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How To Prepare Reading Comprehension For CAT? RC Passage Preparation Tips

Reading Comprehension For CAT

Reading Comprehension For CAT is the most important topic and trickiest portions which will test the abilities of the candidates to comprehend and dilute ideas. Common Admission Test or CAT is the national level management entrance exam conducted by Indian Institute of Management for admission to 20 IIMs and more than 100 B-schools across India. Those candidates who are going to appear for CAT, they must know that RCs constitute almost 50% of the CAT verbal section and in fact, the percentage remains the same for most entrance exams.

It is very difficult for every candidate that How To Prepare Reading Comprehension For CAT? But now you don’t need to worry because we the team of has created this page with the easiest Preparation Tips and strategies which will help you to crack the Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC) without any difficulty. RC Passage, RC Verbal and others are super-critical areas that you simply cannot afford to neglect. Not only because of the questions that are often tough to decipher, but also because of the length of the paragraph given and the time that has to be spent on reading it, and then probably re-reading it.

Reading Comprehension For CAT

CAT 2017 VRC Syllabus:

  • English Usage or Grammar
  • Vocabulary Based (Synonyms/ Antonyms)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Sentence Correction
  • Close Passage
  • Jumbled Paragraph
  • Meaning-Usage Match
  • Analogies or Reverse Analogies
  • Summary Questions
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Facts-Inferences-Judgments
  • Clocks
  • Reading Comprehension

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How To Prepare For Verbal Ability And Reading Comprehension For The CAT?

Reading Comprehension Passages With Questions And Answers For CAT:

CAT and most other competitive exams papers consist of passages from multiple kinds of sources for the exam. These include areas such as: sociology, philosophy, psychology, history, art, science, technology, economics, business etc. Reading the passage first maybe a good idea in exams. Look at the questions only after you have understood the passage well. People often read the passage once and then start to answer the questions. In reading comprehension, accuracy is far more important than speed. Those candidates who don’t understand the passage, they are required to read it again before they approach the questions.

Reading Speed:

Reading comprehension questions doesn’t require speed to do well in this section. Now, an RC hardly has more than 500 words. 3 question RC’s are even shorter and are of the order of 350-400 words. If you spend 3-5 minutes on reading the passage, you can still attempt the complete paper quite easily and without any problem. So, candidates are suggested to Read it carefully and try and understand the main points which the author is trying to convey through each paragraph. If something is not clear, please read the passage again.

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Cetking RC 1.3 strategy:

The first few lines include all the answers sometimes because most of the questions arise from that passage only. You have to focus on that particular stanza and read the Comprehension very carefully in order to understand the whole passage. In case of long passages, read one third of the paragraph very carefully.

Skim for the GIST:

  • GI=General Idea
  • S=Structure
  • T=Tone


In Reading comprehension passages for CAT, candidates also required to read the examples given in the passage. Reading comprehension for CAT practices of 5 passages will help you to understand the vocabulary and also evaluates your performance.

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Verbal ability and reading comprehension for the CAT

To solve the reading comprehension questions, one must be able to:

  • Understand the crux of the passage
  • Answer questions based on the text provided
  • Develop a perspective on the tone & tenor of the narration
  • Infer or deduce logical arguments
  • Understand what you read
  • Understand the author’s main point
  • Check for negative conjunctions and these words will definitely show a change in the tone of the author.
  • Identify the author’s tone which can be Mocking, Curious, Respectful, condescending etc

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Example of Reading Comprehension For CAT:

In nearly all human populations a majority of individuals can taste the artificially synthesized chemical phenylthiocarbonide (PTC). However, the percentage varies dramatically–from as low as 60% in India to as high as 95% in Africa. That this polymorphism is observed in non-human primates as well indicates a long evolutionary history which, although obviously not acting on PTC, might reflect evolutionary selection for taste discrimination of other, more significant bitter substances, such as certain toxic plants.

A somewhat more puzzling human polymorphism is the genetic variability in earwax, or cerumen, which is observed in two varieties. Among European populations 90% of individuals have a sticky yellow variety rather than a dry, gray one, whereas in northern China these numbers are approximately the reverse. Perhaps like PTC variability, cerumen variability is an incidental expression of something more adaptively significant. Indeed, the observed relationship between cerumen and odorous bodily secretions, to which non-human primates and, to lesser extent humans, pay attention suggests that during the course of human evolution genes affecting body secretions, including cerumen, came under selective influence.


Ques1: It can be inferred from the passage that human populations vary considerably in their

  1. sensitivity to certain bodily odors
  2. ability to assimilate artificial chemicals
  3. vulnerability to certain toxins found in plants
  4. ability to discern bitterness in taste

Answer: ability to discern bitterness in taste

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Ques2: Which of the following provides the most reasonable explanation for the assertion in the first paragraph that evolutionary history “obviously” did not act on PTC?

  1. PTC is not a naturally occurring chemical but rather has been produced only recently by scientists.
  2. Most humans lack sufficient taste sensitivity to discriminate between PTC and bitter chemicals occurring naturally.
  3. Variability among humans respecting PTC discrimination, like variability respecting earwax, cannot be explained in terms of evolutionary adaptivity.
  4. Unlike non-human primates, humans can discriminate intellectually between toxic and non-toxic bitter substances.

Answer: PTC is not a naturally occurring chemical but rather has been produced only recently by scientists.

Ques3: Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the passage?

  1. Artificially synthesized chemicals might eventually serve to alter the course of evolution by desensitizing humans to certain tastes and odors.
  2. Some human polymorphisms might be explained as vestigial evidence of evolutionary adaptations that still serve vital purposes in other primates.
  3. Sensitivity to taste and to odors have been subject to far greater natural selectivity during the evolution of primates than previously thought.
  4. Polymorphism among human populations varies considerably from region to region throughout the world.

Answer: Some human polymorphisms might be explained as vestigial evidence of evolutionary adaptations that still serve vital purposes in other primates.

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Ques4: It can be inferred from the passage that

  1. The amount of bodily odours and secretion that take place reduce at each stage of evolution.
  2. The extent of attention paid by non-human primates to body secretions is much higher than that of the more evolved human species.
  3. Artificially sythesized chemicals have impaired the extent of sensitivity that human beings have to body secretions.
  4. All of these

Answer: The extent of attention paid by non-human primates to body secretions is much higher than that of the more evolved human species.

Final Wrap!!!

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