of the campaign, what kind of challenges it can face and the benefits which are dreamed by Modi to India.

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This Page Includes:

  • ‘Make In India’ Highlights
  • Objective
  • Sectors in focus
  • Challenges
  • Benefits
  • Benefits for Investors
  • Benefits to Country


‘Make In India’ Highlights:


The main objective of Make In India Campaign at spinning the country into a global manufacturing hub and offers a large numbers of employment. Other main objectives of this scheme are mentioned below:

  • Designed to do Facilitate Investment
  • Foster Innovation
  • Enhance Skill Development
  • Protect Intellectual Property
  • Build Best-In-Class Manufacturing Infrastructure
  • Providing Employment
  • To make healthy relationships with worldwide nations
  • To make India digital

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Sectors in focus:

For the Make in India campaign, the government of India has acknowledged 25 priority divisions that shall be promoted effectively. These are the sectors where probability of FDI (foreign direct investment) is the maximum and speculation shall be promoted by the government of India.

AutomobilesFood ProcessingRenewable Energy
Automobile ComponentsIT and BPMRoads and highways
BiotechnologyMedia and EntertainmentTextiles and garments
ChemicalsMiningThermal Power
ConstructionOil and GasTourism and Hospitality
Defence manufacturingPharmaceuticalsWellness
Electrical MachineryPorts
Electronic SystemsRailways

Narendra Modi Rising Star Of Indian Politics


There are lots of challenges that the ‘Make in India’ could go through:

  • Generating healthy business atmosphere will be possible only when the executive machinery is proficient. India has been very rigorous when it comes to ceremonial and regulatory authorizations. A business-friendly environment will only be generated if India can sign easier appreciation of projects and set up stress-free clearance system.
  • India must also be ready to attempt elements that negatively impinge on competitiveness of mechanizing. To make the country a industrialized core the adverse factors must be impassive. India should also be prepared to grant tax concessions to companies who come and set up entity in the country.

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  • India’s secondary and tertiary sector can play a big role in building the country take the next big increase in manufacturing. India should be more attention towards innovation and modernization for these sectors. The government has to map out plans to give unique sops and opportunities to these sectors.
  • India’s make in India campaign will be continuously judge against with China’s ‘Made in China’ campaign. The dragon initiated the campaign at the same day as India inquiring about to retain its manufacturing ability. India should constantly keep up its potency so as to outpace China’s domination in the manufacturing sector.
  • India must also support high-tech importations; research and expansion (R&D) to promote ‘Make in India’ give edge-to-edge opposition to the Chinese equivalent’s campaign. To do so, India has to be enhanced equipped and motivated to do superlative R&D. The government must guarantee that it provides podium for such research and expansions.


This scheme presents a huge number of benefits to Indian citizens as well as investors of ‘Make In India’ Campaign which can be seen as follows:

Benefits for Investors:

  • The companies investing in India will be granted with approachable and pleasant interface where they can chronicle their queries online and concerns analytically through a three-layered method.
  • Although simple doubts will be answered by the automated answering machines, the problematical ones will be griped by a team of 8 specialists introduced by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), which take account of economists and legal experts.
  • Digital promotion would be a vital component of the program, to create a center of attention of investors through advertisement of the labors both at the state and the central stage.

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Benefits to Country:

  • With Asia mounting as the outsourcing focus of the world, India is shortly becoming the favored manufacturing destination of most sponsors across the world.
  • The ‘Make In India’ will create opportunities of employment.
  • Enforcement to Secondary and Tertiary sector
  • Enhancing national economy
  • Renovating the India to a self-sufficient country
  • To provide the Indian economy worldwide appreciation.

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