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Microsoft Interview Questions with Answers | Check Placement Most Asked Ques

Microsoft Interview Questions

Check latest asked Microsoft Interview Questions with Answers from here. Microsoft is one of the leading companies in which candidates wish to get recruited but not everyone becomes successful in cracking the interview. To help all those contenders here we are providing Microsoft Placement Most Asked Questions. With the help of these questions candidates will get to know that what type of questions are asked in Microsoft Interview and can also prepare them in a right way for the selection phase.

At the time of appearing in the interview it is important to have an idea regarding what the interviewer is going to ask and what are the most frequent questions asked by the interviewer. If one has idea regarding the same then he/she can easily crack the interview and make his/her dream of getting recruited true. Keeping the betterment of candidates in mind we the team members of are providing Microsoft Interview Questions with Answers in a simple and understanding language. Candidates are advised to take a look…

Microsoft Interview Questions

Question: What are Microsoft security patches?

Answer: Microsoft security patches are planned to take care of certain security provisos and issues, while in the meantime redesigning any current security highlights. This would give better assurance by decreasing vulnerabilities in security.

Question: On my way to California, I saw a man with 5 wives. Each wife had 5 bag. Each bag had 5 cats. Each cat had 5 kittens. Kitten, cats, bags, wives. How many were going to California?

Answer: The answer for the question could be 1 as in the question asked it is not at stated that the man with 5 wives and Kitten, cats, bags are headed towards which direction.

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Question: What is the next number in this series? 4, 6, 12, 18, 30, 42, 60, ?

Answer: With close observation, you will note that each number in the list is in the middle of two prime numbers. Thus:

4 is in the middle of 3 and 5, 6 is in the middle of 5 and 7, 12 is in the middle of 11 and 13, 18 is in the middle of 17 and 19, 30 is in the middle of 29 and 31. 42 is in the middle of 41 and 43, 60 is in the middle of 59 and 61.

Therefore, the next number would be the one that is in the middle of the next two prime numbers, which is 72 (which is in the middle of 71 and 73).

Question: How would you build an alarm clock for deaf people?

Answer: In view of the fact that deaf people don’t have the capability to perceive sound, then the most suitable alarm clock will be that can trigger their other senses. You can create an alarm clock that’s design to vibrate an object beside deaf people, such as a pillow.

Question: When you have a variable declaration like (dim variable1, variable2 as integer) , are they both of integer type?

Answer: No. Only variable2 is actually declared as of integer type. Variable1 is declared as of variant type in this case.

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Question: Why is it that you cannot overload the scope resolution operator (::)?

Answer: The main reason why the (::) cannot be overloaded is that only operators that take in values as parameters can be overloaded. The scope resolution operator does not take a value as parameter.

Question: Which programming language was removed from the Visual Studio family when was released?

Answer: Visual Foxpro was part of Visual Studio 6.0. It was excluded in the .Net version and was released as an independent programming language.

Question: Can all controls be placed in an MDI form?

Answer: No. Only objects that have Alignment property can be placed in an MDI form.

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Question: Why are there different Microsoft Certifications?

Answer: The fundamental motivation behind Microsoft Certification is to guarantee that capability of a candidate for specific abilities. Aptitudes cover the product perspectives, as well as in outline and designing also. Microsoft Certification covers a wide rundown of innovation and is perceive around the world.

Question: Why is code optimization important?

Answer: Advanced code tends to run quicker and make more productive utilization of the framework’s assets. Upgraded codes are likewise less powerless to blunders and consume lesser room in memory and in record estimate.

Question: What is Ribbon?

Answer: Ribbon is the term used as a replacement to the menu bar and toolbars in the older Microsoft Office versions. Under the ribbon, file menu items and toolbar buttons were grouped according to their functionality. It made these functions much accessible on the main interface, with the most commonly used buttons being shown instantly.

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Question: How often should you check for Microsoft Updates?

Answer: As frequently as possible.

Question: How do you prevent a control object from getting the focus whenever the tab key is pressed?

Answer: To skip a particular control object on the form, change its tabStop property to false.

Question: What is the advantage of using ADO?

Answer: ADO, or Active X data objects, allows developers to create applications that can interoperate well with other data application services.

Question: What is the maximum number of characters when applying MsgBox and InputBox?

Answer: The maximum allowed number of characters is 1024 characters.

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Question: In Windows XP, what does the letter XP stand for?

Answer: The letters XP actually stands for eXPerience. It was designed as an enhancement of Windows 2000, with a totally different and more attractive user interface/console.

Question: What is NTFS?

Answer: NTFS is properly known as New Technology File System. The New Technology File System is the regular file system that is being used by operating systems starting from Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and even the newer versions like Vista and 7. It was originally designed to have a enhanced performance on folder storage space and recovery beneath the Windows NT family.

Question: What are DLLs?

Answer: DLL is short for Dynamic Link Library. These are shared library files that contain usable codes and routines that other applications can utilize to create other new applications.

Question: Which Microsoft Certification is considered the most popular?

Answer: It is the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). This certification deals with skills related to applying solutions to business productivity by utilizing Microsoft Server operating system.

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Question: What is registry?

Answer: A very important component that stores important information, such as setup and configuration, installation settings, and user settings in the Windows Operating System is known as Registry

Question: What is ScanDisk and what does it do?

Answer: An analytical device that verifies a hard drive for errors, file corruptions and data integrity is known as Scandisk. It rectifies all the detected errors for smooth functioning.

Question: How do you reverse a doubly-linked list?

Answer: To do this, start from the head and traverse to the end. For each node in the list that was traversed, swap the values of the links “Next” and “Prev”. After that, set the “Head” to link to the last node or tail.

Question: Give some known Windows version and its codename

Answer: Windows 98 – Memphis

Windows Me – Millenium

Windows XP – Whistler

Windows Vista – Longhorn

Windows 7 – Vienna and Blackcomb

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Question: What are cookies?

Answer: In a browser there are small pieces of information that are accumulated to take a watch over what the use recently searched or what he/she usually searches or details about the sites that are most surfed.  Those small pieces are Cookies.

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational innovation organization with base camp in Redmond, Washington. It creates, makes, licenses, backings and offers PC programming, buyer hardware, PCs, and administrations. Its best known programming items are the Microsoft Windows line of working frameworks, the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web programs. Its lead equipment items are the Xbox computer game consoles and the Microsoft Surface tablet lineup. Starting at 2016, it is the world’s biggest programming creator by income and one of the world’s most profitable organizations. “Microsoft” is a portmanteau of “microcomputer” and “programming”.

Getting recruited at this organization is a dream of every contender. To get placed in Microsoft it is important to crack the interview part. to help those candidates we have given the information given below. We hope the details we have stated above will prove to be very helpful for candidates in cracking the Microsoft Interview. To get more updates regarding the Microsoft Interview Questions like the Microsoft Excel/ Associate Consultant/ Azure/ Internship Interview Questions / Microsoft Interview Questions And Answers Pdf, Microsoft Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced Candidates, Microsoft Gtsc Interview Questions etc keep visiting our pages.

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