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SCRA Previous Year Question Paper | UPSC SCRA Sample Paper With Solutions

SCRA Previous Year Question Paper:

Candidates who want to crack Special Class Railway Apprentice Exam and want to practice in a particular way for this examination can get SCRA Previous Year Question Paper from this page. Here team of is providing UPSC SCRA Sample Paper With Solutions. With the help of these questions you can easily crack this exam. Question and their answer are following below.

SCRA Previous Year Question Papers

1.Given that A,B,C,D,E each represent one of the digits between 1 and 9 and that the following multiplication holds: A B C D E X 4 E D C B A what digit does E represent ?

2.HCL prototyping machine can make 10 copies every 4 seconds. At this rate, How many copies can the machine make in 6 min.?

3. if a=2,b=4,c=5 then a+b c c a+b

Six knights - P,Q,R,S,T and U - assemble for a long journey in two traveling parties. For security, each traveling party consists of at least two knights. The two parties travel by separate routes, northern and southern. After one month, the routes of the northern and southern groups converge for a brief time and at that point the knights can, if they wish, rearrange their traveling parties before continuing, again in two parties along separate northern and southern routes. Throughout the entire trip, the composition of traveling parties must be in accord with the following conditions

P and R are deadly enemies and, although they may meet briefly, can never travel together. p must travel in the same party with S Q can't travel by the southern route U can't change routes

4. If one of the two parties of knights consists of P and U and two other knights and travels by the southern route, the other members of this party besides P and U must be

5.If each of the two parties of knights consists of exactly three members, which of the following is not a possible traveling party and route?

6.If one of the two parties of knights consists of U and two other knights and travels by the northern route, the other members of this party besides U must be

7.If each of the two parties of knights consists of exactly three members of different pX-Mozilla-Status: 0009by the northern route, then T must travel by the

8.If, when the two parties of knights encounter one another after a month, exactly one knight changes from one traveling party to the other traveling party, that knight must be

9.Lux is the SI unit of    

10.On a rainy day, small oil films on water show brilliant colours. This is due to    

11.Materials for rain-proof coats and tents owe their water-proof properties to  

12.RADAR is used for  

13.Sound of frequency below 20 Hz is called

14.On a clean glass plate a drop of water spreads to form a thin layer whereas a drop of mercury remains almost spherical because

15. Suitable impurities are added to a semiconductor depending on its use. This is done in order to

16.If 40% of a number is equal to two-third of another number, what is the ratio of first number to the second number?

17.Two number are in the ratio 3 : 5. If 9 is subtracted from each, the new numbers are in the ratio 12 : 23. The smaller number is:

18.How much money do Vivek and Suman have together ? Statements: I.Suman has 20 rupees less than what Tarun has. II.Vivek has 30 rupees more than what Tarun has.  

19.Dr. Linus Carl Pauling is the only person to have won two Nobel prizes individually for  

20.Kiran Bedi received Magsaysay Award for government service in

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