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NDA Interview Questions | 2018 SSB Mainly Asked Question in UPSC NDA/NA

NDA Interview Questions

NDA Aspirants after qualifying Mains Examination have to face UPSC NDA/NA Interview Round. Some candidates achieved success while some had faced rejection in this round. So don’t lose your hope as now we are providing NDA Interview Questions which is mainly asked by SSB in UPSC NDA/NA Interview Round.

To help all the upcoming Union Public Service Commission NDA candidates, the team of has listed important UPSC NDA Interview Questions 2018 on below page.

NDA Interview Procedure

To prepare better, a candidate must study through best tricks. Here we are providing NDA Interview Questions and Answers for making your preparation fully completed. You must read below for most frequently asked questions.

Before going for the SSB Interview you should know some SSB NDA/NA Interview Tips which will help you in getting success. On this page of we have well provided some of the mainly asked questions that are asked in SSB interview.

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UPSC NDA/NA selection process basically comprises of two phases:

  • Initially screening test and then second level consist of three sub tests including psychology test, Group Testing Officers (GTO) test and personal interview.
  • The initial screening test is conducted for examining the aspirants on intellectual basis and this test also includes verbal as well as non-verbal questions followed by PPDT tests (picture perception test and discussion).
  • In accordance for getting appointed in Indian navy and other armed forces an individual must prepare effectively to crack SSB interview.

NDA Interview Questions And Answers

Today many of the youngsters dream to serve their nation by being the part of our armed forces. Aspirants who are preparing to appear for NDA / NA Interview in the upcoming month will have to undergo through rigorous phases.

Question No.1) What is the reason that you wish to join Defence?

This is one of the most common and frequent question that is asked in NDA / NA Interview.  At this point of tim4e you are required to be ready with a logical answer. Some aspirant’s answer that they wish to serve their nation and few of the aspirants replied that the uniform formulates them feel proud whereas some of the aspirant’s reason is money behind joining Indian Armed Forces.

Question No.2) which of these “Army / Air Force / Navy” you will be giving preference first?

While filling the application form for NDA / NA written examination, candidates have a choice for Army / Air Force / Navy. So many times candidates are being asked that why he has preferred for Army / Air Force or Navy and not any other service. For candidates belonging to arts and commerce background, it becomes quite simple to give reason for the question but for science background candidates it becomes slightly tough to answer. So, aspirants must be fully prepared for such type of questions to answer.

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Question No.3) Will you come back again for SSB interview if you fail this time?

This type of questions may also be asked by the interviewer to the candidate who is appearing for SSB interview for the first time. But you need not to be worry at this point of time as he is not indicating that he is failing you this time. Instead, it is the way to examine your personality. If you say you will return with a logical reason, it will reflect a positive point on your personality.

Question No.4) What is the role of defence forces in our country?

Participant appearing for SSB interview must know about the organization for which he is interviewing. So this question may be picked by the interviewer during the NDA interview. So before attending the NDA interview, candidates must be acquainted with a few details of organization.

Question No.5) Which course you will opt after 10+2 if you could not become officer and why (For 12 pass out candidates)?

An interviewer would also like to identify whether you will keep on your quest for becoming an officer or not. So reply very cautiously this question. After 10+2 there are numerous options available for further studies. So decide it prior to SSB interview about your future planning. Never say that you will go for the course that your father decides for you. It will leave dreadful impression on the interviewer.

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Question No.6) Why did you fail in previous SSB attempt (for repeaters)?

This question can be asked to the candidates who have already attended the SSB interview in the previous years. So candidates must take care about that they should not blame the SSB team for their failure. It will leave a negative impression about you. Accept your weakness and try to convince that you have prepared well this time.

Question No.7) Did you do any special preparation for SSB?

This question would be asked to check your genuineness for the post. So candidates must answer this question by telling in short about their preparation strategy like reading books on current affairs, reading newspapers etc. In short you have to make him believe that you have worked very hard for your SSB.

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NDA SSB Interview Questions

As the SSB interview process is basically about examining the personality and intelligence of an individual and it also analyses their adaptability and compatibility. Even the use of scientific analysis is done for testing the individual.

The usually questioning starts from questions like –

  • Tell us about yourself?
  • Tell something about your place, where you came from?
  • Tell something that you like most about your native?

After such questions Interview starts moving toward general questions and it also get a rapid fire questioning that makes stress to candidates.

  • What are your hobbies?
  • Tell about 3 of your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Can you work under pressure?
  • What are you goals in life?
  • What are your outside interests?
  • What was the toughest decision you ever have to make?
  • Differentiate between confidence and over-confidence in your words?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
  • Why should we hire you?

Afterwards it reaches to the Technical part and your practical knowledge questioning like:

  • Are diabetic candidates eligible to become officers in NDA
  • Download Risk Certificate for NDA and TES 10+2 SSB interviews
  • Is AFCAT exam same as NDA NA exam and CDSE of UPSC?

Other Questions which can be asked:

  1. Give the ranks of airforce and its equivalent in the army/ Navy?
  2. What are some of the important operations of the Indian army?
  3. What is AFSPA?
  4. Tell us about the Indo-Pak Wars?
  5. When is the Indian army / navy / air force day celebrated?
  6. Tell about the AGNI missile
  7. What is meant by IOR?
  8. What is G-force? What is its significance to a pilot?
  9. Any responsible post held during your education at the institution
  10. Subjects you liked most and those you did not like at all, why?
  11. What are further options (if not army), why,?
  12.  Why ARMY, since when liked army?
  13.  Why do you want to join the defense forces, if not defense other options, how did you come to the conclusion that you want to join the forces.
  14. Did you try for NDA, why not succeeded?

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SSB NDA Interview Tips

Interview is taken for checking your mental caliber. So be prepared with such questions that are normally asked. Some of them are mentioned above that you can practice. Candidates must take the following points on consideration at the time of interview:

  • Make the first impression through your look and your body language.
  • Be confident and optimistic in your answer.
  • Be honest and explain clearly your ideas and issue you talking on.
  • Try to give some examples in enhancing the explanation of your answer.
  • Keep a voice tone with positive and assertiveness.
  • Make sure that interviewer is getting right what you want to explain.
  • Try to prepare neat and clean answer.
  • Must watch NDA interview video and NDA topper interview for better preparation

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NDA SSB interview (Day Wise Testing Procedure)

Candidates, who get shortlisted through National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination, then will be called for SSB interview NDA. Interview of NDA is a 5 day procedure. Candidates can check the day wise selection process from here:

First Day

First of all on the day 1, Service Selection Board conducts the Reasoning test and after that PPDT i.e., Picture Perception and Discussion Test. Those who qualify Reasoning test and PPDT then will conduct a group discussion round.

Based on these tests, result is prepared by the selection committee and then selected candidates are sent for further process. Thereafter, selected candidates must have to fill up PIQ (Personal Interview Questionnaire) and various other forms.

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Second Day

On the second day, the Services Selection Board conducts various psychological tests like TAT, WAT, SRT for the selected candidates and then prepare the results for same.

Third Day

On this day, selected candidates are examined by Group Testing Officer (GTO) Tasks. Candidates have to participate in Group Discussion, group planning Excercise (GPE), Progressive Group Tasks (PGT), Group Obstacle Race (GOR), Half Group Task (HGT) and a lecturette.

Fourth Day

As per the result of third day, selected candidates are tested in individual obstacles, Command Task (CT) and Final Group Task (FGT).

Fifth Day

This is the last day of SSB Interview on which, SSB board officials conducts a conference and makes a final result.

Personal Interview in SSB

Among all these 5 days, SSB Interview is conducted on second, third and fourth day by the interview panel of Services Selection Board (SSB).

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Tips on how to answer in SSB Personal Interview

Think Positive, Be Positive:

One of the most important tip for cracking any interview that you might have heard of several times and will possibly remain true to the core. Keeping the right and positive attitude for life helps the individual for getting more confident throughout. Having the positive attitude helps in bringing good vibes and ensures that one clicks  the right nodes in the interview.

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Other Important Tips:

  • Accurate Sitting Posture
  • Make the Best First Impression
  • Proper and Decent Dress Code
  • Give examples for any incidences that you are going to explain.
  • Speak in relevance to your Self-Description test and PIQ and do not give fakes.
  • Speak clearly and maintain an eye contact.

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SSB Interview Preparation Tips

SSB NDA preparation schedule must be well-planned and organized. Here, we are providing some preparation tips to pass the SSB Interview:

Be Confident: You have to maintain a confidence & a positive frame of mind. You have to believe in your capabilities. Make your weakness as your strong points.

Self- Awareness: The examiner usually looks for your ability to self-analyze, the aim of your life & determination, your thinking and mentality about your parents, friends, family, teachers, neighbors and other. Write everything you know about yourself and your near ones.

Practice writing & analyzing: You have to improve your writing skills. You have to practice writing about anything you see.

Stay Fit: You have to keep fit so that you can qualify all the physical activities with ease. Good Health helps you get a clearance in the medical tests. You can start mild jogging and stamina building exercises.

Personality Development: It is not enough that you should be a very intelligent person but you have to be strong, mature & possess a well-developed personality.

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Documents Required for Interview:

Candidates have to bring their original documents. Candidates have to produce original documents soon after qualifying the SSB Interview. The documents will be returned after verification.

  • 10+2 or Equivalent Examination Mark Sheet & Passing Certificate
  • Ten passport size photographs
  • Call Letter

Significant Words

Aspirants, you should keep in mind that you must tell them what appears in your mind first. If you lie so they will grasp you and creates difficulty in your selection.

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