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Online Journalism Jobs | Free Journalist Job on Internet for Student

Online Journalism Jobs

Digital journalism also known as online journalism it is a modern form of journalism where editorial content is distributed through the Internet as diverse to deal out via print or broadcast. Online journalism jobs are a growing field common in between conventional media and the growing blogging community. Large media companies conventionally print and television focused, continue to control the journalism surroundings now online but a growing group of dedicated bloggers are providing an independent voice.


As we know that Internet makes news more interesting because of the interactivity and multimedia like audio, videos, animations and more. The online journalism is increasing day by day about its monetary future and online journalist is cheerful, coverage expanding newsroom.

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It is important to know that making a successful career in online journalism takes time and effort. You have to make use of your writing skills, but you are also able to build a name for yourself, and prove yourself consistent and believable. You start online journalism by considerate the core principles of journalism, and using them in your writing efforts. The seven main news values that can help you determine whether or not amazing is “worth” writing about:

  • Impact: How many will be affected.
  • Prominence: The subject is in the public eye.
  • Timeliness: Something immediate, that applies within a specific time frame.
  • Currency: Stories that focus on what is happening now.
  • Proximity: How close, in distance, the news is happening.
  • Conflict: Sources of strife and debate.
  • Bizarre: Something unusual or out of the ordinary.

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Some things to consider as you write in a journalistic style include:

  • Research: It is important to back your writing up with research and factual information.
  • Reliable sources: Not everyone is a reliable source. You should also realize that your sources themselves should have good credentials.
  • Reference: Be sure to reference statements that you make with links and attribution to reliable source of information.
  • Credit: Be sure to credit others when you use their words or get information from them, and avoid plagiarism, as you write stories on web sites and blogs.
  • An element of balance: Don’t forget to consider the other side, but remember that not all sources have the same credibility, and not all sides have the same weight of evidence behind them.

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Free Journalist Job on Internet for Student

Senior Content Editor


The senior content editors takes the reviews of an article and check or correct the any of grammatical, spelling and punctuations errors and do much more than this. They also check get better or suggest perfections for the flow or readability of the text and make the page more perfect by create the headlines, captions, pull-out quotes, border, color text and much more and in proper formatting and more. The well known companies or MNCs have proof readers or copy makers who generally take a “last look” to make sure there that are no types or errors left.

Degree LevelBachelor’s degree
Degree FieldJournalism, communications, English or a comparable discipline
ExperienceAdvancement occurs as editors gain experience
Key SkillsGrammar skills, creativity, communication, intermediate computer skills, working knowledge of publishing and communication tools
Salary (2014)$54,890 per year (Median salary for all editors)

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Content Writer


The Newsletter & Electronic Publishers relationships estimate that the US issues some 8,000 subscription-based newsletters. Each of them needs at least one content writer/editor, and the well known big companies need more content writers. the content writers should have the ability to write any of the article in expertise level. If you can’t shake the reporting virus and have an interest or expertise in a exacting relevant area, you might find your position writing about a place.

Degree LevelBachelor’s degree
Degree FieldJournalism, communications, English or a comparable discipline
Key SkillsGrammar skills, creativity, communication, intermediate computer skills, working knowledge of publishing and communication tools
SalaryBetween $40,270 and $105,760 each year.

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Book Editor

11111A Book editor is responsible for one of the most significant steps in book publishing. They take a document and convert it into a refined product ready to be printed. This needs many things of an editor, as there are numerous feature of editing that go into producing a market-ready book.

Education RequirementsBachelor’s degree
Projected Job Outlook (2012-22)*2% decline (all editors)
Mean Wage (2013)*$62,820 (all editors)

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If you want to enhance your career as a journalist then the position as a reporter is the good choice. Reporters collect the information’s and writes for newspapers, magazines, radio, or TV. Currently graduates might start at small local papers writing for a perticular topic.

Degree LevelBachelor’s degree (minimum)
Degree FieldJournalism, communications or related fields, such as English or political science
ExperienceExperience from internships preferred
Key SkillsObjective and persistent; strong communication and interpersonal skills are also essential
Computer SkillsAble to use database software like FileMaker Pro or Microsoft Access as well as statistical analysis software; should be familiar with social media applications, physical stamina and a flexible schedule
Salary$36,000 is the median annual salary for reporters (2014)

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Photojournalists as a career are also a good choice they take pictures of breaking news, sporting events, community events, festivals, and many more. They can be surrounded in areas of difference documentation times of war or work in a small community for a local newspaper. Work can be part time, or full-time with reimbursement at a news media opening.

Degree LevelNo formal requirements; bachelor’s degree can help improve employability
Degree FieldPhotojournalism
Licensure/CertificationNo licensure or certification needed, but membership in the American Society of Media Photographers can offer professional resources and networking opportunities
ExperienceInternships available; professional portfolio will be required
Key SkillsStress-management; ability to meet deadlines; communication; decision-making; computer skills with photo editing software; technical skills with camera technology
Salary (2014)$38,350 per year (Average salary for photographers)

Dear candidates! We hope that the article about Online Journalism Jobs, we have given on this page will surely useful to you. If you want to know about any of the other information related to this article or other keep visiting if you have any query you may leave a massage in the comment box.

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