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MG6851 Question Bank | Principles of Management (POM) Question Papers

MG6851 Question Bank

Candidates can check the MG6851 Question Bank from here. We have given Principles of Management (POM) Question Papers on this page that will be helpful for those aspirants who are looking for it.

Those candidates who are going to appear in the upcoming examination of must check the MG6851 Principles of Management Important Questions. They can also download the POM Question papers in the form of PDF from here.

MG6851 Question Bank

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MG6851 Question Bank

Q.1. What is Management?

Ans. Management is the process of giving direction and controlling the various activities of the people to achieve the objectives of an organization.

Q.2 Define – Management.

Ans. According to koontz & Weihrich “management is the process of designing and maintaining of an environment in which individuals working together in group efficiently accomplished selected aims”.

Q.3 Write some characteristics of Management.

Ans. Management is a continuous process.

  • Managers use the resources of the organization both physical as well as human to achieve the goals.
  • Management aims at achieving the organization goals by ensuring effective use of resources.

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Q.4 What are the roles of management in organization?

Ans. Managements help in determination of the objectives of an organization. Economics and social development takes place through management.

Q.5 Write any two points in favor for management as a science.

Ans. Management principles should be verifiable and Reliable basis for predicting future.

Q.6 Write any two points in favor for management as an art.

Ans. Management is creative and Management includes the use of practical knowledge and personal skill.

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Q.7 What is Time study?

Ans. The movements which takes minimum time is the best one.

Q.8 What is motion study?

Ans. Taylor suggested that eliminating wasteful movements and performing only necessary movements.

Q.9 What is authority?

Ans. It is the power given to a person to get work from his subordinates.

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MG6851 Question Bank

Q.10 What is responsibility?

Ans. It is the amount of work expected of forma man by his superior.

Q.11 Comment: Management is both – A science and an art.

Ans. Management is a science because it contains general principles. It is also an art because it requires certain personal skills to achieve desired result.

Q.12 What is centralization?

Ans. The organization is centralized when the power is concentrated with one person.

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Q.13 What is decentralization?

Ans. The power is fully distributed to the subordinates of the organization.

Q.14 What is scalar chain?

Ans. The instruction and orders should be sent from the top management to the lower management.

Q.15 What is social responsibility?

Ans. Society is the part of the management to initiate actions either to protect social interest of the society.

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Q.16 What is ethics?

Ans. All individuals in business or non-business activities are concerned with some standardized form of behavior are known as ethics.

Q.17 What is partnership?

Ans. A partnership is an association of two or more persons to carry on business and to share its profit and losses in an agreed ratio.

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