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Punjab University Date Sheet 2017 MA/M.Sc/M.P.ED Time Table

Punjab University Date Sheet

Are you waiting for PU Time Table? Your wait is over as Punjab University Date Sheet is out now. Candidates, who are going to appear for MA, M.Sc, M.P.ED and other courses Exam and waiting for the Punjab university date sheet 2017, they can check it through this page. Punjab University exams are going to start from 5th December 2016; you may download your PU date sheet by following below given steps.

Punjab University Date Sheet

Punjab University Exam Date Sheet contains each and every detail as date of subject exam and timings of the exam, so that students and college administrations can make better arrangements for upcoming examinations, which are scheduled to be held in upcoming month.

 When examinations will get over Punjab University will start scheduling for correction of the exam papers and release Punjab university time table for reappear one by one for all courses, students can check their schedule through our web portal which is created by the team of

Get Details: Punjab University Syllabus

Punjab University Date Sheet

Check Date Sheet of M.A./M.SC./M.P.ED./M.COM./M.F.C 1st Semester:

DateSubject, Paper & Code No.
05th December 2016Mathematics Math-601S: Real Analysis-I (3643)
Psychology Paper-III: Experimental and Cognitive Psychology-I (3290)
06th December 2016Buddhist and Tibetan Studies Paper-I: Buddhism in India (2225)
Chemistry Paper-I: CH-411:Inorganic Chemistry (3544)
Defence & Strategic Studies DS-1: National Security Conceptual Aspect (2610)
History Paper-I : The Punjab (Mid-fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries) (HIS 111) (2856)
M.C.-101: Managerial Economics (3801) (Same for USOL Candidates)
Zoology Paper-I: Structure and Functions of Invertebrates-I (3753)
07th December 2016Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology Paper-I: History of India from earliest times to 8th Century B.C.(2538)
Community Education & Development Paper-I: Community Development & Organization (2586)
History of Art Paper-I: History of Indian Sculpture and Architecture from the earliest times to CA 600 AD (2914)
Sociology SOC-R-411: History of Social Thought (3346)
08th December 2016English Paper-I: Literary Criticism-I (2249)
M.C.-102: Quantitative Methods for Business (3802) (Same for USOL Candidates)
Mathematics Math-602S: Algebra-I (3644)
Microbial Biotechnology MBT-101: Microbial Biodiversity & Physiology (3681)
Physics PHY 6001: Mathematical Physics-I (3702)
Psychology Paper-II: Social Psychology-I (3289)
09th December 2016Botany Paper-I: Phycology (3517)
Buddhist and Tibetan Studies Paper-II: Indian Philosophy (2226)
Defence & Strategic Studies DS-2: Concept and Theories of International Relations (2611)
Education Paper-I (C01-PSF): Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education-I (2720)
Gandhian & Peace Studies Paper-I: Life and the Making of Gandhi (2829)
M.P.Ed. Paper-I RMP-101: Research Methodology in Physical Education (3076)
Master in Social Works CSW-111: Social Work: Concepts and Methods (3111)
Russian Paper-I: 19th Century Russian Literature (2442)
10th December 2016Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology Paper-II: History of India from 78 A.D. to 300 A.D (2539)
Chemistry Paper-II: CH-412: Organic Chemistry (3545)
Community Education & Development Paper-II: Indian Social Structure (2587)
Environment Science Paper-I (ENV-6101): Geo-Environment & Meteorological Science (3568)
Fine Arts Paper-I: Principles and Sources of Art (2770)
French FRH-101: History of French Literature (16th & 17th Centuries) (2285)
Geography Paper-I: Geographic Thought (2786)
Hindi Paper-I: Hindi Sahitya Ka Adikal Avem Madhyakal (2332)
History Paper-II: Ancient India: An Overview (HIS 231) (2857)
Journalism & Mass Communication Paper-I: Introduction to Communication (2979)
M.C.-103: Modern Accounting Theory and Reporting Practices (3803) (Same for USOL Candidates)
Political Science Course-I: Western Political Thought-I (3164)
Public Administration Paper-I: Administrative Theory-I (3211)
Punjabi Paper-I: Madhkali Punjabi Sahit Da Itihas (2364)
Sociology SOC-R-412: Sociology of Family and Gender (3347)
Zoology Paper-II: Lower Chordates & Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates-I (3754)
12th December 2016Botany Paper-II: Bryology (3518)
Economics MAECO-101: Micro Economics-I (2656)
English Paper-II: British Poetry-I (2250)
Gandhian & Peace Studies Paper-II: Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi (2830)
History of Art Paper-II: History of European Art from the Pre-Historic to the Byzantine period (2915)
Master in Remote Sensing Paper-I: Fundamentals of Remote Sensing (3330)
Mathematics Math-603S: Differential Equations (3645)
Microbial Biotechnology MBT-102: Immunology and Immunotechnology (3682)
Persian Paper-I: History of Persian Language & Literature (2413)
Philosophy Paper-101 : Introduction to Philosophical Psychology (3258)
Physics PHY 6002:Classical Mechanics (3703)
Police Administration Paper-I: Police Administration (3139)
Psychology Paper-I: Theories and Systems of Psychology-I (3288)
Sanskrit Paper-I: Vaidik Sahitya (2466)
Urdu Paper-I: History of Urdu Language and Literature (2502)
13th December 2016Buddhist and Tibetan Studies Paper-III: Tibetan Grammar (2227)
Defence & Strategic Studies DS-3: Art of War (2612)
Education Paper-II (C02-EDP): Educational Psychology-I (2721)
History Paper-III: Medieval India: Political Processes (HIS 221) (2858)
Human Rights & Duties Core Paper-1: Historical, Theoretical and Philosophical Perspective on Human Rights and Duties (2938)
M.C.-104: Organization Theory and Behaviour (3804) (Same for USOL Candidates)
M.P.Ed. Paper-II ETP-102 : Educational Technology and Pedagogic Techniques in Physical Education (3077)
Master in Disaster Management DM1: Concepts, Approaches and Theories of Disasters(2636)
Master in Social Works CSW-112: Evolution & Contemporary Ideologies of Social Work (3112)
Public Administration Paper-II: Organizational Behaviour (3212)
Punjabi Paper-II: Sahit Sidhant, Sanatni Kaav Shaster Ate Punjabi Alochna (2365)
Russian Paper-II: Translation (2443)
Sociology SOC-R-413:-Sociology of Development (3348)
Statistics Stat-101: Linear Algebra (3731)
Women Studies Paper-I: Conceptualizing Women’s Studies (3392)
14th December 2016Chemistry Paper-III: CH-413:Physical Chemistry (3546)
Environment Science Paper-II (ENV-6102): Ecological Principles (3569)
Fine Arts Paper-II: History of Indian Painting and Sculpture (2771)
French FRL-102: Initiation to Linguistics (2286)
Geography Paper-II: Geomorphology (2787)
Political Science Course-II: Key Concepts in Political Analysis (3165)
Zoology Paper-III: Animal Physiology (3755)
15th December 2016Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology Paper-VI: Indian Architecture (2543)
Community Education & Development Paper-III: Empowerment of Community (2588)
Economics MAECO-102: Contemporary Issues in Indian Economy-I (2657)
Gandhian & Peace Studies Paper-III: Peace Studies (2831)
Hindi Paper-II: Adhunik Hindi Kavya (2333)
Journalism & Mass Communication Paper-II: Basics of Print Journalism (2980)
M.C.-105: Marketing Management (3805) (Same for USOL Candidates)
Mathematics Math-604S: Complex Analysis-I (3646)
Microbial Biotechnology MBT-103: Genetics & Recombinant DNA Technology (3683)
Philosophy Paper-102 : Western Philosophy (History of Greek Philosophy) (3259)
Police Administration Paper-II: Theory of Public Administration (3140)
Psychology Paper-IV: Research Methodology & Statistics-I (3291)
16th December 2016Botany Paper-III: Mycology and Microbiology (3519)
English Paper-III: British Drama-I (2251)
History of Art Paper-III: History of Indian Painting from the Pre-historic period to the 16th Century A.D.(2916)
Master in Remote Sensing Paper-II: Fundamentals of Photogrammetry (3331)
Persian Paper-II: Elements of Persian Structure (2414)
Physics PHY 6003:Quantum Mechanics -I (3704)
Sanskrit Paper-II: Sanskrit Natak Avem Kavya Sashtra (2467)
Urdu Paper-II: Elements of Urdu Structure (Sheyari Asnaaf aur Nasari Asnaf with Definition) (2503)
17th December 201Buddhist and Tibetan Studies Paper-IV: Translation (2228)
Defence & Strategic Studies DS-4: Armed Forces & Society (2613)
Education Paper-III (C03-ERS): Educational Research and Statistics-I (2722)
History Paper-IV: Modern Indian: Political Processes (HIS-211) (2859)
Human Rights & Duties Core Paper-2: Human Rights and Duties in India (2939)
Indian Classical Dance: P-I: Survey of Historical & Theoretical aspects of Indian Dance (3060)
Indian Theatre Paper-I: History of Theatre (Theory)(2963)
M.C.-106: Management Information System (3806) (Same for USOL Candidates)
M.P.Ed. Paper-III MEP-103 : Measurements & Evaluation in Physical Education (3078)
Master in Disaster Management DM2: Fundamentals of Disaster Management (2637)
Master in Social Works FSW-211: Research Methods in Social Work (3113)
Music (Instrumental): P-I : Theoretical Survey, Principles of Aesthetics and Critical Study of Ragas (3012)
Music (Tabla) Paper-I : Theoretical Survey & Principles of Aesthetics (3044)
Music (Vocal) : P-I : Theoretical Survey Principles of Aesthetics and Critical Study of Ragas (3028)
Political Science Course-III: Indian Political: Institution at Work (3166)
Public Administration Paper-III: Public Financial Administration (3213)
Punjabi Paper-III:
Opt. (i): Madhkali Punjabi Kaav (2366)
Opt. (ii): Gurmati Ate Sufi Kaav (2367)
Russian Paper-III: Modern Russian Language (Morphology) (2444)
Sociology SOC-R-414: Social Stratification: Concepts & Theories (3349)
Statistics Stat-102: Distribution Theory (3732)
Women Studies Paper-II: Women’s Movement in India (3393)
19th December 2016Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology: Paper-VII: Sculpture (2544)
Botany Paper-IV: (3520)
Chemistry Paper-IV: CH-414 (3547)
Community Education & Development Paper-IV: Research Methodology (2589)
Economics MAECO-103: Quantitative Methods-I (2658)
Environment Science Paper-III (ENV-6103): Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology (3570)
French FRD-103: French Drama (17th & 18th Centuries) (2287)
Gandhian & Peace Studies Paper-IV: A Study of Texts (2832)
Geography Paper-III: Cartography (Theory) (2788)
Hindi Paper-III: Adhunik Hindi Gadhya Sahitya (2334)
Journalism & Mass Communication Paper-III: Growth and Development of Print & Broadcase Media (2981)
Mathematics Math-605S: Number Theory-I (3647)
Microbial Biotechnology MBT-104: Microbial Biochemistry & Enzymology (3684)
Philosophy Paper-103: Classical Indian Philosophy (Indian Metaphysics) (3260)
Police Administration Paper-III: Organizational Behaviour and Police Administration (3141)
Zoology Paper-IV: Ecology and Animal Behaviour (3756)
20th December 2016Education Paper-IV& V(E02-GNC): Opt.(b): Guidance & Counselling-I (2724)
English Paper-IV: British Fiction-I (2252)
History of Art Paper-IV: Principles and Sources of Art (2917)
Indian Classical Dance: P-II: Practical Composition and Essay (3061)
Indian Theatre: Paper-II: Acting (Theory) (2964)
M.C.-107A: IT Application in Commerce (3807) (For USOL Students Only)
Master in Remote Sensing Paper-III: Fundamental of Geographic Information Systems (3332)
Music (Instrumental): P-II: History of Indian Music (3013)
Music (Tabla) Paper-II: History of Percussion Instruments & Tabla (Ancient to Medieval Period) (3045)
Music (Vocal) P-II: History of Indian Music (3029)
Persian Paper-III: Modern Prose (2415)
Physics PHY 6004:Classical Electrodynamics -I (3705)
Public Administration Paper-IV: Public Personnel Administration (3214)
Sanskrit Paper-III: Vyakaran Aur Bhasavigyan (2468)
Urdu Paper-III: Early Poetry (Nazam and Ghazal) (2504)
21st December 2016Human Rights & Duties Core Paper-3: Human Rights Issues in India (2940)
M.P.Ed. Paper-IV SPS-104 : Sports Psychology (3079)
Master in Disaster Management DM3: Natural and Human Induced Disasters (2638)
Master in Social Works FSW-212: Sociology for Social Work (3114)
Political Science Course-IV: International Relations: An Historical
Overview (3167)
Punjabi Paper-IV:
Opt. (i): Punjabi Novel Da Adhiyan (2368)
Opt. (ii): Panjabi Kahani Da Adhiyan (2369)
Russian Paper-IV: Modern Russian Language (Phonetics, Lexicology and Phraseology) (2445)
Statistics Stat-103: Statistical Methods with Packages (3733)
Women Studies Paper-III: Feminist Theory (3394)
22nd December 2016Economics MAECO-104: Economics of Public Finance (2659)
Journalism & Mass Communication Paper-IV: Radio & TV Communication-I (2982)
Philosophy Paper-104 : Logic (Part-I) (3261)
23rd December 2016Botany Paper-V: Anatomy of Angiosperm (3521)
Education Paper-IV&V(E03-EDT): Opt.(c): Educational Technology-I (2725)
Environment Science Paper-IV(ENV-6104): Solid Waste Management & Techniques (3571)
French FRT-104: Translation (Theory & Commentary) (2288)
Gandhian & Peace Studies Paper-V: Gandhi in Globalized World (2833)
Geography Paper-IV
Hindi Paper-IV : Bhartiya Kavya Shastra ke Sidhant Avem Hindi Aloachak (2335)
Microbial Biotechnology MBT-105: Bioprocess Engineering (3685)
Persian Paper-IV: Modern Poetry (2416)

 Punjab University Date Sheet 2017: Download PDF

Steps to Download Punjab University Date Sheet:

  • Firstly candidates are requested to log on to official website of university that is
  • After that on home page under ‘Students’ section hit “Examination” that is at left of home page.
  • After that, under ‘Date sheet’ section press “Post Graduate Courses” for further PU exam schedule process.
  • Thereafter under the head of ‘post graduate course’ hit “DATE-SHEET FOR M.A.-M.SC.-M.P.ED.-M.COM.-M.F.C. (SEMESTER SYSTEM) 1ST SEM. (Regular-Reappear) EXAM, DEC, 2016”.
  • PDF will appear now you can check your exams dates, download exam schedule so that no issue in future can appear.

Read Here: How to Download Time Table?


We will provide you all updated details of exam date sheet, results and degree courses for that you can book mark our page. To get complete Punjab University Date Sheet 2017, you may also check above mentioned link.

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