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Railway Group D Previous Year Question Paper in Hindi/Eng: Download PDF Online

Railway Group D Previous Year Question Paper

Download Railway Group D Previous Year Question Paper PDF Online in Hindi/ English!! Candidates, going to participate in CBT/PET and Document Verification  for 62907 Group D Vacancies can download RRB Exam Model Papers PDF for the preparation directly from this page.

Indian Railway is all set to conduct Group D CBT Exam on 12/08/2018, 18/08/2018, 26/08/2018, 09/09/2018 and 16/09/2018. In order to know about exam scheme and relevant information about topics, you must have RRB Group D Exam Model Papers which is available on this page.

Railway Group D Overview

Name of the organizationIndian Railway
Name of the RRB VacanciesGroup D
No. of Railway Group D Vacancies62907
Railway Selection ProcedureCBT/PET and Document Verification
Last Date to submit Railway Online Application Form31st March 2018
Last Date for Payment31st March 2018
Tentative Date of RRB Group D Recruitment Exam

12/08/2018, 18/08/2018, 26/08/2018, 09/09/2018 and 16/09/2018

RRB Exam Model Papers:

To prepare for competitive exam, Accuracy and Speed are two main factors. So, aspirants can also maintain speed by practicing Railway Group D Model Papers. You need to solve at least 4-5 Railway Previous Year Question Paper on daily basis for scoring good marks.

Not only, Railway Recruitment Board Group D Previous Year Question Paper but also RRB Group D Model Papers will really help in exam preparation.In order to grab more details about Railway Group D Previous Year Question Paper, you must scroll down this page.

Railway Group D Previous Year Question Paper

Candidates who had applied for Railway Group D Vacancies can start their preparation with the help of below given Railway Group D Previous Question Paper. So, download RRC Exam Model Papers in PDF Form by going through official web portal via online mode or by pressing below stated PDFs links.

Name Wise Railway Group D Exam Date

RRB CBT Exam Dates Details
12/08/2018A, B, T, Q, O, L, F, E
18/08/2018R, Y, H, N
26/08/2018K, M and V
09/09/2018C, I and S
16/09/2018U, W, X, Z, G, P, J and D

Railway Group D Previous Year Paper

Contenders who are going to start their preparation for Railway Group D Exam can download RRC Group D Previous Year Question Paper along with some important Railway Group D Previous Year questions and answers through its official site via online process.

Railway Group D Previous Year Question PaperDownload Railway Group D Exam Question and Answer Paper PDF from here
RRB Group D Previous PapersDownload PDF
Railway Group D Previous PapersDownload PDF
Railway Group D Model PaperDownload PDF
Railway Group D Model Question PaperDownload PDF
Railway Group D Previous year question and AnswersDownload PDF
Railway Group D Previous Year Question Paper 2014 BengaliDownload PDF

Railway Group D Previous Year Question and Answers

Question 1: In which year of First World War Germany declared war on Russia and France?

(1) 1914

(2) 1915

(3) 1916

(4) 1917

Answer: 1

Question 2: India has largest deposits of ____ in the world.

  1. gold
  2. copper
  3.  mica
  4. None of the above

Answer: 3

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Question 3: The scheme of implementing 2 crore LPG connections given under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana across how many districts?

  1. 480
  2. 600
  3. 520
  4. 620

Answer: 2

Question 4: Which two countries decided to strengthen their military cooperation and to pursue a strategic partnership for ensuring regional peace and stability?

  1. India & Russia
  2. India & Japan
  3. Japan & Russia
  4. Japan & Netherlands

Answer: 2

Question 5: The latitudinal differences in pressure delineate a number of major pressure zones, which correspond with

  1. zones of climate
  2. zones of oceans
  3. zones of land
  4. zones of cyclonic depressions

Answer: 1 

Question 6: A train can travel 50% faster than a car. Both start from point A at the same time and reach point B 75 kms away from A at the same time. On the way, however, the train lost about 12.5 minutes while stopping at the stations. The speed of the car is:

  1. 100 kmph
  2. 110 kmph
  3. 120 kmph
  4. 130 kmph

Answer: 3

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Question 7: A clock is started at noon. By 10 minutes past 5, the hour hand has turned through:

  1. 145º
  2. 150º
  3. 155º
  4. 160º

Answer: 3

Question 8: The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangle is 5 : 1. If the area of the rectangle is 216 sq. cm, what is the length of the rectangle?

  1. 16 cm
  2. 18 cm
  3. 24 cm
  4. Data inadequate
  5. None of these

Answer: 2     

Question 9: 617 + 6.017 + 0.617 + 6.0017 = ?

  1. 2963
  2. 965
  3. 6357
  4. None of these

Answer: 3

Question 10: A fruit seller had some apples. He sells 40% apples and still has 420 apples. Originally, he had:

  1. 588 apples
  2. 600 apples
  3. 672 apples
  4. 700 apples

Answer: 4

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Question 11: Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?

  1. Phosphorous
  2. Bromine
  3. Chlorine
  4. Helium

Answer: 2

Question 12: Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?

  1. Tin
  2. Mercury
  3. Lead
  4. Zinc

Answer: 2

Question 13: The element common to all acids is

  1. hydrogen
  2. carbon
  3. sulphur
  4. oxygen

Answer: 1

Question 14: Carbon, diamond and graphite are together called

  1. allotropes
  2. isomers
  3. isomorphs
  4. isotopes

Answer: 1

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Question 15: Potassium nitrate is used in

  1. medicine
  2. fertiliser
  3. salt
  4. glass

Answer: 2

Question 16: The price of 2 sarees and 4 shirts is Rs. 1600. With the same money one can buy 1 saree and 6 shirts. If one wants to buy 12 shirts, how much shall he have to pay ?

  1. 1200
  2. 2400
  3. 4800
  4. Cannot be determined
  5. None of these

Answer:  2

Question 17: In a regular week, there are 5 working days and for each day, the working hours are 8. A man gets Rs. 2.40 per hour for regular work and Rs. 3.20 per hours for overtime. If he earns Rs. 432 in 4 weeks, then how many hours does he work for ?

  1. 160
  2. 175
  3. 180
  4. 195

Answer: 2

Question 18: Free notebooks were distributed equally among children of a class. The number of notebooks each child got was one-eighth of the number of children. Had the number of children been half, each child would have got 16 notebooks. Total how many notebooks were distributed?

  1. 256
  2. 432
  3. 512
  4. 640
  5. None of these

Answer: 3

Question 19: A man has some hens and cows. If the number of heads be 48 and the number of feet equals 140, then the number of hens will be:

  1. 22
  2. 23
  3. 24
  4. 26

Answer: 4

Question 20: The small child does whatever his father was done.

  1. has done
  2. did
  3. does
  4. had done
  5. No correction required

Answer: Option 3

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Question 21: You need not come unless you want to.

  1. You don’t need to come unless you want to
  2. You come only when you want to
  3. You come unless you don’t want to
  4. You needn’t come until you don’t want to
  5. No correction required

Answer: Option 1

Question 22: He never has and ever will take such strong measures.

  1. had taken nor will ever take
  2. had taken and will ever take
  3. has and never will take
  4. had and ever will take
  5. No correction required

Answer: 1

Question 23: Technology must use to feed the forces of change.

  1. must be used to feed
  2. must have been using to feed
  3. must use having fed
  4. must be using to feed
  5. No correction required

Answer: 1

Question 24: Anyone interested in the use of computers can learn much if you have access to a personal computer.

  1. they have access
  2. access can be available
  3. he or she has access
  4. one of them have access
  5. No correction required

Answer: 3

Question 25: They are not beware of all the facts

  1. are not aware for
  2. are not aware of
  3. are not to be aware
  4. must not to be aware for
  5. No correction required

Answer: 2

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Question 26: We cannot always convey ourselves in simple sentences.

  1. cannot always convey
  2. cannot always express
  3. cannot always express
  4. cannot always communicate
  5. No correction required

Answer: 3

Question 27: Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world’s

  1. largest railway station
  2. highest railway station
  3. longest railway station
  4. None of the above

Answer: 1

Question 28: Entomology is the science that studies

  1. Behavior of human beings
  2. Insects
  3. The origin and history of technical and scientific terms
  4. The formation of rocks

Answer: 2

Question 29: Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN in 1993, is in the continent of

  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. Europe
  4. Australia

Answer: 2

Question 30: Garampani sanctuary is located at

  1. Junagarh, Gujarat
  2. Diphu, Assam
  3. Kohima, Nagaland
  4. Gangtok, Sikkim

Answer: 2

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Railway Group D Exam Pattern:

All applicants who will qualify in written exam they have to go through the Document verification followed by a Medical test conducted. Written test will contain questions from the subjects General Knowledge, Arithmetic Ability, General Intelligence and General Science. The paper consists of 100 questions and the duration is 90 minutes. For every wrong answer 1/3 of the mark will be deducted.

Name of ExamName of SubjectMarksTime Duration
Written TestGeneral Knowledge2090 Minutes
Arithmetic Ability25
General Intelligence25
General Science30

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Benefits of Railway Group D Previous Year Question Paper:

Here we have discussed few benefits of Railway Recruitment Cell Group D Previous Year Question Paper. Have a look……

  • Applicants will know about the entire exam pattern through RRB Group D Previous Year Question Paper.
  • Candidates will get to know how the exam paper will be set and you will pre plan how to solve it.
  • With the help of Railway Group D Previous Solved Paper you can improve your speed and accuracy.
  • As per the Railway Exam Pattern of question are more according to time so it’s difficult for the participants to solve entire question paper on time. In that case, Railway Group D Exam Solved Paper helps you to make strategy to solve whole paper on time.
  • If you will do regular practice for exams with Railway Group D Last Year Question Paper you will be able to score good marks.
  • Make strategy according to Railway Group D Solved Paper. So that, high scoring topics must be prepared well.

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Candidates can go through Railway Group D Previous Year Question Paper as framed above on this page to crack the Railway Group D Exam easily. You can also bookmark this web portal by pressing ctrl+ d to avail upcoming details.

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