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Simple Interest Questions Worksheet (CAT, SSC, Bank, Competitive) Exams

Simple Interest Questions Worksheet

Candidates who are preparing for any Competitive exams like CAT, SSC, Bank, railway etc, they can acquire Simple Interest Questions Worksheet from this page for the better preparation of arithmetic aptitude section.  Examines here we are settled the Questions and answers of Simple Interest. So, Candidates are advised to do practice of these Questions and train your brain to solve the any question of Simple Interest within 1-2 minute minimum.

Simple Interest Questions And Answers

Q1- Sachin borrows Rs. 5000 for 2 years at 4% p.a. simple interest. He immediately lends money to Rahul at 25/4% p.a. for 2 years. Find the gain of one year by Sachin.

Q2- A man took some money for borrowed, for 3 years the total will be Rs.4000 and 5 years it will be Rs.5000/-. Then how much amount he borrowed?

Q3- A person took some amount with some interest for 2 years, but increase the interest for 1%, he paid Rs.120/- extra, then how much amount he took?

Q4- If A lends Rs. 3500 to B at 10% p.a. and B lends the same sum to C at 11.5% p.a., then the gain of B (in Rs.) in a period of 3 years is

Q5- Sahil took a loan for 6 years at the rate of 5% per annum on Simple Interest, If the total interest paid was Rs. 1230, the principal was

Q6- There was simple interest of Rs. 4016.25 on a principal amount at the rate of 9%p.a. in 5 years. Find the principal amount

Q7- Find the rate at Simple interest, at which a sum becomes four times of itself in 15 years.

Q8- At 5% per annum simple interest, Rahul borrowed Rs. 500. What amount will he pay to clear the debt after 4 years?

Q9- If a sum of money doubles itself in 8 years at simple interest, the ratepercent per annum is

Q10- A sum of Rs 12,500 amounts to Rs. 15,500 in the 4 years at the rate of simple interest. Find the rate percent

Q11- What is the present worth of Rs. 132 due in 2 years at 5% simple interest per annum?

Q12- Reema took a loan of Rs 1200 with simple interest for as many years as the rate of interest. If she paid Rs. 432 as interest at the end of the loan period, what was the rate of interest?

Q13- The simple interest on a certain sum of money at the rate of 5% p.a. for 8 years is Rs. 840. At what rate of intrest the same amount of interest can be received on the same sum after 5 years.

Q14- A man took a loan at rate of 12% per annum simple interest. After 3 years he had to pay 5400 interest. The principal amount borrowed by him was.

Q15- A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 2240 in 2 years and to Rs. 2600 in 5 years. What is the principal amount?

16. At what rate percent per annum will the simple interest on a sum of money be 2/5 of the amount in 10 years?

Q17- Rs. 800 becomes Rs. 956 in 3 years at a certain rate of simple interest. If the rate of interest is increased by 4%, what amount will Rs. 800 become in 3 years.

Q18- In how many years Rs 150 will produce the same interest at 8% as Rs. 800 produce in 3 years at 9/2%

Q19- What will the ratio of simple interest earned by certain amount at the same rate of interest for 6 years and that for 9 years?

Q20- A financier claims to be lending money at simple interest, but he includes the interest every six months for calculating the principal. If he is charging an interest of 10%, the effective rate of interest becomes.

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