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NATA Model Question Papers 2019 PDF Download Solved Sample Paper

NATA Model Question Papers

Candidates preparing for the NATA Entrance Exam must download the NATA Model Question Papers 2019 PDF. NATA Solved Sample Paper includes all the questions asked in past years in National Aptitude Test in Architecture Exam and by practicing from these papers you will be able to improve your chances of cracking the NATA 2019 Exam.

NATA Model Question Papers

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NATA Important Questions

Ques1: Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?

  1. Tin
  2. Mercury
  3. Lead
  4. Zinc

Ans: 2

Ques2: Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?

  1. Oxygen
  2. Hydrogen sulphide
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Nitrogen

Ans: 3

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Ques3: Which of the following is used in pencils?

  1. Graphite
  2. Silicon
  3. Charcoal
  4. Phosphorous

Ans: 2

Ques4: Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring cheated compound in which central metal is

  1. Copper
  2. Magnesium
  3. Iron
  4. Calcium

Ans: 2

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Ques5: The ruling party will have to put its own house …… order.

  1. In
  2. On
  3. To
  4. Into

Ans: 1

Ques6: Ronan and Rohit are twin brothers, but they do not look ……

  1. Unique
  2. Different
  3. Likely
  4. Alike

Ans: 2

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Ques7: Words inscribed on tomb

  1. Epitome
  2. Epistle
  3. Epilogue
  4. Epitaph

Ans: 1

Ques8: Leave or remove from a place considered dangerous

  1. Evade
  2. Evacuate
  3. Avoid
  4. Exterminate

Ans: 3

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Ques9: The study of ancient societies

  1. Anthropology
  2. Archaeology
  3. History
  4. Ethnology

Ans: 2

Ques10: Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool

  1. Imbecility
  2. Senility
  3. Dotage
  4. Superannuation

Ans: 2

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Ques11: State in which the few govern the many

  1. Monarchy
  2. Oligarchy
  3. Plutocracy
  4. Autocracy

Ans: 3

Ques12: A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge

  1. Pedantic
  2. Verbose
  3. Pompous
  4. Ornate

Ans: 2

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Ques13: List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting

  1. Schedule
  2. Timetable
  3. Agenda
  4. Plan

Ans: 4

Ques14: Blueberries cost more than strawberries.Blueberries cost less than raspberries. Raspberries cost more than strawberries and blueberries.

Suppose the first 2 statement are true, then the 3rd statement would be

  1. true
  2. false
  3. uncertain

Ans: 2

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Ques15: Tanya is older than Eric. Cliff is older than Tanya. Eric is older than Cliff.

Suppose the first 2 statement are true, then the 3rd statement would be

  1. true
  2. false
  3. uncertain

Ans: 3

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NATA Solved Question Paper

National Aptitude Test in Architecture Exam is conducted by Council of Architecture for admission into B.Arch. degree course. Through this test, candidates drawing and observation skills and critical thinking ability is checked.

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NATA Question Paper with Solution

Part A of the NATA exam is held in online mode, whereas, Part B is held in offline mode. Candidates appearing for the NATA Entrance Examination can start their preparation according to the NATA Question Papers with Answers. Candidates can download the NATA Solved Question Papers / NATA Exam Model Question Paper through the links given in this page.


Candidates can download the NATA Model Question Papers from the above given links. If you have any query or suggestion, you can comment in the below given box.

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