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NIFT Sample Papers With Solutions, UG/PG Previous Year Question Paper

NIFT Sample Papers With Solutions

National Institute of Fashion Technology is one of leading institute which conducts NIFT entrance test to select candidates. Aspirants who are searching Sample Paper they may get NIFT Sample Papers With Solutions for UG and PG Exam from this page. You may also download the full set of questions paper in pdf form from official site through online mode. Here on this page you may get NIFT Previous Year Question Paper for Under Graduate and Post Graduate Exam that will help you to get success in Exam. By studying NIFT Sample Papers With Solutions candidates can get to know the exam level and they can check their ability.

National Institute of Fashion Technology or NIFT performs a test for admission into Bachelor Level Degree Programmes and Post Graduate Degree Courses in Fashion Design, Communication Design, Textile Design and Master Programme in Fashion Management, Apparel Production, Accessory Design, Knitwear Design, Leather Design, Apparel Production and Design Space. So candidates now you can grab this opportunity and test your skills through the NIFT Sample Papers With Solutions well tuned below by the team of

NIFT Sample Papers With Solutions

Ques. 1: If 2^(x+3).4^ (2x-5)=2^(3x+7) then the value of x

  1. 4
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 5

Answer: 3

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Ques. 2: If a^x=b^y=c^z and b/a=c/b then 2z/(x+y) is equal to

  1. x/2
  2. y/2
  3. z/2
  4. 1

Answer: 1

Ques. 3: The largest sum of money which is contained in both 49.56 and 37.94 an exact number of time is:

  1. 2.56
  2. 3.54
  3. 1.36
  4. 2.00

Answer: 2

Ques. 4: If x+y+z=0,then the value of x^2/yz+y^2/zx+z^2/xy is

  1. 0
  2. (b)1
  3. 2
  4. 3

Answer: 4

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Ques. 5: Malika travelled 5/16th of her journey by coach, 7/20 by rail, she walked the remaining 10 km,how far did she go altogether.

  1. 8 km
  2. (b)16 km
  3. (c)14 km
  4. (d) 29

Answer: 4

Ques. 6: On which of the following days is Statistics taught?

  1. Tuesday
  2. Thursday
  3. Friday
  4. Wednesday

Answer: 3

Ques. 7: According to a report on hunger and malnutrition (HUNGaMA), what percent of India’s children are malnourished and underw-eight?

  1. 42
  2. 32
  3. 38
  4. 48

Answer: 1

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Ques. 8: India and Thailand have decided to develop a seaport at Dawei, earlier known as Tavoy. In which Asian country is this town located?

  1. Thailand
  2. Cambodia
  3. Myanmar
  4. Vietnam
  5. Laos

Answer: 3

Ques. 9: If a=b^x ,b=c^y and c=a^z ,then xyz is

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 0
  4. 10

Answer: 1

Ques. 10: 3 bells toll at interval 36 sec,40 sec,48 sec respectively.They start ringing together at a particular time.They next toll together at

  1. 24 mins
  2. 12 mins
  3. 48 mins
  4. 6 mins.

Answer:  2

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Ques.11: How many 6 digits telephone number can be formed with digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 if each number starts with 35 and no digits appears more than once.

  1. 35
  2. 45
  3. 18
  4. 20

Answer:  1

Ques. 12: Who is the defense secretary of the United States of America?

  1. Leon Panetta
  2. John Bryson
  3. Tom Vilsack
  4. Eric Holder
  5. None of these

Answer:  1

Directions In these questions, choose the alternative which the same meaning to the keyword.

Ques. 13:  Abase

  1. Incur
  2. Tax
  3. estimate
  4. humiliate

Answer:  4

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Ques. 14: Aberration

  1. Deviation
  2. Abhorrence
  3. Dislike
  4. absence

Answer:  2

Ques. 15: Balmy

  1. venturesome
  2. dedicated
  3. mild
  4. fanatic

Answer:  3

Ques. 16: Buxom

  1. voluminous          ‘
  2. indecisive
  3. convincing
  4. plump

Answer:  4

Last Minute Exam Preparation Tips

Ques. 17: Homai Vyarawala passed away recently. She is India’s first woman? Jnanpith award winner

  1. Photo journalist
  2. Mountaineer
  3. Cricketer
  4. None of these

Answer:  2

Ques. 18: Which on 30 October 2014 became the first European Union country to recognise the State of Palestine?

  1. Hungary
  2. Iceland
  3. Poland
  4. Sweden

Answer:  4

Ques. 19: The fourth proportional to 5, 8, 15 is:

  1. 18
  2. 24
  3. 19
  4. 20

Answer:  2

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Ques. 20: Which state has instituted the Mallikarjun Mansur award?

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Odisha
  4. Goa
  5. Karnataka

Answer:  4

Ques. 21: Name the person, who was sworn-in as the tenth Chief Minister of Haryana?

  1. Vikram Singh Thekedar
  2. Krishan Kumar Bedi
  3. Manohar Lal Khattar
  4. Ram Bilas Sharma

Answer:  3

Ques. 22: The 10th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) conclave was held in Jaipur from January 7 to 9, 2012. Who was the chief guest for this conference?

  1. Lakshmi Nivas Mittal
  2. Datuk S.Subramaniam
  3. Yingluck Shinawatra
  4. Anand Satyanand
  5. Kamla Persad Bissessar

Answer: 5

Memory Improvement Techniques

Ques. 23: To pay homage to war heroes, the 68th Infantry Day was observed across India on?

  1. 27 October 2014
  2. 26 October 2014
  3. 25 September 2014
  4. 17 August 2014

Answer: 1

Ques. 24: Name the organisation that released the Global Gender Gap Report 2014 in the last week of October 2014

  1. WEF
  4. None of these

Answer: 1

Ques. 25: A fruit seller had some apples. He sells 40% apples and still has 420 apples. Originally, he had:

  1. 588 apples
  2. 600 apples
  3. 672 apples
  4. 700 apples

Answer: 4

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Ques. 26: Who is the defense secretary of the United States of America?

  1. Leon Panetta
  2. John Bryson
  3. Tom Vilsack
  4. Eric Holder
  5. None of these

Answer: 1

About NIFT

  • NIFT is also known as National Institute of Fashion Technology and it is a fashion institute in India. National Institute of Fashion Technology was formed in 1986 under the support of Ministry of Textiles, Government of India & is an institution of design, management and technology for worldwide fashion business.
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology was approved statutory status in 2006, authorized it to award degrees and other academic differences.
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology provides 4 year undergraduate, as well as 2 year post-graduate courses in field of design, management, and technology.

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