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Security Arrangements for R-Day – Around 45000 Personnel & 15000 Cameras

Recently, the news has arrived that US President Barack Obama is going to visit New Delhi as chief guest of Republic Day Celebrations on January 24. A visit of US President to India has set in action innumerable highly and incomparable Security Arrangements for R-Day by Indian and American Officials.

The arrangements include Positioning of around 45000 Personnel & 15000 Cameras in the Capital, accompany of 500 Secret Service Agents and many other security measures as described below:

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Security Arrangements for Republic Day:

US President Barack Obama’s arrival to India for Republic Day revels has put in action exceptional  security arrangements being discussed and intended in brief by Indian and American officials:

  • Initial Hotel Lodging:

President Obama would be accommodated at the ITC Maurya Hotel (440-room) during his visit in the Capital. He is probable to arrive at New Delhi along with his wife Michelle on January 24. The whole ITC Maurya has been booked in support of US President Barack Obama’s associates, ahead of his arrival to New Delhi on January 24.

  • Noble Stay:

Obama will also have elite access to a well-equipped microbiological lab to examine his food, to be made in a detach kitchen by the associated butler. The presidential team has been responsible to go for rounds of the kitchen for the past few weeks, although it has notified that his food items will be prepared disjointedly by his own chefs.

Obama To Visit India Highlights

  • Secret Service Agents:

The sources have said that US President is accompanied by 500 US Secret Service Agents whose injunction will run for three days by means of anything relating to security of their President. These security agents will all time put their complete effort not to compromise with the security of the President.

  • Bullet-proof limousine:

There’s a lot at risk. There is no clear sign whether Obama will take a trip with President Pranab Mukherjee in to his bullet-proof limousine. Security agencies are captivating additional concern for Obama as he will be in an open air platform at Rajpath intended for more than two hours in the Republic day parade.

  • Around 45000 Personnel & 15000 Cameras:

Delhi Police is placing about 15,000 CCTV cameras to provide security for Republic Day for the chief guest US President Barack Obama. Around 45,000 personnel from Delhi Police including paramilitary forces will be there on the grounds of the capital.

Rajpath, the three km broaden which is the foremost venue of the Republic Day procession, will be under the watch of 160 CCTV cameras (each camera is placed at every 18 metres) and 13,000 CCTV cameras at various points in the city . Additional 2,000 cameras will also be installed that involve the camera recording to be shared with the US Secret Service.

  • Face recognition cameras

Face recognition cameras are being placed at entry points of the capital to recognize criminal elements together with CCTV cameras to observe the routes followed by the US president.

  • High Level of Planning:

The American team that includes FBI, CIA and NSA together with Work Force in India that covers Delhi Police, Central Industrial Security Force, Intelligence Bureau and Air traffic controllers to provide a  best security both on-ground and air for Obama.

  • Fuel based security:

Even the fuel consumed by the US President’s cavalcade was made available by an American Navy ship to a port in Myanmar from where it was moved to capital Nay Pyi Taw through a US oil tanker enabling full security.

  • Snipers, commandoes and other strict forces:

Snippers will take up their respective positions at stand points whereas Indian Air Force will offer air cover to the procession area and the VVIPs standing on the ground. Unlike in past years, entrance to Rajpath has previously been closed although roads criss-crossing such as  Rafi Marg, Janpath including Man Singh Road will be closed for general public for a day or two prior to January 26.

  • Protection in buildings:

All buildings adjoining Rajpath like North and South Blocks, Rail Bhavan with Krishi Bhavan, Shastri Bhavan together with Vayu Bhavan, Udyug Bhavan, Nirman Bhavan and Jawahar Bhavan, National Museum and Vigyan Bhavan will be protected by January 24 and nobody, excluding security personnel, will be allowable to visit them.

  • Obama’s associates:

According to a report, the subsequent are approaching to Delhi to enable a high level of Security to President: 6 aircrafts holding security staff President’s procession including 30 cars, Marine helicopters of Air Force, Obama’s plane prepared to defend Obama from nuclear attack.

  • CISF and Seventy-five anti-terror squad(ATS):

Government sources said that intense security armed forces will be in service in the city in addition that extra CCTVs have too been placed. A particular control room has arranged to have a control on the service actions and extra CISF personnel will be called in Agra for Obama’s visit.

Seventy-five anti-terror squad (ATS) workforce will be positioned on the outer edge of the security ring defending the US President, sources said. Many Hotels in the Canttonment region are also being reserved in support of teams of the Secret Service.

  • Security at Taj Mahal:

Security agencies are making plans to enable protection for US President in Agra and Varanasi, the two further cities he can visit. An indefinite Delhi-Agra road will be sterile and secured as an urgent backup for Barack Obama’s trip to the Taj Mahal, in the incident of his jet fault to take off due to awful weather or any other cause.


The Taj Mahal will be close for the common public and the Yamuna Expressway can remain temporarily closed for regular traffic, which may perhaps be used as a backup path for US President at his visit to the ‘monument of love’ on January 27.

The sources further said that though Obama is slated to tour to Agra by air, yet the six-lane 165 km-long Agra Expressway may possibly be close for common people. Viable flight frequency to Agra will too be shortened throughout the US President’s visit, PTI reported.

All the above Unprecedented Security arrangements are made by Indian and American Officials to make certain an extremely high level of security to the visit of US President Barack Obama. We hope that such strong and exceptional arrangements will provide a desired level of security and Safety to the President in his prominent visit to India.

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