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Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers (Fresher/Exp) Quiz, MCQ

Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Candidates who are looking for Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers they are at the right destination. Here on this page we are providing the mostly asked Software Testing Interview Questions for both Freshers/Exp. As, Software testing is an important part of the software development process, so candidates if you are going to appear in any interview which is related to Software engineering they take the help from these below provided questions. You can also prepare with the help of online Quiz, MCQ type questions to give your best in interview.

Software Testing Interview Questions With Solution

Q1- What is the MAIN benefit of designing tests early in the life cycle?

Ans– It helps prevent defects from being introduced into the code.

Q2-What is risk-based testing?

Ans- Risk-based testing is the term used for an approach to creating a test strategy that is based on prioritizing tests by risk. The basis of the approach is a detailed risk analysis and prioritizing of risks by risk level. Tests to address each risk are then specified, starting with the highest risk first.

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Q3- What is functional system testing?

Ans-Testing the end to end functionality of the system as a whole is defined as a functional system testing.

Q4- What are the phases of a formal review?

Ans-In contrast to informal reviews, formal reviews follow a formal process. A typical formal review process consists of six main steps:

  1. Planning
  2. Kick-off
  3. Preparation
  4. Review meeting
  5. Rework
  6. Follow-up

Q5- What is an equivalence partition (also known as an equivalence class)?

Ans– An input or output ranges of values such that only one value in the range becomes a test case.

Q6- When “Regression Testing” should be performed?

Ans– After the software has changed or when the environment has changed Regression testing should be performed.

Q7- What is negative and positive testing?

Ans- A negative test is when you put in an invalid input and receives errors. While a positive testing, is when you put in a valid input and expect some action to be completed in accordance with the specification.

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Q8- What are semi-random test cases?

Ans- Semi-random test cases are nothing but when we perform random test cases and do equivalence partitioning to those test cases, it removes redundant test cases, thus giving us semi-random test cases.

Q9- Why does the boundary value analysis provide good test cases?

Ans- Because errors are frequently made during programming of the different cases near the ‘edges’ of the range of values

Q10- What is a V-Model?

Ans- A software development model that illustrates how testing activities integrate with software development phases

Q11- What is test coverage?

Ans- Test coverage measures in some specific way the amount of testing performed by a set of tests (derived in some other way, e.g. using specification-based techniques). Wherever we can count things and can tell whether or not each of those things has been tested by some test, then we can measure coverage.

Q12- The purpose of requirement phase is

Ans- To freeze requirements, to understand user needs, to define the scope of testing.

Q13- What is Black Box Testing?

Ans- Testing based on an analysis of the specification of a piece of software without reference to its internal workings. The goal is to test how well the component conforms to the published requirements for the component.

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Q14- What’s the Alpha Testing?

Ans- The Alpha Testing is conducted at the developer sites and in a controlled environment by the end user of the software

Q15- What is Cyclomatic Complexity?

Ans- A measure of the logical complexity of an algorithm, used in white-box testing

Q16- Which testing method is used to check the software in abnormal condition?

Ans- 1) Stress testing

2) Security testing

3) Recovery testing

4) Beta testing

Q17– What is Emulator?

Ans– A device, computer program, or system that accepts the same inputs and produces the same outputs as a given system

Q18– What is Quality Assurance?

Ans– All those planned or systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service is of the type and quality needed and expected by the customer.

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Q19– What is Race Condition?

Ans– Due to the concurrency problems, multiple accesses to a shared resource, at least one of which is a write, with no mechanism used by either to moderate simultaneous access, called Race Condition.

Q20– What is Software Requirements Specification?

Ans– A deliverable that describes all data, functional and behavioral requirements, all constraints, and all validation requirements for software

Hope that these interview questions will help you to clear the interview for Apprentice Development Officer.  All the best for your interview.

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