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SSB Interview Experience – Share Your Success Stories, Suggest Some Tips

SSB Interview Experience:

Dear Candidates, we have come up here with SSB Interview Experience of Mr. Vivek who has got its selection in SSB in his second attempt. He has shared his success stories and suggested some tips on this page that you will find really aspiring and as a success guide factor towards the fulfillment of your goals.

Name: Vivek Gupta

Venue: OTA Chennai

I genuinely show gratitude to the Website because of which I have got this big opportunity. My selection in Staff Selection Commission consists of a series of processes. Let them discuss in detail one by one:

Psychology test:

It was my strict decision that, no matter what “unprompted” opinion about picture, statement, circumstances that I get, I  will note it (according to psychologist instructs), I did not much practice for Self Description test and for blank representation. I have put my whole concentration and efforts during the test and perform with the greatest virtues of mind.

GTO Testing:

My Group discussion was good. I had given two topics 1) Is women empowerment is occurring in India or not 2) Telangana. I had specified few points reminiscent of success of women, status of women in rustic areas, tribulations happened to them, when the topic of security of women was issued then I offered various points such as govt is organizing Nirbhaya Fund of Rs. 1000 crores concerning the security of women, we are not also wholly westernized or provincial in our customs etc.

My answer to Telangana was that if its partition is beneficial to the people so it should be separated, expansion must not be compromised in the states and division must not be simply for political reasons with false promises. I didn’t concerned a lot should I give opportunity to others; I am not supposed to be shouting etc. etc. I had just presented my good thoughts but my points were full-fledged as I have an idea of all these points by my reading habit of editorials in news papers.

SSB Interview Tips


My GTO was extremely strict. He spoke words “if you make out the answer raise your hand, if you just raise and show your drama you are not suggested”.

In PGT, I provided an answer two times.

In HGT, I was given only one chance but the team was asked for improvement.

FGT, I had not provided any solution.

The Command Task was minutely hard. It was like a moment as if ship lies in the middle of the sea and is about to submerge, what should be the way to get the men in the ship out of the sea in the presence of air and pressure.

Before CT, GTO inquired me regarding pay of my father and about my home town, how much marking will I give to my performance in all the processes of testing and in which test , I did not give a satisfactory performance. I had given my best in both Group Obstacles and Individual Obstacles.


I talked very abundantly, I for all time replied what I felt whether it was good or bad and not at all tried to smear it. More Questions were asked on the subject of my family, how I assist my family, challenge in work, books I read and Issues about Kashmir. The preeminent aspect of Interview that was unforgettable for me was that the Interviewer asked me about my education. I have got 57.5 % marks in degree replied from my bottom of heart. Though percentage will not influence your performance but it serves as an advantage in case of good score.

Best Strategies to Crack SSB Interview


I had joined a conference for about 20 minutes. They inquired questions like where I went in Allahabad, I said that I had gone for Bhag Milkha Bhag movie for one day and the other day, I watched the movie Sangam. President asked a question to me “Can you give any comments on current situation relating to the movie. After that he also asked about what will I do if I would be a Sports Minister, later on a number of general knowledge questions concerning to capital cities of Spain, Malaysia, Thailand and currencies of Japan and China. Another question asked by him was that what will I do if enemy is firing? I answered that I will order my men to indict and strike back instantly. Are you confident? Yes sir. Confident? My conference was over.

Group Discussion Tips for SSB Interview


SSB interview is an examination of individual personality rather than a competitive exam. Each person has traits on the basis of which you apply for Armed Forces. You should have a natural approach. If you take coaching just consider it as a method to become recognizable with the process. SSB Technique is systematically intended. They will simply differentiate amid natural performance and coached performance. Trust me, they don’t need coached opinion. If you are genuine and not artistic, they can make a decision about your suitability for armed forces.

Suggested Interview Tips:

First and Primary, converse to Interviewing Officer like doing a chit chat with friend, this helps you to express free flow of views. Let it be right or wrong; generously give your answers. Don’t take for granted anything such as my answer will confer good or bad sense. Read news papers, editorials, do discussion with friends on present issues. Being an Officer in Armed forces, you must have knowledge of what is going in and around you. You should identify each and every aspect very clearly and deeply in relation to what you have written in your PIQ.

We hope that you have understood the experience being shared by Mr. Vivek on our portal This experience is shared to provide you knowledge and ideas so that you can prepare yourself accordingly to get selected. You can also share your experience or give your views about the experience we have shared on this page. We wish you good luck for your future.

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