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Sri Venkateswara University Syllabus 2019 M.Ed/M.Sc/M.COM/MA Syllabus

Sri Venkateswara University Syllabus 2019

Candidates who are going to appear in the M.Ed/M.Sc/M.COM/MA examination should check the Sri Venkateswara University Syllabus 2019. Sri Venkateswara University is going to conduct examination to test the skills and knowledge of the students.

Sri Venkateswara University Syllabus 2019
Organisation nameSri Venkateswara University
Category NameSyllabus
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Sri Venkateswara University Syllabus 2019

Sri Venkateswara University Physics syllabus 2019:

Atomic SpectraIntroduction: Hydrogen atom (one electron atom) –
quantum numbers- Spectra of hydrogen atom-
Spectra of alkali elements- Fine structure-
Elements with more than one valence electron-
Forbidden transitions and selection rules- Vector
atom model – Spin-orbit interaction energy –
Stern-Gerlach experiment- Experimental setup
to demonstrate S-G effect using a thermal
evaporation system  and magnetic field –
Coupling schemes- Spectral  terms and term
symbols based on  electron configuration –
LS coupling – JJ coupling- Interaction energies
in LS and jj couplings – Hund’s rule of multiplicity –
Pauli’s exclusion principle –  Equivalent and
non-equivalent electronic systems.
Zeeman and Stark EffectsIntroduction: Zeeman effect- Normal and
anomalous Zeeman effects – Experimental details –
Magnetic moment of atom and Lande’s ‘g’-factor –
Zeeman effect in sodium atom – Lande g-formula
for LS and JJ couplings – Paschen-Back effect –
Splitting of sodium lines and selection rules –
Stark effect – Experimental details – Weak and
strong field effects – linear and quadratic Stark
effects -Width of spectral lines.
Diatomic Molecular Spectroscopy – Rotational EnergiesIntroduction –  Rotational,  vibrational,  electronic
spectra of   diatomic molecules –types  of molecules –
Linear,  symmetric top,  asymmetric top and spherical
top molecules  – Rotational spectra of a diatomic molecule
as  rigid  rotator – Energy   levels  and   spectra  of
non-rigid rotor  – Intensity  of  rotational lines  –
Rotational    spectra  of    polyatomic molecule  –
Rotational   analysis of  electronic  spectra- Evaluation
of  rotational  constants –  Effect of  isotopic substitution
on  rotational  levels –  Stark  splitting  of  rotational
lines –Stark modulated microwave  spectrometer  –   Applications of  rotational  spectroscopy –  Determination
of  molecular   structure,   dipole  moment,  atomic  mass,   nuclear quadrupole moment – Microwave oven.
Diatomic Molecular Spectroscopy – Vibrational SpectraIntroduction  –   Vibrational  spectra  of   diatomic
molecule –   Diatomic   molecule    as  simple    harmonic   oscillator –  Anharmonic oscillator –  Energy  levels   and   spectrum –  Molecule as vibrating rotator – PQR branches – progressions and sequences –  Vibrational  analysis of
electronic spectra – Deslander’s  table – Evaluation  of
vibrational  constants – Morse potential  energy   curve –
Frank-Condon   principle – Intensity distribution in
absorption  and  emission spectra –  Effect  of  isotopic substitution on vibrational  bands – IR spectrometer  –
FTIR  spectroscopy – Principle – Interferometer
arrangement – advantages  – Applications of vibrational spectroscopy: Identification   of molecular  constituents –  Elucidation of molecular   structure  –  Characterization
of  the  transition  phases  of  ceramics – Biological

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Relevant Information About Sri Venkateswara University

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Sri Venkateswara University Exam:

Sri Venkateswara University offers the various courses like M.Ed/M.Sc/M.Com/MA etc. Those students who are ready to appear in these courses should download the Sri Venkateswara University M.ed syllabus. With the help of Sri Venkateswara University syllabus, students can get the important topics and chapters.

They can start their preparation with the help of Sri Venkateswara University MA syllabus. Every year huge number of students got admission in the SV University to complete their studies. Those candidates who will qualify the SV university exam will have to appear in the next semester or year of the course.

We have given complete details about the Sri Venkateswara University M.Ed/M.Sc/M.COM/MA Syllabus in the above section of this page. For more updates about the Sri Venkateswara University Syllabus you can check the Official Link.

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