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Engineering Quiz | Stream Wise Engineer Trivia MCQ Questions and Answers Online

Engineering Quiz

Engineering is a one of the interesting subject that requires a smart study with tons of creativity. Start preparing for your engineering exam from the Engineering Quiz provided below. We believe that online quiz is the best and the smart way to prepare well for the exam. As online Questions and Answers help you analyze your knowledge and skills yourself.

The below Stream Wise Engineer Trivia MCQ is prepared with the help of previous years papers. All the Question and answers are covered which would be asked in any engineering quiz related to electrical, electronics, mechanical, computers etc.For more detail so solve our online Test quiz which is developed by the expert team of

Engineering Quiz

Engineering Quiz (MCQ Questions and Answers)

Question 1 Capitalized cost of a project is also known as ______.

  1. Life cost
  2. Project cost
  3. Infinite cost
  4. Life cycle cost

Answer: 4

Question 2 In a mortar, the binding material is

  1. Surkhi
  2. Cement
  3. Sand

Answer: 3

Question 3Wrought iron contains carbon upto

  1. 5%
  2. 2%
  3. 25%
  4. 0%

Answer: 3

Question 4 The centre of gravity of a semi-circle lies at a distance of __________ from its base measured along the vertical radius

  1. 3r/ 8
  2. 8r/3
  3. 3r/4π
  4. 4r/ 3π

Answer: 4

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Question 5 If 2% solution of a sewage sample is incubated for 5 days at 20°C and depletion of oxygen was found to be 5 ppm, B.O.D. of the sewage is

  1. 250 ppm
  2. 200 ppm
  3. 225 ppm
  4. None of these

Answer: 1

Question 6 What Cast Iron has nodular of spheroidal graphite?

  1. Hard alloy
  2. soft iron
  3. Rusty iron
  4. Ductile iron

Answer: 4

Question 7 A machine having an efficiency less than 50%, is known as

  1. Neither reversible nor non-reversible machine
  2. Ideal machine
  3. Non-reversible machine
  4. Reversible machine

Answer: 3

Question 8 What remains constant during a steady-flow process?

  1. Temperature
  2. Mass and energy content of the control volume
  3. Mass
  4. Energy content of the control volume

Answer: 2

Question 9 An RLC series circuit is underdamped. To make it overdamped, the value of R

  1. Has to be increased to infinity
  2. Has to be reduced to zero
  3. Has to be increased
  4. Has to be decreased

Answer: 3

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Question 10 Which of the following are vector quantities?

  1. Linear velocity
  2. Linear displacement
  3. Linear acceleration
  4. All of these

Answer: 4

Question 11 The most commonly used semiconductor material is

  1. Germanium
  2. Mixture of silicon and germanium
  3. Silicon
  4. None of the above

Answer: 3

Question 12 The velocity ratio in case of an inclined plane inclined at angle θ to the horizontal and weight being pulled up the inclined plane by vertical effort is

  1. Cos θ
  2. Sin θ
  3. Tan θ

Answer: 2

Question 13 What is the frequency of a clock waveform if the period of that waveform is 1.25 s?

  1. 8 MHz
  2. 8 MHz
  3. 8 kHz
  4. 8 kHz

Answer: 1

Question 14 An ideal machines, mechanical advantage is __________ velocity rati.

  1. Less than
  2. Greater than
  3. Equal to
  4. None of these

Answer: 3

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Question 15 Internally, a computer’s binary data are almost always transmitted on parallel channels, commonly referred to as the:

  1. Serial bus
  2. Data bus
  3. Memory bus
  4. Parallel bus

Answer: 2

Question 16 Non-coplaner concurrent forces are those forces which

  1. Meet at one point and their lines of action also lie on the same plane
  2. Do not meet at one point, but their lines of action lie on the same plane
  3. Do not meet at one point and their lines of action do not lie on the same plane
  4. Meet at one point, but their lines of action do not lie on the same plane

Answer: 1

Question 17 The check sum method of testing a ROM:

  1. Simply indicates that the contents of the rom are incorrect.
  2. Indicates if the data in more than one memory location is incorrect.
  3. Provides a means for locating and correcting data errors in specific memory locations.
  4. Allows data errors to be pinpointed to a specific memory location.

Answer: 1

Question 18 The maximum efficiency of a lifting machine is

  1. 1/m
  2. 1/m x V.R.
  3. R./m
  4. m/V.R.

Answer: 2

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Question 19 It is the intensity of the force.

  1. Vector quantities
  2. Magnitude
  3. Direction
  4. Scalar quantities

Answer: 2

Question 20 Body of weight W is required to move up on rough inclined plane whose angle of inclination with the horizontal is α. The effort applied parallel to the plane is given by(where μ = tanφ = Coefficient of friction between the plane and the body.)

  1. P = W (cosα + μsinα)
  2. P = W (sinα + μcosα)
  3. P = W tanα
  4. P = W tan(α + φ)

Answer: 2

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For more information bookmark this page which is created by team of completed this test candidates can identify their weak and strong areas. Hope the above quiz will help you in your exam preparation. We suggest you to practice mock test on daily basis to score good marks in examination. So Prepare well by going through the above stated questions and answers and follow us on Face book or Google Plus to collect most recent details on your timeline wall. If you have any doubt or questions related to above quiz you can comment us in below page our representative will get into touch with you as soon as possible.

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