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Narendra Modi Visit To Japan – 10 Highlights, Why Modi Visit To Japan

Prime Minister Narender Modi five days visit to Japan seems to be going toward for ‘Special Strategic Global Partnership’. It visit make a beneficial pitch for the financial fields as well as meet also saw India-Japan relations being upgraded to the next level. We are providing 10 Highlights of Why Modi Visit to Japan in the below section.


10 Highlights of the Japan visit:

1. Indian Bullet Trains

This visit takes a one step closer to the dream of Bullet train, Japan give a willingness to provide financial, technical and operational support to introduce bullet trains in India in a joint statement.

An estimated amount Rs 60,000-70,000 crores has make saved for the first high-speed train which is expected to run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

2. PM Modi’s 3D mantra

Mr. Modi inviting Japanese investors to ‘Make in India’, in the return of that Japan take off some limitation which is regulated on the Indian business by them.

Prime let them know that Democracy, Demography and Demand these all 3D are in India. No other country has all 3 factors other than India in the world, so this is the best place for Japanese investors.

3.6 Indian Entities Free From Ban:

Six Indian Entitles are free from Japan ban, this thing going toward a new direction
Sources later said the ban had been lifted on six entities, including Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. However, four entities still remain in the banned list.

The removal of the ban will enable these companies to have cooperation with Japanese firms, including transfer of technology.

4. Japan To Invest Over $33.58 Billion In India:

Japan makes an announced to make an investment in India to about $34 billion over the next five years for the development. This project includes the plan of investing in infrastructure and building of smart cities.

5. Japanese Companies To Speedy Clearance

Mr. modi invites Japanees investors and businessman with a promise of unbiased and speedy clearances in development. He promised single-window clearances, quick decision- making which is evenhanded in nature.

6. New TCS Training Initiative:

PM Modi instated TCS Japan Technology and Culture Academy, which will take useful place to attractive technology and cultural knowledge between IT professionals of the two nations.

The first batch of 48 TCS Japan trainees is going to be announced soon who will proceed to India to undergo training for 6-8 weeks at various TCS locations.

7.Modi Deplores ‘Expansionist’ Tendency Of Some Countries:

The whole world accepts that the 21st century will belong to Asia but basically it will depend on how deep and progressive the two countries relationship to collaboration of development and expansionism will leads to crumbling.

8. Civil Nuclear Deal Remains Intangible:

Japan desires India to guarantee not to perform nuclear tests and more stringent inspections of its nuclear facilities to make sure that spent fuel is not diverted to make bombs.

India has been maintaining on self-imposed moratorium on its tests and does not concur to Tokyo’s insistence on the phrase in the text of the agreement that offers for automatic termination of nuclear ties if India conducts test in future.

9. Special Strategic Global Partnership:

Japan and India have promoted their partnership to the level of ‘Special Strategic and Global Partnership’ with the mark of a defence pact for regional strength and Tokyo’s decision to double FDI in India.

India and Japan also planned to “upgrade” and “strengthen” their defence collaboration as they raised officials to begin consultations to support military equipment collaboration and accelerate consideration on modalities for the sale of Japanese US-2 amphibian aircraft. ..

10. Two Nominees Of Japan In PMO’s Special Team

PM Modi declared that a special management team would be set up directly under the Prime Minister’s Office to make possible investment proposals from Japan.

The decision to comprise two nominees of Japan in the special management team is unique and such a system of having nominees of the foreign government will happen for the first time.


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