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Maths Quiz for Class 10 – Questions & Answers (MCQ), Grade 10th Practice Test

Maths Quiz for Class 10

Students can give answers of Grade 10th Maths Questions from here and do their revision. Maths Quiz for Class 10 is given in the form of MCQ and it covers almost all the topics of Class 10th Mathematics subject. Students can solve out the given Practice Test and evaluate their performance for the upcoming board examination.

In order to score good marks in the exam, it is advisable to students that they should practice and do revision of various questions of different types. Here, on this page we have provided Maths Quiz for Class 10 with answers that will help the students as per the examination point of view. Maths Quiz Questions with answers for Class 10 contains all the key concepts of Mathematics subject.

Maths Quiz for Class 10

Answers for these questions are available at the end.

Maths Practice Test for Class 10/ Grade 10 Maths Questions & Answers are given here:

Question 1) The product of a rational and irrational number is
(a) rational
(b) irrational
(c) both of above
(d) none of above

Question 2) If b = 3, then any integer can be expressed as a =
(a) 3q, 3q+ 1, 3q + 2
(b) 3q
(c) none of the above
(d) 3q+ 1

Question 3) The largest number that will divide 398,436 and 542 leaving remainders 7,11 and 15 respectively is
(a) 17
(b) 11
(c) 34
(d) 45

Question 4) If the zeroes of the quadratic polynomial x2 + (a + 1) x + b are 2 and -3, then
(a) a = -7, b = -1
(b) a = 5, b = -1
(c) a = 2, b = -6
(d) a – 0, b = -6

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Question 5) The number of polynomials having zeroes as 4 and 7 is
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) more than 4

Question 6) The pair of equations 3x – 5y = 7 and – 6x + 10y = 7 have
(a) a unique solution
(b) infinitely many solutions
(c) no solution
(d) two solutions

Question 7) If x = a, y = b is the solution of the equations x + y = 5 and 2x – 3y = 4, then the values of a and b are respectively
(a) 6, -1
(b) 2, 3
(c) 1, 4
(d) 19/5, 6/5

Question 8) The polynomial equation x (x + 1) + 8 = (x + 2) {x – 2) is
(a) linear equation
(b) quadratic equation
(c) cubic equation
(d) bi-quadratic equation

Question 9) If a, p are the roots of the equation (x – a) (x – b) + c = 0, then the roots of the equation (x – a) (x – P) = c are
(a) a, b
(b) a, c
(c) b, c
(d) none of these

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Question 10) If the sum of three numbers in an A.P. is 9 and their product is 24, then numbers are
(a) 2, 4, 6
(b) 1, 5, 3
(c) 2, 8, 4
(d) 2, 3, 4

Question 11) The 10th term from the end of the A.P. -5, -10, -15,…, -1000 is
(a) -955
(b) -945
(c) -950
(d) -965

Question 12) In a rhombus if d= 16 cm, d2 = 12 cm, then the length of the side of the rhombus is
(a) 8 cm
(b) 9 cm
(c) 10 cm
(d) 12 cm

Question 13) D and E are respectively the points on the sides AB and AC of a triangle ABC such that AD = 2 cm, BD = 3 cm, BC = 7.5 cm and DE || BC. Then, length of DE (in cm) is
(a) 2.5
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) 6

Question 14) The area of the triangle whose vertices are A(1, 2), B(-2, 3) and C(-3, -4) is
(a) 11
(b) 22
(c) 33
(d) 21

Question 15) If the segment joining the points (a, b) and (c, d) subtends a right angle at the origin, then
(a) ac – bd = 0
(b) ac + bd = 0
(c) ab + cd = 0
(d) ab – cd= 0

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Question 16) If x and y are complementary angles, then
(a) sin x = sin y
(b) tan x = tan y
(c) cos x = cos y
(d) sec x = cosec y

Question 17)  sin 2B = 2 sin B is true when B is equal to
(a) 90°
(b) 60°
(c) 30°
(d) 0°

Question 18) The distance between two parallel tangents of acircle of radius 4 cm is
(a) 2 cm
(b) 4 cm
(c) 6 cm
(d) 8 cm

Question 19) The length of tangents drawn from an external point to the circle
(a) are equal
(b) are not equal
(c) sometimes are equal
(d) are not defined

Question 20) The length of a tangent drawn from a point at a distance of 10 cm of circle is 8 cm. The radius of the circle is
(a) 4 cm
(b) 5 cm
(c) 6 cm
(d) 7 cm

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Question 21) A line through point of contact and passing through centre of circle is known as
(a) tangent
(b) chord
(c) normal
(d) segment

Question 22) To draw a pair of tangents to a circle which are inclined to each other at an angle of 35°, it is required to draw tangents at the end-points of those two radii of the circle, the angle between which is
(a) 145°
(b) 130°
(c) 135°
(d) 90°

Question 23) To divide a line segment PQ in the ratio 5 : 7, first a ray PX is drawn so that ∠QPX is an acute angle and then at equal distances points are marked on the ray PX such that the minimum number of these points is
(a) 5
(b) 7
(c) 12
(d) 10

Question 24) If angle of sector is 60°, radius is 3.5 cm then length of the arc is
(a) 3 cm
(b) 3.5 cm
(c) 3.66 cm
(d) 3.8 cm

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Question 25) The area of the sector of a circle with radius 6 cm and of angle 60° is
(a) 9.42 cm²
(b) 37.68 cm²
(c) 18.84 cm²
(d) 19.84 cm²

Maths Quiz for Class 10 with Answers:

Ans 1) (b)Ans 10) (d)Ans 19) (a)
Ans 2) (a)Ans 11) (a)Ans 20) (c)
Ans 3) (a)Ans 12) (c)Ans 21) (c)
Ans 4) (d)Ans 13) (b)Ans 22) (a)
Ans 5) (d)Ans 14) (a)Ans 23) (c)
Ans 6) (c)Ans 15) (b)Ans 24) (c)
Ans 7) (d)Ans 16) (d)Ans 25) (c)
Ans 8) (a)Ans 17) (d)
Ans 9) (a)Ans 18) (d)

Class 10 Maths MCQ given on this page of is prepared as per chapter wise. Students should answer these objective type questions and do their revision. We hope that Maths Quiz for Class 10 provided here will be proved beneficial for students at the time of preparation.

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