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MUHS Nashik Exam Time Table 2017 SUMMER Exam May Date Sheet Online PDF

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MUHS Nashik Exam Time Table

Waiting for Latest MUHS summer exam schedule??? Then, check it from here MUHS Nashik Exam Time Table is available now. Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik has declared May 2017 examination schedule. In a year, MUHS Nashik conducts two time examinations that are winter and summer examinations. Candidates who had applied for SUMMER Exam can get May 2017 Date Sheet through Online mode in PDF form.

This Page Includes

  • MUHS Nashik SUMMER Exam Date Sheet
  • Way to Download MUHS Nashik Exam Schedule

MUHS Nashik SUMMER Exam is going to start from 16-05-2017 so candidates are advised to start preparing for exams as the dates are now declared by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. Appliers may get more details on MUHS Nashik Summer Exam Calendar through below section of page which is well prepared by the team of

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MUHS Nashik Exam Time Table

For M.D. Courses

Time 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

DateCourseSubjectSub. Code
16-May-2017GENERAL MEDICINEBasic Sciences in General Medicine, Genetics and Nutrition-I11011
18-May-2017Cardio-Vascular System, Respiratory System Nephrology, Rheumatology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Dermatology-II11012
20-May-2017Gastroenterology, Nervous System, Psychiatry, Hematology, Oncology, Endocrinology, Miscellaneous-III11013
22-May-2017Recent Advances in General Medicine-IV11014
16-May-2017PATHOLOGYBasic Sciences-General Pathology including General Neoplasia, Immunopathology and Cytopathology-I11021
18-May-2017Systemic Pathology including Systemic Neoplasia-II11022
20-May-2017Haematology, Transfusion Medicine, Immunohaematology including Recent Advances-III11023
22-May-2017Recent Advances including Clinical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Pathology of Infectious Diseases-IV11024
16-May-2017MICROBIOLOGYBasic Sciences-General Microbiology & Immunology – I11031
18-May-2017Systemic Bacteriology – II11032
20-May-2017Mycology & Virology – III11033
22-May-2017Recent Advances including Parasitology – IV11034
16-May-2017PHARMACOLOGYBasic Sciences- General Pharmacology, Screening and Evaluation of Drugs (Animal and Clinical), Clinical Pharmacology, Biostatistics- I11041
18-May-2017Systemic Pharmacology- II11042
20-May-2017Applied Pharmacology including Therapeutics, Miscellaneous topics (GIT, RS. Autocolds, Vitamins, Skin, Ocular Pharmacology, Immunopharmacology, Chelating Agents, Drugs and Pregnancy)- III11043
22-May-2017Recent Advances- IV11044
16-May-2017COMMUNITY MEDICINEBasic Sciences-(a) History of Public Health and Community Medicine, (b) Behavioural Sciences and Health, (c) Information, Education, Communication and Counseling, (d) Microbiology including Entomology, Parasitology and Immunology, (e) Environmental Health and Ecology, Public Health Chemistry, (f) General Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Research Methodology, (g) Concept of Health and disease – I11051
18-May-2017(a) Diet and Nutrition in Health and Disease, (b) Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases and non-communicable Diseases, (c) Occupational Health, (d) Genetics and Counseling – II11052
20-May-2017(a) Maternal Health, Child Health, RCH Demography and Family welfare, (b) Cares of special groups viz. school Health, Adolescent Health and Geriatrics, (c) Care of Disabled, Community based Rehabilitation Tribal Health, (d) Public Health emergencies and Calamities – III11053
22-May-2017(a) Health and Hospital Administration, (b) Health care delivery including National Health programmes, (c) Public Health legislation, (d) Mental Health, (e) International Health, (f) Voluntary Health Organisation, NGO’s, (g) Management and Health, (h) Health Economics, (i) Recent Advances – IV11054
16-May-2017PAEDIATRICSBasic Sciences of Anatomy, Physiology related to Genetics – I11061
18-May-2017Neonatology, Social Sciences related to Paediatrics- II11062
20-May-2017Systemic diseases in Paediatrics:- Respiratory Cardiology, C.V.S., Neurology, Haematology, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Immunology, Metabolic, Gastroenterology, Growth and Development, Congenital and acquired disorder of Ear, Nose, Throat and joints, Endocrine System and Miscellaneous diseases – III11063
22-May-2017Recent advances in Paediatrics- IV11064
16-May-2017RADIO-DIAGNOSISRadiation Physics, Protective Measures & Physics involving imaging techniques and related Basic sciences e.g. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology- I11071
18-May-2017Radiological Imaging in Congenital & Systemic Diseases(I)- II11072
20-May-2017Radiological Imaging in congenital & Systemic Diseases(II)- III11073
22-May-2017Miscellaneous, Radiological Procedures, Interventional Radiology, Recent advances and Newer techniques- IV11074
16-May-2017PSYCHIATRYBasic Sciences and application- I11081
18-May-2017Neuro Psychiatry- II11082
20-May-2017Clinical Psychiatry (Part-I)- III11083
22-May-2017Clinical Psychiatry (Part-II) : Recent Advances- IV11084
16-May-2017DERMATOLOGY, VENEREOLOGY AND LEPROSYBasic Science in relation to Dermatology, Venereology, Leprosy and HIV/AIDS – I11091
18-May-2017Skin Diseases, Deramatotherapeutics, Cosmetology and Dermatosurgery and Lasers- II11092
20-May-2017HIV/AIDS, Venereology and Leprosy- III11093
22-May-2017Recent advances- IV11094
16-May-2017BIOCHEMISTRYBasic Sciences-General Biochemistry and Instrumentation- I11101
18-May-2017Metabolism and Nutrition- II11102
20-May-2017Clinical Biochemistry- III11103
22-May-2017Molecular Biology, Biotechnology & Recent Advances in Clinical Biochemistry- IV11104
16-May-2017FORENSIC MEDICINEApplied Basic Sciences – I11111
18-May-2017Forensic Path. & Clinical Forensic Medicine – II11112
20-May-2017Medical Juris, Relevant Laws, Legal Procedures- III11113
22-May-2017Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Science, recent advances & Modern Trends – IV11114
16-May-2017PULMONARY MEDICINEBasic Sciences – Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology, Pulmonary and extra pulmonary T. B., Public Health, Surgical aspects -I11121
18-May-2017Non- Tubercular Pulmonary Diseases – II11122
20-May-2017Internal Medicine as applied to Pulmonary Medicine – III11123
22-May-2017Recent advancement in Pulmonary Medicine – IV11124
16-May-2017PHYSIOLOGYBasic Sciences-General Physiology, Cellular Physiology, Applied Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biostatistics, History of Physiology, Comparative Physiology- I11131
18-May-2017Nerve Muscle, Blood, Cardiovascular system, Respiratory System, Gastrointestinal system, Renal physiology – II11132
20-May-2017Endocrine, special senses, Nervous system, Reproductive System – III11133
22-May-2017Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Medical Education technology,Stress relaxation, Medical Ethics & applied Physiology and recent advances- IV11134
16-May-2017ANAESTHESIOLOGYBasic Sciences related to Anaesthesia (History, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Physics, Instrument & Equipments, etc.) – I11141
18-May-2017Theory & Practice of Anaesthesia – II11142
20-May-2017Clinical sciences like Medicine & Surgery Related to Anaesthesia – III11143
22-May-2017Recent Advances in Anaesthesia – IV11144
16-May-2017RADIO-THERAPYRadiation physics, Radio Biology & Basic Medical Sciences – I11151
18-May-2017Principles, Practice & Techniques of Radio Therapy & Oncology – II11152
20-May-2017Principles and Practice of Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy- III11153
22-May-2017Recent advances in Onocology (Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy) – IV11154
16-May-2017ANATOMYBasic sciences-General and Gross Anatomy including corresponding Microanatomy and Embryology and Clinical Anatomy of Head, Face, Neck and Thorax – I11161
18-May-2017Gross Anatomy including corresponding Microanatomy and Embryology and Clinical Anatomy of abdomen, Pelvis and Perineum and Superior and inferior extremity – II11162
20-May-2017Neuroanatomy including corresponding Microanatomy, Embryology and Clinical Anatomy – III11163
22-May-2017Genetics, Radiological Anatomy, Sectional Anatomy, Clinical Anatomy and Recent Advances – IV11164
16-May-2017HOSPITAL ADMINISTARTIONBasic sciences-General Administration and Management in Hospital Field – I11171
18-May-2017Health Administration and Medical Care – II11172
20-May-2017Hospital Administration and Hospital Planning – III11173
22-May-2017Administration of Clinical and Non Clinical Services and Administration Procedures Recent Advances – IV11174
16-May-2017IMMUNOHAEMATOLOGY AND BLOOD TRANSFUSIONBasic sciences-General and Basic Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion including History of Transfusion Medicine and Scientific Basis of Transfusion – I11181
18-May-2017Systemic Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion including Antigen Systems, Blood Collection/Processing/Component Preparation, Pre-Transfusion testing, Adverse effects of Blood Transfusion, Apheresis, Autologous Transfusion, Antenatal and Neonatal Transfusion Practice, Immunohaematology, Haemotherapy, Mediconegal Considerations in Transfusion Medicine, Organisation and Management of Transfusion Services, Blood Safety – II11182
20-May-2017Newer concepts of Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion including StemCell Transplantation, Blood Substitutes & Haemopoietic agents, Total QualityManagement, Modern Biological techniques and Automation & Computerisation – III11183
22-May-2017Recent advances in Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion – IV11184
16-May-2017PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATIONBasic Sciences and Basic Concepts as applied to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – I11191
18-May-2017Principles and Practice Of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Management Of Musculoskeletal Conditions – II11192
20-May-2017Principles and Practice Of Rehabilitation Management of Neurological, Cardio-Pulmonary and other Conditions – III11193
22-May-2017Legislation, Recent Advances as applied to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation etc.- IV11194
16-May-2017SPORTS MEDICINEBasic Medical sciences and Research Methodology-I11201
18-May-2017Basic and Applied Sports Sciences-II11202
20-May-2017Clinical Sports Medicine-III11203
22-May-2017Sports Physical Therapy, Current Concepts and Fundamentals of Health Care Management-IV11204

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For M.S. Courses

Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

DateCourseSubjectSub. Code
16-May-2017GENERAL SURGERYBasic Sciences – I12011
18-May-2017General Surgery Including Clinical Surgery – II12012
20-May-2017General Surgery Including Subspecialities – III12013
22-May-2017Recent Advances – IV12014
16-May-2017OPHTHALMOLOGYBasic sciences-Anatomy, Physiology and optics of the Eye – I12021
18-May-2017Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery – II12022
20-May-2017Ophthalmology in relation to Medicine – III12023
22-May-2017All new Techniques and innovations in Ophthalmology, recent advances – IV12024
16-May-2017OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGYBasic Sciences including Pharmacology in relation to ENT and Recent advances – I12031
18-May-2017Diseases of Ear and Recent Advances – II12032
20-May-2017Diseases of Nose and Para Nasal Sinuses and Recent advances – III12033
22-May-2017Diseases of Throat, Head and Neck include Tracheobronchial tree and Oesophagus Recent Advances – IV12034
16-May-2017ORTHOPAEDICSBasic and Applied Sciences as related to Orthopaedics – I12041
18-May-2017Orthopaedics Traumatology – II12042
20-May-2017Orthopaedic Diseases – III12043
22-May-2017Recent Advances – IV12044
16-May-2017OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGYBasic Sciences in Obstetrics and Gynaecology including the diseases of the Newborn – I12051
18-May-2017Clinical Obstetrics includes Newborn – II12052
20-May-2017Clinical Gynaecology – III12053
22-May-2017Recent Advances in Obstetrics and Gynaecology – IV12054
16-May-2017MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRYGeneral Biochemistry and Instrumentation – I56001
18-May-2017Metabolism and Nutrition – II56002
20-May-2017Clinical Biochemistry – III56003
22-May-2017Molecular Biology, Biotechnology & Recent advances in Clinical Biochemistry – IV56004
16-May-2017General Microbiology & Immunology – I56011
18-May-2017Systemic Bacteriology – II56012
20-May-2017Mycology & Virology – III56013
22-May-2017Parasitology & Recent Advances – IV56014

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For P.G. Diploma Courses

Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

DateCourseSubjectSub. Code
16-May-2017DERMATOLOGY, VENEREOLOGY AND LEPROSY (D.D.V.L.)Basic Sciences in relation to Dermatology, Venereology, Leprosy Dermatosurgery and HIV/AIDS- I15071
18-May-2017Skin Diseases, Dermatotherapeutics, Cosmetology and Dermatosurgery- II15072
20-May-2017HIV/AIDS, Venereal Diseases and Leprosy- III15073
16-May-2017PSYCHIATRY (D.P.M.)Basic Sciences and Application- I15151
18-May-2017Clinical Psychiatry- II15152
20-May-2017Recent Advances in Neuro Psychiatry, Liasion Psychiatry – III15153
16-May-2017CHILD HEALTH (D.C.H.)Basic Sciences of Anatomy, Physiology related to Paediatrics and Genetics – I15121
18-May-2017Neonatology, Social Sciences related to Paediatric- II15122
20-May-2017Systemic Disease in Paediatrics Respiratory cardiology, CVS, Neurology, Haematology, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Immunology, Gastro, growth and Development. Congenital & acquired Disorder of Eye Care Nose Throat and Joints, Endocrine System and Miscellaneous Diseases – III15123
16-May-2017RADIO DIAGNOSIS (D.M.R.D.)Basic sciences-Radiation Physics, Protective measures and Physics involving imaging techniques and Releted Basic sciences e.g. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology – I15101
18-May-2017Radiological imaging in Congenital and Systemic Diseases. (Respiratory System, Cardio Vascular System, Gastro Intestinal Tract, Skeletal System, Genito Urinary System) – II15102
20-May-2017Hepato-Biliary System, CNS, Miscellaneous, Radiological Procedures and Interventional Procedures & Interventional Radiology and recent advances – III15103
16-May-2017ANAESTHESIALOGY (D.A.)Basic Sciences related to Anaesthesia (History, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Physics, Instrument & Equipments, etc.) – I15111
18-May-2017Theory & Practice of Anaesthesia – II15112
20-May-2017Clinical Sciences like Medicine & Surgery related to Anaesthesia – III15113
16-May-2017OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY (D.G.O.)Basic sciences-Obstetrics including the Diseases of Newborn – I15011
18-May-2017Gynaecology, Gynaecological Pathology & Operative Gynaecology – II15012
20-May-2017Medical and Surgical Diseases Complicating Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Social Obstetrics & Gynaecology including M.CH. & F. W. – III15013
16-May-2017PUBLIC HEALTH (D.P.H.)Basic sciences-a) Biostatistics, b) Principles of Dietetics and Nutrition, c) Nutrition Surveys and Malnutrition, d) Microbiology and Medical Entomology, e) Genetics – I15081
18-May-2017a) Public Health administration and Laws, b) Maternal and child Health, c) Sociology, Psychology and Social Anthropology, d) Communicable and non-communicable diseases including Epidemiology and control, e) General Medicine as related to Public Health – II15082
20-May-2017Diseases of Infancy and Child-Hood, Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Genetics, Social Occupational Health and Preventive Paediatrics – III15083
16-May-2017FORENSIC MEDICINE (D.F.M.)Applied Basic Sciences Forensic Science, Recent Advances & Modern trends -I15031
18-May-2017Forensic Pathology and Clinical Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry – II15032
20-May-2017Forensic Toxicology Medical Juries Relevant laws, Legal Procedures -III15033
16-May-2017TUBERCULOSIS AND CHEST DISEASES (D.T.C.D.)Basic Science – Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology, Pulmonary and extra Pulmonary T.B., Public Health, Surgical aspects and recent advances -I15091
18-May-2017Non Tubercular Pulmonary Diseases and Recent advances – II15092
20-May-2017Internal Medicine as applied to Pulmonary Medicine and Recent advances – III15093
16-May-2017ORTHOPAEDICS (D.ORTHO.)Basic sciences-Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology as applicable to Orthopaedics – I15041
18-May-2017Traumatology and General Surgery – II15042
20-May-2017General Orthopaedics – III15043
16-May-2017OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY (D.L.O.)Diseases of Ear, Basic Sciences related to Otology and Recent Advances related to Otology – I15021
18-May-2017Diseases of Nose and Para nasal Sinuses, basic Sciences related to Nose and Para Nasal Sinuses and Recent advances related to Rhinology – II15022
20-May-2017Diseases of Throat, Head and Neck including tracheobronchial tree and Oesophagus and Basic Sciences and Recent Advances related to that – III15023
16-May-2017OPHTHALMOLOGY (D.O.)Basic sciences-Anatomy, Physiology and Optics – I15051
18-May-2017Ophthalmic Medicine and surgery – II15052
20-May-2017Ophthalmology Related to Systemic Diseases and New innovations and techniques in Ophthalmology – III15053
16-May-2017CLINICAL PATHOLOGY (D.C.P.)Basic sciences-General Pathology including Applied Microbiology and Immunopathology – I15061
18-May-2017Systemic Pathology and Cytopathology – II15062
20-May-2017Hematology, Blood Banking, Clinical Pathology, And Chemical Pathology – III15063
16-May-2017DIABETOLOGY (D.D.)Basic Sciences and Nutrition as applied to Diabetology – I15131
18-May-2017General Medicine including Recent advances as applied to Patients with Diabetes – II15132
20-May-2017Clinical Diabetes and Recent advances – III15133
16-May-2017HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION (D.H.A.)Basic sciences-Public Health & Medical Care -I15141
18-May-2017General Management & Administration – II15142
20-May-2017Administration of Clinical & Non Clinical Services – III15143
16-May-2017MARINE MEDICINE (D.M.M.)Basic sciences-Diving Medicine – I15171
18-May-2017Submarine Medicine – II15172
20-May-2017Surface Ships and Shore Support – III15173
16-May-2017Basic Sciences & Instrumentation – I15161
18-May-2017Radio Pharmaceuticals & Radio Immunoassay – II15162
20-May-2017Clinical Nuclear Medicine – III15163

MUHS Nashik Exam Time Table 2017: Download PDF

Steps to download MUHS Nashik Exam Time Table?

  • First of all candidates are advised to log on to official website that is
  • After go to the “What’s New” section that is available at the right side of home page.
  • Now, select an appropriate link for the summer exam schedule.
  • PDF will appear, check your examination dates carefully and note down.
  • At last take a hard copy of examination schedule and keep it safe.

More details on– How To Download Time Table


Go through above provided official notification that is provided above to get MUHS Nashik Exam schedule.

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