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Operating System Interview Questions/Answers Freshers & Experienced PDF

Operating System Interview Questions/Answers

If you are going to face any IT sector or computer related work interview then you must have to know about the main Operating System Interview Questions/Answers, because interviewer asked these question while conversation with Freshers & Experienced candidates. For more details must checkout the beneath section of this page of

Operating System Interview Questions with Answers

Ques1: Explain the main purpose of an operating system?

Answer: Operating systems exist for 2 main functions. One is that it’s designed to form positive a ADP system performs well by managing its procedure activities. Another is that it provides associate atmosphere for the event and execution of programs

Ques2: How does swapping result in better memory management?

Answer: During regular intervals that square measure set by the package, processes may be derived from main memory to a backing store, and so derived back later. Swapping permits a lot of processes to be run which will match into memory at one time.

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Ques3: What are the advantages of a multiprocessor system?

Answer: With associate hyperbolic range of processors, there is considerable increase in throughput. It also can save extra money as a result of they will share resources. Finally, overall reliability is increased as well

Ques4: What are real-time systems?

Answer: Real-time systems area unit used once rigid time necessities are placed on the operation of a processor. It well outlined and glued time constraints

Ques5: What is virtual memory?

Answer: Virtual memory may be a memory management technique for holding processes execute outside of memory. This is often terribly helpful particularly is an executing program cannot fit in the physical memory.

Ques6: What is demand paging?

Answer: Demand paging is a system whereby space of memory that don’t seem to be presently getting used are swapped to disk to form area for associate degree application’s want.

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Ques7: Describe the objective of multiprogramming.

Answer: The main objective of multiprogramming is to own method running in the slightest degree times. With this style, CPU utilization is claimed to be maximized.

Ques8: What are time sharing systems?

Answer: In a sharing system, the central processing unit executes multiple jobs by shift among them, conjointly called multitasking. This method happens thus quick that users will really move with every program whereas it’s running.

Ques9: What is kernel?

Answer: Kernel is that the core of each package. It connects applications to the particular process of knowledge. It conjointly manages all communications between code and hardware parts to make sure usability and reliability.

Ques10: How are server systems classified?

Answer: Server systems are often classified as either computer-server systems or digital computer systems. Within the initial case, AN interface is formed accessible for purchasers to send requests to perform AN action. Within the second case, provisions area unit accessible for purchasers to make, access and update files.

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Ques11: What is SMP?

Answer: SMP is short for Symmetric MultiProcessing, and is that the commonest sort of multiple-processor systems. during this system, every processor runs a standardized copy of the software package, and these copies communicate with each other as required.

Ques12: What is asymmetric clustering?

Answer: In asymmetric clustering, a machine is in an exceedingly state called hot standby mode wherever it will nothing however to watch the active server. That machine takes the active server’s role ought to the server fails.

Ques13: What is a thread?

Answer: A thread may be a basic unit of hardware utilization. In general, a thread consists of a thread ID, program counter, register set and also the stack.

Ques14: Briefly explain FCFS.

Answer: FCFS is brief for First-come, first-served, and is one kind of programing rule. During this theme, the method that requests the C.P.U. initial is allotted the C.P.U. initial. Implementation is managed by a FIFO queue

Ques15: What is RR scheduling algorithm?

Answer: RR (round-robin) programming formula is primarily aimed for time-sharing systems. A circular queue is setup in such the simplest way that the CPU scheduler goes around that queue.

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Ques16: What necessary conditions can lead to a deadlock situation in a system?

Answer: Deadlock things occur once four conditions occur at the same time during a system: Mutual exclusion; Hold and Wait; No preemption; and Circular wait

Ques17: Give some benefits of multithreaded programming.


1)    there is an increased responsiveness to the user

2)    resource sharing within the process

3)    economy

4)    utilization of multiprocessing architecture

Ques18: Enumerate the different RAID levels.


1)    RAID 0 – Non-redundant striping

2)    RAID 1 – Mirrored Disks

3)    RAID 2 – Memory-style error-correcting codes

4)    RAID 3 – Bit-interleaved Parity

5)    RAID 4 – Block-interleaved Parity

6)    RAID 5 – Block-interleaved distributed Parity

7)    RAID 6 – P+Q Redundancy

Ques19: How does dynamic loading aid in better memory space utilization?

Answer: With dynamic loading, a routine isn’t loaded till it’s referred to as. This methodology is very helpful once giant amounts of code square measure required so as handling occasionally occurring cases like error routines

Ques20: What are overlays?

Answer: Overlays area unit accustomed change a method to be larger than the quantity of memory allotted to that. The fundamental plan of this can be that solely directions and information that area unit required at any given time area unit unbroken in memory.

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