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1st PUC Question Papers 2014 PCMB Science,Accountancy, Maths

1st PUC Question Papers 2013: 1st PUC and 2nd PUC exams are conducted by Department of Pre University Education Karnataka.  Every year a number of students take admission in Pre University courses.

Karnataka Pre University Education will release Exam time table in the month of November and March every year. So to give the 1st PUC exam candidates are required to understand the Exam pattern and types of questions. So for your exam preparation we are providing you the 1st PUC question Paper in following section:

1st PUC Question Papers 2014 for Science, Accountancy & Maths

Maths Question:

Give an example of a collection which is not a set.
Ans. Collection of beautiful girls in the city is not a set

Define set.
Ans. A set is defined as collection of well defined objects

If A = {1, 2, 3} and B is an empty set, then find A x B.
Ans. A xB = {  }

Define on ordered triplet.
Ans. If P, Q and R are any three sets then the elements of P, Q and R written in small brackets
and grouped together in a particular order is defined as an ordered triplet.

Physics Question:

Who proposed elliptical orbit of the plants around sun?
Ans. Kepler

Mention one of the demerits of Newtonian mechanics .
Ans. It fails to explain some basic features of atomic phenomenon.

Who introduced the concept of anti particle theoretically for the first time ?
Ans. Paul Dirac

Who confirmed the existence of positron experimentally?
Ans. Anderson

Chemistry Question:

What is Chemistry?
Ans: It is a Branch of science deals with the study of composition,properties and interaction of matter.

Name the drug used in the cancer therapy

Ans: 1. Cisplatin   2. Taxol

Which chemical is responsible for depletion of Ozone
Ans: Chloroflurocarbons (CFCs)

Define solid
Ans: Solid is a substance having definite shape and volume

Biology Question:

  1. Name the structural and functional unit of an organsism.
  2. What is binomial nomenclature?
  3. Who introduced the binomial nomenclature?
  4. Name the basic unit of classification.
  5. What is Taxonomy?


  1. Explain the term Journal entry and Accountancy
  2. What is Analytical system of petty cash book.
  3. Give any two example of errors of Omission
  4. Explain the term entity and Transaction.

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