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RBI Question Papers – Manager/Officer/Assistant Grade (A/B) Sample Paper

RBI Question Papers

Candidates, we have provided some RBI Question Papers for you. Reserve bank of India has recently issued a notification for the recruitment of Manager, Officer and Assistant Grade (A/B) in RBI. The recruitment is done through exam. Students who have successfully applied for the RBI exam can download the RBI Question Papers from below. The sample paper of RBI gives you a fair idea about exam pattern and types of questions asked there in.

With the help of previous year sample papers candidate will be able to check his preparation and familiar with the test pattern. You can go through some of the Previous Year Question Papers with their solutions provided below or can download it for free. We hope the students will find the below given questions very helpful in their preparation of RBI exam.

RBI Question Papers

Question 1)   The Reserve Bank of India was established on _______.

a. April 1, 1935
b. July 12, 1982
c. May 26, 2006
d. September 30, 2005

Answer – A

Question 2)   Who works as RBI’s agent at places where it has no office of its own?

a. State Bank of India
b. Ministry of Finance
c. Government of India
d. International Monetary Fund

Answer –A

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Question 3)   Which of the following is true about the functions performed by RBI?

(i) It is the Bank of Issue
(ii) It acts as banker to the Government
(iii) It is the banker of other banks
(iv) It regulates the flow of credit

a. Both (i) and (ii)
b. Both (iii) and (iv)
c. All the above
d. None of the above

Answer -C

Question 4)   What does ‘Nomination’ for a deposit account in the bank mean?

a. Mandate given by the close relatives of the depositor to settle the death claim in case of death of the depositor
b. Mandate decided by the bank to settle the death claim of its depositor
c. Mandate of the depositor in favor of one or more persons to claim the amount on death of the depositor
d. Mandate of the depositor in favor of a close relative who can claim the amount on death of the depositor

Answer –D

Question 5) When were the draft guidelines for building grievance redressal mechanism within NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) published?

a. April 5, 2006
b. May 26, 2006
c. June 29, 2007
d. September 30, 2005

Answer –B

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Question 6)    Which subsidiary bank was merged with the State Bank of India on August 13, 2008?

a. State Bank of Hyderabad
b. State Bank of Indore
c. State Bank of Mysore
d. State Bank of Saurashtra

Answer –D

Question 7)   When did the government acquire RBI’s shareholding (72.5%) in NABARD?

a. May, 2008
b. June, 2008
c. August, 2008
d. March, 2009

Answer –B

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Question 8)   When did the Government of India set up the Export-Import Bank of India?

a. January, 1982
b. January, 1993
c. March, 1971
d. June, 1969

Answer –A

Question 9)   When did the National Housing Bank start its operations?

a. July, 1982
b. July, 1988
c. April, 1980
d. March, 1971

Answer –B

Question 10)   When did the Government initiate the process of amalgamation of RRBs in a phased manner?

a. September, 2005
b. March, 2009
c. June, 2009
d. March, 2010

Answer –A

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Question 11)   When did the Government of India appoint a committee under the chairmanship of Shri M.Narasimham to strengthen the banking system?

a. May, 2006
b. April, 1998
c. December, 1997
d. September, 2005

Answer –C

Question 12)   Which of the following does not belong to the main products of life insurance?

a. Endowment
b. Personal accident insurance
c. Term
d. Whole life

Answer –B

Question 13)   Which of the following does not belong to the major general insurance private sector companies in India?

a. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
b. Reliance General Insurance
c. Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance
d. The Oriental Insurace Company

Answer –D

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Question 14)   What is a Lease?

a. A rental agreement between owner of a flat/house and the Tenant, whereby the Tenant pays specified amount on specified dates to the owner
b. A legal contract between the owner of an asset and its user, containing many conditions including payment of a specified amount by the user to the Owner for use of the asset
c. Both (1) and (2)
d. None of the above

Answer –B

Question 15)   Which of the following are Bank advances of a Bank?

a. Bad debts
b. Non-performing Assets
c. Out of order accounts
d. Overdrawn accounts

Answer –B

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Question 16)   Which of the following are benefited through the Reserve mortgage scheme?

a. Government employees
b. Minors
c. Senior citizens
d. All the above

Answer –C

Question 17)   What will be the impact if Reserve Bank of India reduces the Bank Rate by 1%?

a. Less liquidity in the market
b. More liquidity in the market
c. No change in the market liquidity
d. Mobilisation of more deposits by commercial banks

Answer –B

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Question 18)   What is the full form of IRR?

a. Internal Rate of Return
b. Internal Reserve Ratio
c. Internal Rate of Ratio
d. Internal Recession Rate

Answer –A

Question 19)   What does the letter ‘M’ mean in the term SME as used in the financial world?
a. Maximum
b. Medium
c. Market
d. Mutual

Answer –B

Question 20)   What is the full form of FIMMDA?
a. Fixed Income Money Markets & Derivatives Association
b. Foreign Income Money Markets & Derivatives Association
c. Floating Income Money Markets & Derivatives Association
d. Fixed Income Money Markets & Derivatives Affiliation

Answer –A

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Question 21)   The RBI sanctioned the amalgamation of the Centurion Bank of Punjab with the HDFC Bank on ______.

a. May 23, 2008
b. August 13, 2008
c. June 30, 2009
d. March 31, 2009

Answer –A

Question 22)   Which of the following is not a public sector bank in India?

a. Andhra Bank
b. Federal Bank
c. IDBI Bank
d. Vijaya Bank

Answer –B

Question 23)   What does the letter ‘S’ denote in the term IFSC?

a. Subscriber
b. State
c. System
d. Source
e. Standard

Answer –C

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Question 24)   When more than one banks allow credit facilities to one party in cordination with each other, the process is called as _________

a. Amortization
b. Consortium
c. Moratorium
d. Subvention

Answer –B

Question 25)   Which is the instrument used by RBI under general credit control?

a. CRR
b. SLR
c. Bank Rate
d. Exchange Control

Answer –C

Question 26)   Which is a tool that helps RBI to stabilize money supply and prices of Government securities?

a. EOQ
b. EPQ
c. JIT
d. OMO

Answer –D

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Question 27)   Who regulates monetary policy?

b. RBI

Answer –B

Question 28)   What is the full form of CDS?

a. Call Detail Swap
b. Corporate Debt Swap
c. Credit Default Swap
d. None

Answer –C

Question 29)   What method is used by the Bank to read code on cheque?

b. OCR
c. OMR
d. None

Answer –A

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Question 30)   Which among the following is called the rate of interest charged by RBI for lending money to various commercial banks by rediscounting of the bills in India?

a. Bank Rate
b. Discount Window
c. Monetary Policy
d. Overnight Rate

Answer –A

Also the direct link to download RBI Previous Papers is given below.

RBI Sample Paper

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