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Microsoft Interview Experience | Share Some Tips, Reviews & Selection Process

Microsoft Interview Experience

Dear viewers, I am Pooja Sharama sharing my Microsoft Interview Experience which was good and remarkable  experience with a group of Microsoft. Microsoft is famous in the tech industry for its rigorous interview process. Now, I would like to share my Microsoft Interview Experience or Selection Process with you so that you may get some awareness regarding how to tackle it.

Name: Pooja Sharama

Company Name: Microsoft IT

Age: 29 Years

It started with a written test. There were 15 Objective questions, 30 minutes. Mostly, related to C and C++ output/error finding. 1-2 theory questions from processors and other things.

Since it was very easy, cut off for the next round was very high.

Following this round, there was coding round, with 2 questions in 60 minutes. This was also very easy. Result was declared and I was selected for interview.

Pooja Sharama Interview Experience

Interview started at 9 am. 21 students got through the coding round. Interviews began, few people had all their interviews (2 technical, 1 AA), and some were sent home just after their first interview. I was still waiting for my turn.

At 3:30pm, it was my turn.

(Interview 1: Technical)

Me: When I took an entry in the interview room I wish everybody Good afternoon as my interview was started near about 3:30pm.

Int: Interviewer came and took my CV. Asked me to wait until he had called me.

Me: After 5 minutes, he called me in. My first interviewer was a very good observer. Even slightest movement of hands drew his attention.

Int: Tell me about yourself.

Me: I was give a brief intro about myself with confident.

Int:  Tell about machine learning.

Me: I started explaining him in a very easy, non-technical way using live examples I could get from the room itself. Then he asked about one of my projects in details which were related to machine learning.

Int: A box is there, with a ball moving in it. Solve it.”

Me: Okay sir, so we have to make the ball move inside the box.” He said “No, the ball is already moving” and then he again went back to his laptop. After 3 seconds “Sir, so we need to make the ball rebound when it hits the boundary”.

Int: yes, now write the code/pseudo code for this.

Me: I wrote the pseudo code making the use of event and notifier inside class containing physics of ball and diagonals of the box.

Int: Asked, simple coding question which involved creating a structure for values and sorting it.

Me: I stated many sorting algorithms that could be used there and time complexity in each scenarios etc with advs of each one over the other.

With these queries round 1 is complete and after an hour round 2 was start.

After an hour (Round 2: Technical)

Int: He asked me explain about one of my projects. (2 of them I explained in first round. He asked a different one.)

Me: After 20-25 minutes of detailed explanation, interviewer said ok, ok.

Int: after few minute he said “Pooja, honestly I think we cannot hire you.

Me: I was very confused at that time

Int: It’s not that you are not qualified enough, but Microsoft IT is not qualified enough to hire you. You are overqualified.

Int: Asked about my aspirations.

Me: I told him about coding etc.

After that, some normal discussion, before leaving I asked him to consider me for the job. He said sure he will discuss.

(Round 3: AA – As Appropriate interview)

After 10 minutes, call for round 3. It is a most important round. The interviewer had lots of experience. He started with giving his detailed introduction and then asked me to give mine.

Me: I was given my normal introduction. This round was relaxed.

Int: Asked me about some real life problems.

Me: I was told one event that I never forget in my life.

Int: He said he already talked to other interviews about my technical skills and he knows that he need not test it. Asked how to solve problem related to machine learning.

Me: He wanted to know if I get excited only by coding problems or can I love other aspects as well. I love psychology and have done many courses on it, so dealing with people was fun part for me.

Finally he was happy and said to wait outside. After 45 minutes of discussion of team, they announced the results and I was selected. They congratulate me.

At last best of luck to all guys who are preparing for Microsoft Interview.

My tips are to stay cool and enjoy the interview. Carefully tell your weakness. Don’t worry to ask questions from interviewer. Take proper use of the time. Big data helps me a lot in every round. Focus on designing problems along with data structure.

So friends this was the Microsoft Interview Experience shared by Pooja Sharama on our portal So please have a look and get prepared for your interview like Pooja.

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