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At Sufi meet, PM Modi Says Allah has 99 Names, Not One Stands for Violence

PM Modi At Sufi meet

PM Modi has praised the “Prosperous Diversity” of Islam at Sufi meeting against worldwide terror. Prime Minister Narendra Modi says Allah has 99 Names, Not One Stands for Violence at Sufi meeting. PM Narendra Modi illustrated Islam as a “faith of peace” and Sufism as one of its utmost contributions, addressing a worldwide audience on the opening day of the World Sufi Forum here on Thursday.

Sufi scholars from around the world took part at the 3 day event in which Terrorism dominated the conversation. Modi joined the delegates to denounce terror. Diversity is an essential actuality of Nature and basis of richness of a society and it should not be a cause of discord, Modi said in his speech at the at the inaugural of World Sufi Forum in New Delhi.

PM Modi At Sufi meet

Here are the top 10 quotes from PM Modi’s speech:

1.Of the 99 names of Allah, not even a single stand for strength and violence and the first two names represent concerned and compassionate. Allah is Rahman and Raheem…Those who spread terror in the name of religion they will be called as an anti-religious.

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2. Amir Khusrau spoke about that when the religious love of Sufism, not the violent force of violence, runs across the border, this region will be the paradise on earth.

3. In India, Sufism turn into the face of Islam, even as it continued extremely rooted in the Holy Quran, and Hadis. Sufism flourished in India’s sincerity and pluralism. It engaged with her religious tradition, and evolved its own Indian culture. And, it facilitates shape a distinct Islamic tradition of India.

4. It is this strength of Sufism, the affection for their country and the pride in their nation that describe the Muslims in India. They are precipitous in the autonomous custom of India, self-assured of their place in the country and invest in the future of their nation; And, above all, they are formed by the values of Islamic tradition of India. It upholds the top values of Islam and has at all times rejected the forces of violence and extremism.

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5. The tallest of our leaders, such as Maulana Azad, and important spiritual leaders, such as Maulana Hussain Madani, and number of common people, rejected the idea of division on the basis of religion. As a nation, we stand against colonialism and in our struggle for sovereignty. At the dawn of independence some prefer to go away.

6. Terrorism divides and destroys us. Without a doubt, when violence and extremism have become the most harsh force of our times, the message of Sufism has worldwide importance.

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7. Terrorists disfigure a religious conviction whose cause they agree to support. Terrorism uses various inspiration and causes, none of which can be acceptable. Terrorists kill and destroy more in their own land and among their own people than they do somewhere else.

8. The fight against violence is not an argument in opposition to any religion. It cannot be. It is a struggle between the standards of humanism and the forces of inhumanity.

9. We must refuse any link which is created between terrorism and religion. Those who spread terror in the name of religion they are called as anti-religious.

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10. We required just not lawful provisions or legal safeguards, but also social standards to build a wide-ranging and nonviolent society, in which everyone belongs, safe about his rights and confident of her future.


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