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Oracle Interview Experience: Imp Tips, Review/Suggestions, Hiring Process

Oracle Interview Experience

Want to give their best performance in an interview session of Oracle Recruitment? Then, you must check Hiring Process and Oracle Interview Experience of selected applicants for Oracle Jobs. Also go through some imp tips, Review/Suggestionsto crack Oracle Interview.

By doing so, you can easily prepare well for Oracle Recruitment Process. Now, through this article, I am going to share my Oracle Interview Experiencethat was held a day before yesterday. After appearing in Oracle Interview, you can also Share yoursuccess story and Real Time Views here.

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Oracle Interview Experience

Hello friends!  I am Anjali Shiva and I am here to share my Oracle Interview Experience with all of you. I hope my Experience will help you to crack the oracle interview. When I was called for oracle interview I was very excited about it and it was one of my dreams to join this company and I never let it go. Now, let’s discuss my interview….

College Name: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Stream: Engineering

Oracle Hiring Process

Before going to start my interview experience, aspirants need to understand its complete hiring process. There are three rounds of the recruitment process:

First of all, they conducted Aptitude Test either in form of online or offline. The questions were asked from following 05 subjects which are.

  1. General Aptitude
  2. Programming
  3. Data Interpretation
  4. Logical Reasoning
  5. Character Recognition

In this test, mostly question were asked from data structure and some questions were from programming. The exam was not easy specially the questions of data structure. Mostly questions of data structure were from trees and stacks.

There were some theoretical questions on database management regarding foreign key, primary key etc. Aptitude test was easy but the main factor was time management which affect our performance.

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Oracle Interview Experience

After successful completion of aptitude test, we were called for interview. In an interview session, there were 3 rounds. Let’s discuss first round.

First Round

The main objective of first round is to test the logical reasoning and programming knowledge. These questions were based on puzzle and the main focus was to test the logical ability.

After that, they asked me some technical questions on queues and stacks with the use of programming language. Basically, the puzzles and logical questions were common.

For example:

Suppose, we have 100 beam balls and except one all have same weight then, what are the smallest numbers of attempts find the odd ball with the help of a beam balance. Check here, frequently asked questions in this round:

  • Write a program to reverse a string using pointers.
  • Write a program to remove spaces from a sentence.
  • What are the different types of sorting and searching.
  • What are DDL, DML and DCL?
  • What kind of project you have done. What is it about.
  • What would you prefer- Internship or project in college?
  • What are threads?
  • What is multithreading?
  • Have you implemented threads?
  • What is call by reference and call by value? Which of these is used in Java?

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Second Round

In second round of interview, they were asked me some technical and human resource (HR) questions.In HR questions, they asked:

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What made you join this college?
  • Was there any situation you had a fight with someone? If yes, give details. And, how will you handle this situation in future if you’re faced with it again?
  • Which is your dream company?
  • Any questions? (Don’t avoid asking question(s) in the end)


This interview procedure was not difficult it was smooth and they want only those persons whose logical thinking was good.

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Final Round

Finally, the final round of interview was coming. This round was based on HR and technical questions. Basically, in this round they want to check my interest to join the company and I will stick with the company or not. Interviewer asked very simple questions. In actual, they wanted to test the information which I mentioned in resume.

  • What are the future plans?
  • Why you want to join oracle?

Imp Tips To Crack Oracle Interview

At last, I want to give some useful tips for you which will help you to tackle the interview.

  • This company gives weightage to the internships and projects and if, you had one of these regarding coding, then, you need to add some benefit.
  • If, you want to get the job in oracle, then you must have knowledge of data structures.
  • Understand about Oracle DBA Expectations and practice through Mock interview preparation material.
  • Make an excellent Oracle DBA Resume and Identify new areas to excel in Oracle DBA career

At the end, I want to say that overall my experience was good and I never forgot that day in my whole life. So, friends this was Oracle Interview Experience shared by Anjali shiva on our website that is and we expect that this experience will help you to crack the Oracle Interview.

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Final Note:

This is all about Oracle Interview Experience. You can also unveil Your Experience on this platform. We advised to candidates that be confident at the time of interview and don’t get nervous. At last, we thanks to Anjali shiva to share her experience with us and like her you can also Unveil Your Experience.

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